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How to Install a Lock Washer? Super Timesaving Ways to Follow

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how to install a lock washer

A lock washer is helpful to keep the bolts in place, especially if there are vibrations. Without proper lock washer installation, the bolts will keep on moving until they have loosened. If this continues, it could create bigger problems for your automobile or washing machine, plus other gadgets.

Do you want to know how to install a lock washer? With the help of this tutorial, we will teach you to put on a lock washer correctly. The steps are easy to follow, and the items needed are easy to find. With only a few minutes, you can install the lock washer successfully.

What You Need

There are items that you need to have first before proceeding with the installation of the lock washer. These items are easy to find. You can purchase them online or check the nearest hardware store.

1. Lock washer

The most common type of lock washer is a split lock washer. This type is only ideal for small, less intense jobs. For more intense jobs, you can use a tooth lock washer. It is available in two types: the internal and the external one. For smaller screws, use an internal tooth washer. But for larger ones, the external tooth washer works better.

For huge loads, use a serrated Belleville washer. It can withstand strong force and vibrations. If you live in a place with a harsh climate, the best option is a tab washer.

2. Wrench

You must exert the correct force when tightening a nut or bolt. To do this, you need a torque wrench. Set this tool at the right torque for each application.

If you don’t have a torque wrench, you can also use a ratchet wrench as an alternative. Make sure, though, that it has the correct size so that you can apply the proper torque to tighten the nut properly.

What to Do


Step 1: Make sure that there is enough space to fit the lock washer

Before installing the lock washer, make sure that there is enough space. The additional thickness of the fastener assembly may affect the mechanical performance. Aside from that, the width of the bolt’s shank and the lock washer should match so that there is only a little room for the lock washer to move.

Step 2: Place the lock washer, then put the threaded fastener

For lock washer assembly, place the lock washer first, then put the threaded fastener on it. The lock washer will keep the nuts and bolts in place if you do this. Ensure that the lock washer has been tightly pressed on the adjacent surface. If not, push the threaded fastener downward until there is a tight connection.

Step 3: Use a wrench to tighten the threaded fastener

Once you have put the lock washer in place, you can tighten the threaded fastener with a wrench. Move the wrench clockwise. As a reminder, do not tighten the fastener too much when locking ring washer. It can cause a malfunction to the bolt, or it may injure you. The nut must be firm, but ensure that you can still loosen it if you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a lock washer with flat washer?

Yes, both can be used on fasteners. However, lock washers are typically found on the nut side, while flat washers may be on both the nut and bolt sides.

I am confused about where to put the spring washer. Is it under or above the threaded fastener?

Typically, the spring washer is placed under the threaded fastener on its nut side. You can watch this video to look at the washer nut bolt diagram.


Have you learned how to install a lock washer? By following this tutorial, you will learn to put a lock washer on to prevent your bolt from loosening. If not installed properly, the lock washer cannot function as it should.

Do you know someone who is struggling with the installation of their lock washers? You are free to share this post to help them out. We also love to hear about your experiences in doing the tutorial. Leave a comment below.

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