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The Best Alarm Clocks with Wireless Charging

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best alarm clock with wireless charging

Alarm clocks with wireless charging capabilities have become a popular device among homeowners. It’s not hard to see why since these products offer a simple way of charging other devices while functioning as an effective alarm clock.

But it has become a bit difficult to find the best alarm clock with wireless charging. It comes from the various moving parts within these products. Due to this, it can be challenging for a non-experienced buyer to separate the quality options from subpar ones.

However, I intend to simplify this process with this detailed buying guide. It’ll dive into everything a person would need to know before buying an alarm clock with wireless charging. Here’s a little preview with a few short discussions of some crucial features:

  • Alarm System and Settings: Wireless charging isn’t going to mean much without an effective alarm system within these devices. So look for an option with meshable settings and sounds to ensure a successful buying experience.
  • Brightness Levels: Some alarms will come with bright LED numbers, making sleep difficult. Make sure these options have a dimmer, so the brightness levels are easily controllable.
  • Wireless Charging Quality: Look for alarm clocks with Qi-standard wireless charging capabilities. Most modern smartphones will require this to charge effectively on these alarm clocks.

I’ve also built a list and reviewed 10 of my favorite alarm clocks with wireless charging. These discussions will provide a baseline of what to expect before starting your search. Moreover, they’ll help give some context for the later discussions in our buying guide.

Top Product name Material Style Power Source  
1 JALL Wooden Digital Wood Digital Corded Electric Details
2 ANJANK Wooden Wood Digital Corded Electric, Battery Powered Details
3 iLuv Wireless Charging Plastic Modern AC Adapter, Back-up Battery Details

List of Top 10 Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging Reviews

1. JALL Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

JALL’s Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging is a solid option to start our list. It’s an alarm clock charging station with a known reputation for being effective.

The clock won’t have any issues charging most modern smartphones. But its charging abilities aren’t close to my favorite aspect about it. Instead, its beautiful wood design would be the winner of this title. It’s like having an art piece on my nightstand that mesh perfectly with my bedroom’s interior.

I’m also delighted by its ability to set three alarms at once. Therefore, I can set the alarm for my partner and myself without relying on a single one. Plus, I can select these alarms to use weekday mode, making them only activate on weekdays.

This wooden alarm clock with wireless charging has multiple brightness levels, as well. It provides me with complete control over my sleeping experience. Honestly, I haven’t had a bad night of sleep since placing this alarm clock within my room.

I can’t go further without mentioning the four color options of this wireless charger alarm clock. Each buyer gets a choice between black, brown, white, and yellow. It’s a difficult choice, but I find it impossible not to choose brown as it’s perfect for my bedroom.

But it’s not a perfect device because it does offer sliding issues. JALL didn’t put rubber feet on the bottom of this alarm clock, which can cause these problems. As a result, users need to be careful when placing it on slippery surfaces.
  • Wireless dock station charges most modern smartphones
  • Beautiful, meshable wood design for home decor
  • Sets three alarms at once with a selectable weekday mode
  • Multiple brightness levels for better sleep quality
  • Four stylish color options (black, brown, white, and yellow)
  • No rubber feet causes minor sliding issues
Aside from the rubber feet issue, I can’t point to another notable flaw. Everything else about this wireless charger clock more than met my expectations.

2. ANJANK Wooden Digital Alarm Clock FM Radio

The ANJANK Wooden Digital Alarm Clock FM Radio is a hard alarm clock wireless charger device to beat. For instance, it’s fitted with a Qi-wireless charging station to charge my smartphone quickly.

Honestly, I was a bit surprised by the effectiveness of its charging capabilities. It had my phone at full battery much faster than I’ve encountered with other alarm clock phone charger devices.

This alarm clock with Qi wireless charging comes with a USB port. As a result, I can use it to charge other USB devices like a tablet or another phone. It ends up being one of the more convenient choices among these options.

I was also happy with this product’s two alarm settings. Users can choose between the built-in FM radio or classic buzzer as their wake-up sounds. In my case, I had to go with the radio option as any buzzer will be a little jarring for my sleeping sessions.

The alarm system comes with a 9-minute snooze button, as well. It has come in handy on these mornings where I don’t want to get up without a few extra minutes. The sleep session is even helped by the large LED display with five controllable brightness levels via a dimmer.

My only complaint about this wireless charging clock radio is the lack of a battery backup. It makes using this option without an electrical outlet impossible.
  • Quick Qi-wireless charging station for smartphones
  • Equipped with a USB port to charge other devices
  • Two practical alarm settings (built-in FM radio or classic buzzer)
  • Practical 9-minute snooze button
  • Large, readable LED display with 5-level brightness dimmer
  • Doesn’t include a battery backup
The lack of battery backup doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the product’s charging or overall performance, though. As a bedside alarm clock, it’s easily one of the top-rated wireless charging alarm clock radios available.

3. iLuv Wireless Charging Digital Alarm Clock

Our next option, iLuv’s Wireless Charging Digital Alarm Clock, is a multi-function alarm clock with wireless charging. In other words, it benefits users by offering two ways of charging devices.

I can use the Qi-certified charging pad to charge my phone while using the built-in USB port to charge my tablet. As a result, it cleared much space on my bedside nightstand. No more having to overcrowd the electrical outlet behind it.

The product’s readable, large 1.2″ LED display is another appealing attribute. It makes the clock portion of this device easy to see from quite a distance, even for me. Initially, I was worried the display’s brightness would hurt my sleeping, but it’s also adjustable via a dimmer control.

