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How to Change Vivint Door Lock Code? – 2 Simplest Ways

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how to change vivint door lock code

When the code of your Vivint lock is not working, fret not as you can easily change it – it’s a smart device, after all.

Knowing how to change Vivint door lock code must be the first thing you should learn because sooner or later, you will need to recalibrate the lock.

Depending on the model, the smart locks can be configured with codes for different users. In fact, up to 30 unique codes can be set. As such, there’s a need to change code on Vivint door lock a couple of times. You’ll be a master coder of some sort after it.

Ways to Reset Vivint Door Lock Code

1. Change smart lock code via the panel


The easiest way to do a Vivint door lock reset code is through the panel of your smart home system. For Vivint, said panel is called SkyControl.

SkyControl is like the brain of your smart home because you can reconfigure your system through it. This includes arming and disarming your setup, checking the camera’s live feed, and controlling locks, thermostats, and other connected devices.

The panel is also the first thing you will tinker with after installing your lock as you set up your passcode door lock. SkyControl is user-friendly, so it will not take an IT expert to navigate it so long as you have your Vivint door lock instructions manual.


Step 1: Tap the menu icon (the one with three dots) on the lower right corner of the home screen.

Step 2: Tap the ‘Users’ tab.

Step 3: Key in your current four-digit PIN.

Step 4: Select the user whose code you want to change.

Step 5: Check if the ‘Separate lock PIN’ option is enabled. If disabled, toggle it on.

Step 6: Tap ‘Lock PIN’ to edit the code (or add a new one). The code can be from four up to eight digits.

Step 7: Enter the new code, and you will confirm it by keying it once more.

Step 8: Under the ‘Lock Access’ tab, add or modify the door locks you want the user to have access to.

Afterward, ask the user to try the new code and if they can already access the respective door locks.

You can also delete door lock from Vivint panel without doing a factory reset. Follow this when the batteries are depleted and not working even after you change Vivint door lock battery.


Step 1:Unlock the ‘Installer Toolbox,’ which allows you to add and delete devices without a code.

Step 2: In the home screen, tap the menu button and then the ‘Software Version.’

Step 3: Enter the four-digit code you saw in ‘Site Manager’ after unlocking the ‘Installer Toolbox.’

Step 4: Click ‘Smart Home Devices.’

Step 5: Click ‘Z-Wave.’

Step 6: Click ‘Remove Node.’

Step 7: Follow the prompt, which will ask you to select the button on the node.

Step 8: Remove the battery cover of the lock and then press the ‘A’ button. The panel will then prompt that you have successfully removed the door lock.

2. Manually change door lock code


If, for some reason, the Vivint door lock offline and you want to change password, worry not because you can manually do so.

Take note that this is only possible if you already have an existing code, which you set up manually on keypad door lock. As such, you will be deleting said code to add a new one.

Before doing the manual trick, make sure to keep the door open and unlock Vivint door code so you won’t end up being locked out if things go south.


Step 1: Remove the cover of the lock and press the ‘Program’ button (the black circle).

Step 2: Press the keypad’s ‘Lock’ button (below the ‘A’ button) once.

Step 3: Enter the code you plan to delete, then press the ‘Lock’ button again.

Step 4: Reenter the code and press the ‘Lock’ button again.

The next steps involve setting up the new code.

Step 5: Press the ‘Program’ button once.

Step 6: Enter the new code (from four to eight digits) and press the ‘Lock’ button.

Step 7: When the lock flashes green, the Vivint password reset is successful. When you hear three beeps, and there are three red flashes, the programming fails, and you need to repeat the process.

Take note that you should not wait for more than five seconds when performing each step. Furthermore, make sure the replacement code is indeed new and not similar to existing ones.


The steps on how to change Vivint door lock code are straightforward, so you can do it in a jiffy. Learning it is a must because you will be adding and deleting codes every now and then.

It can be easily programmed via the panel of your smart home system or manually. When you see the lock flashing orange (which means it’s the door is locked), you’ll have that nice smile knowing you learned something new and you have a secure home.

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