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How to Open Vaultz Lock Box Forgot Combination?

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how to open vaultz lock box forgot combination

Vaults have been popular locking storage for years, providing these required qualifications. And the popularity of these locked compartments stems from many good reasons. However, there could be times you will forget the password you made.

Now, if you are experiencing this, do not be worried; you can still fix it. Learn “how to open Vaultz lock box forgot combination” in this article.

Method 1: Use a Wedge Tool to Unlock a Vaultz Box if You Forgot the Code


If you already forgot the code, it will be hard to open the lock without breaking it. Still, they recommend you use the wedging tool. Get any wedging tool, such as a flathead screwdriver.

  • Wedge the tool or screwdriver or a knife between the lock and the Vaultz box.
  • Turn it back and forth then try to push the lock until it opens.

Note: If you are not confident that you could do this on your own, you can ask someone to drill down the box to get your things. You can also request a locksmith to try opening it.

Method 2: The “000” Way


The second method could work on your box or not since the “000” method is dependent on the Vaultz box you are trying to open.

  • Set your lock to “000”
  • Move the dial to the right to see the plastic behind it. The plastic turns together with the dial. Now, turn the dial until you see the groove on the plastic.


  • Repeat the turning to the other two dials.
  • Once the combination is lined up, try opening your Vaultz box.

To watch how this method is being done, watch it here:

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Steps for Resetting the Combination Code of Your Vaultz Box

While opening your Vaultz box is hard if you do not have a code, resetting it if you have the combination is doable.

So, if you want to reset a 3 digit combination lock box Vaultz, then do the succeeding steps.

  • Get your Vaultz box. Have your hands to your Vaultz box and make the latch open.
  • Remove the plastic. Cut, then take out the plastic of the safety tab.
  • Slide it. Make sure the latch is in the open position because everything will be in disarray if not.

Once you have made sure of it, slide the (square) button that you can see toward the dials. Set each dial to your desired combination while holding the square throughout the process.

  • Release it. Once you set your desired combination, release the square button.
  • Scramble the dials. Roll the numbered dials off of your selected combination code while the latch is still in the open position. You shouldn’t be able to move the button from the dials during this (pretty similar to a locked latch).
  • Try it. Once scrambled, try putting in the combination you set. Once set, the square button should not have a hard time sliding away from the dials, which are reminiscent of an unlocked latch.
  • You’re good to go. Since the square button easily slides away, it means that you succeeded in Vaultz lock box reset. Place the latch in the close position, and that’s done!

How to Reset Vaultz Lock Box Forgot Combination?


Now, a little clarification. Vaultz boxes are for safekeeping, so if you attempt to reset a Vaultz locking pencil box forgot code, it will be impossible.

There is no factory reset for Vaultz’s combination locks. The moment that we change the code from the default “000,” access to our Vaultz box can only be done through the code that we assigned.

You can reset the code if you remember it, but without the code or combination, you can no longer do that.

Helpful Tips When Dealing With a Vaultz Box

There are simple ways that you can do to avoid forgetting your combination code or having a compromised box. And these ways are the following:

  • Use a code that you can easily remember
  • Try to write your code
  • Change your combination code regularly


Without a combination, opening your Vaultz box will be highly difficult, and though this is quite unfortunate, the silver lining is that it only shows how reliable they are and that there is no other way to open them aside from knowing the correct combination code.

So, if you are still searching for “how to open vaultz lock box forgot combination,” then the answer would be a forced opening. Hence, make sure to have a combination code that you will easily remember.

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