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Which Lock Opens Everything Answer?

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which lock opens everything answer

Recently, social media has witnessed a lot of seemingly tricky but actually simple puzzles about math or logic going viral.

This type of online puzzle usually comes with a quick question and picture to help you get a better idea of the problem. Moreover, they are mainly related to normal objects in daily lives, such as fruits, animals, numbers, etc.

There is a viral puzzle that got everyone trying to get the correct answer. Looking at the picture below, one of these locks opens everything. But which one is it? This article offers you the which lock opens everything answer.

So, Which Lock Opens Everything Answer?

Although people have been buzzing and debating to see of these 6, which locks opens everything, the answer is fairly simple with a few logic skills required.

Given a total of 6 locks in the picture, how do you know which one unlocks the rest? Don’t be fooled by the lock numbers.

Some people argue that the answer is none since you need to have a key to unlock them. Let’s assume that we have that lock to open all the keys. And so the answer is simple — unlocking any lock would open the rest of them.

Once you unlock any of the 6 locks above, every of their pins would be shifted to open everything. It is obvious that the number of locks can confuse thieves, but this puzzle is truly not that difficult to solve.

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Final Verdict

Did you guess the correct answer for this viral question? As you can see, the problem is not that difficult if you spend a little time considering it. We hope the little picture puzzle has added some quality to your online experience.

Let us know what you think about it in the comment section. And remember to spread the word to friends and family and see who can give the right which lock opens everything answer. We believe it will bring much fun and laughter to all of your group gatherings.

Thank you for reading.

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