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How to Reset a TSA Lock If You Forgot the Combination?

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how to reset a TSA lock if you forgot the combination

Want to know how to reset a TSA lock if you forgot the combination? If the lock is closed, open it by applying pressure to the lock. Turn the dials of the lock and listen to a clicking sound. After opening the lock, set the dials to 000. Turn and push the shackle. Put in the new combination then pull the shackle.

If you forgot tsa lock combination, there’s a way to open and reset it. You just have to follow each step so you can open tsa lock forgot combination. You don’t have to ask for professional help since the steps are easy.

What You Need

For this tutorial, you will save yourself from using power tools. The items needed are easy to find. You may even have them inside your bag. Some of the items are optional, so you can proceed to each step without having them. However, they can help you to finish the tutorial easily and quickly.

Pen and notebook


There are different types of pens that you can choose from. If you want an inexpensive pen, you can use a ballpoint pen. It has an oil-based ink that easily dries up. It also lasts for a long time. The only downside of using this kind of pen is that the ink easily clumps so it will need more pressure.

However, if you want to make your writing experience smoother, you can use a rollerball pen. Its ink is water-based, so it moves easily and it doesn’t need much pressure. It is also fitting for long writing. The disadvantage of using this kind of pen is that it is more expensive and it smudges easily.

For the notebook, there are various types that you can choose from. The most traditional type of notebook is case bound. It usually has a hard cover, soft cover, or Flexi cover. Its design is classical, and it offers durability and long-lasting quality. Also, it has a professional vibe.

If you want a more lightweight notebook, you can also use a softbound type of notebook. Its binding can be saddle-stitched, singer-sewn, or Volant. This notebook is easier to carry because it is a lot thinner.

A pair of eyeglasses (optional)


This item is only needed if you have poor eyesight or the digits of the lock are too small for you to see. Wearing a pair of eyeglasses may help you note all the numbers easily without the need to squint. However, if you have good eyesight, you don’t need to wear these.

It is better if you already own a pair of eyeglasses. If not, it is better to consult an ophthalmologist to check your eyes so you would have a pair of eyeglasses that fit their condition. If you don’t have time, you can also purchase a pair of eyeglasses, especially if you already know the kind of eyeglasses you need.

A pair of gloves (optional)


If you have wet or sweaty hands, a pair of gloves is useful in giving you a good grip as you turn the dials of the lock. You can use a pair of non-latex gloves and powder-free gloves, especially if you have allergies to latex or you want to prevent acquiring skin diseases like dermatitis.

In case you don’t have these kinds of gloves, you can also use a fabric glove liner. You can choose from fingerless gloves and cotton full-hand liners. Choose the gloves that will provide you with more comfort and a stronger grip.

You should purchase a pair of gloves that perfectly fit your hands. If it is too loose, it will affect your grip and will cause inconvenience on your part. If it is too fit, your hands may get warm and sweaty, causing you discomfort while you are doing the tutorial. However, if you don’t have sweaty hands, you can proceed with the tutorial without wearing these.

What to Do


Step 1: If the lock is closed, open it by applying pressure to the lock

You cannot reset the lock unless it is in the open position, so you need to open it first without using your lock combination. To do this, apply pressure to the lock by either pulling the lock or pushing the button. If the lock is already in an open position, you can skip this step and proceed with resetting the lock.

Step 2: Turn the dials of the lock while listening to the clicking sounds

To get the right numbers of your combination, turn the dials of the lock. Start with the first number. Once you hear a clicking sound while turning it, take note of the number on your notepad. Proceed to the second and third numbers.

After you have completed the numbers, you can try to open the lock. If it does not open, repeat the process until you unlock it.

Step 3: After opening the lock, set the dials into 000

Once the lock is in the open position, you can now proceed with the resetting of the lock. Start to set the dials to 000. These are the common codes used for the locks to reset. You can also check the manual included in the package of the lock to check if this is the resetting code of the lock. In addition, find out how to reset a combination lock 3 digit here.

Step 4: Turn and push the shackle then put in your desired combination

Next, you need to turn the lock perpendicularly. The shackle must be turned away from the locked position. After that, push the shackle of the lock in a downward direction until it is outside of the lock position.

Once done, you can set your desired combination. It must be easy to memorize but hard to figure out for strangers. You can use birth dates or anniversaries. Also, take note of your new combination so you can still get it in case you forget the code.

Step 5: Pull the shackle and turn the shackle back to its original position

After you have set your new combination, you need to pull the shackle then turn the shackle back to its original position. Don’t forget to scramble the dials of the lock so that no one can open your TSA lock except you. Also, keep the copy of your combination in a secure place.


Are you satisfied with our tutorial on how to reset a TSA lock if you forgot the combination? This tutorial will help you out if your TSA combination lock won’t open. You just have to follow each step so you can open and reset your TSA lock. You can also do this tutorial wherever you are.

If you think that this article is useful, you can share it with your friends to help them reset their TSA locks and don’t forget other useful combination lock tips, such as pick a combination lock with a paperclip, open a 4 number combination lock and reset a 4 digit combination lock. Also, you can share with us your ideas on tsa007 lock forgot combination and tsa002 lock forgot combination. Just leave a comment below.

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