Users should also find themselves impressed with the built-in FM radio. It comes with ten preset stations for convenience; plus, I can use it to fall asleep without hurting the battery. It’s made possible with the auto-off sleep timer function.

Meanwhile, the product’s alarm system is impressive for a wireless phone charger alarm clock. It offers dual alarm capabilities with two available alarm sounds, buzzer or radio. Both my partner and I went with the radio, but the buzzer wasn’t too jarring, either.

I wish the device’s sound quality were a little better for the radio, though. It can come through with a bit of noticeable static but not unbearable.
  • Two-way charging station with Qi-certified charging pad and USB port
  • Readable, large 1.2″ LED display
  • Adjustable brightness levels with dimmer control
  • Built-in FM radio with ten preset stations and auto-off sleep timer
  • Dual alarm capabilities with two alarm settings (buzzer or radio)
  • Sound quality isn’t the best
We could undoubtedly do much worse than this alarm clock with wireless phone charger. It’s a well-equipped piece with impressive features, including an FM radio. There isn’t much else I want in an alarm clock with wireless charger capabilities.

4. REACHER Wireless Charging Digital Alarm Clock Radio

My favorite aspect of REACHER’s Wireless Charging Digital Alarm Clock Radio has to be its space-saving compact design. After all, I don’t have much room on my bedside table with the books stacked up, so it’s a crucial attribute.

This space-spacing is only increased with the device’s two charging methods. First, I can use it to charge my smartphone on its top wireless charging dock while charging my tablet using its USB port. Therefore, there are a lot fewer wires on my bedside table than usual.

Moreover, this alarm clock with wireless charging and USB has a readable LED display. So it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to see from a distance. I haven’t had a problem cleaning my bedroom and staying on top of the time with this display.

I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t also mention this option’s built-in FM radio. It’s fitted with auto-tuning for easy setup and works as a sleep timer. As someone who loves sleeping to music, it’s a godsend to have a sleep timer on a device like this one.

The alarm system isn’t anything to dismiss, either. It comes with two selectable sounds with adjustable volume levels. In fact, its top volume reaches 120dB that won’t have issues even waking up the heaviest sleeper.

Some customers did mention that this clock radio with wireless phone charger’s sound should be a bit longer.
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Two charging methods (top wireless dock and USB port)
  • Easy-to-read, 6.1″ LED display
  • Built-in FM radio with auto-tuning and a sleep timer
  • Two loud alarm sounds (buzzer or radio) with adjustable volume (up to 120dB)
  • The sound should be a bit longer
Overall, I appreciate the design and functions of this wireless charger with clock radio capabilities, offering me a good experience.

5. Oct17 Wooden Alarm Clock

I couldn’t take my eyes off Oct17’s Wooden Alarm Clock with Qi Wireless Charging Pad when first seeing it. Its elegant, durable wood design blew me away as I knew it’d fit perfectly into my bedroom’s decor.

The device’s LED backlight display was another attribute to stick out for me. It was easy to read and came with seven adjustable brightness levels for convenience. In fact, I can’t imagine a person who wouldn’t find a level perfect for their sleeping needs.

If those features weren’t enough, it also has a user-friendly sound control function. It’s easy to use or deactivate and allows people to control this loud alarm without much issue. I haven’t had a problem sleeping or missing a meeting since putting this product in my home.

Of course, it wouldn’t have made our list without some impressive wireless charging abilities. It meets those needs with its Qi wireless pad that’ll charge most modern phones. I was thoroughly impressed with its effectiveness and quickness during the charging process.

Lastly, I can’t overlook its two USB ports or the affordable price tag. These qualities further confirm that this alarm clock with charger is a solid choice.

But I would be lying if I didn’t admit to missing a snooze button. Sadly, this option doesn’t come with one, and that has been a little bit of an adjustment for me. I’m always going to prefer alarm clocks with one.
  • Elegant, durable wood design
  • LED-backlit display with seven adjustable brightness levels
  • Equipped with a user-friendly sound control function
  • Offers Qi wireless smartphone charging
  • Two USB charging ports for charging other devices
  • Comes with an affordable price tag
  • No snooze button
After all, the clock’s elegant design and excellent charging capabilities are too much to overlook at this affordable price.

6. NOKLEAD Digital Alarm Clock with Qi Wireless Charger

NOKLEAD’s Digital Alarm Clock with Qi Wireless Charger has made my life a lot easier around the house with its clear, white LED display. It makes seeing the time much less strenuous on my eyes than other options like a Tzumi wireless charging alarm clock.

Moreover, I can adjust the brightness between three levels with an easy-to-use dimmer. It has made finding the perfect light level for a sleeping session a non-issue. The device itself also does an excellent job blending into my home decor.

I mean, how could it not with its stylish and small aluminum design? I can even expect it to remain there for a long time because this aluminum material has a durable reputation. It sure has done a fantastic job remaining useful after the many times that I’ve dropped it.

The product’s alarm system couldn’t have been easier to use, either. It comes with intuitive buttons that make the entire process painless. Plus, it has a snooze button, so I can make the most of each sleep session whenever it’s necessary.

I must also mention it’s compatible with most smartphones for charging. As with prior options, it comes from including a Qi wireless charging pad.

I did notice the charging pad was a little slippery when putting my phone onto it, though. A few other customers also pointed this problem out in their reviews. As a result, it’s essential to remain careful and avoid any slippage issues.
  • Clear white LED display with three adjustable brightness levels via dimmer
  • Small, stylish design made with durable aluminum
  • Easy to use and set up alarms with intuitive buttons
  • User-friendly snooze function for better sleep
  • Compatible with most smartphones with Qi wireless charging pad
  • Slippery charging pad
Despite the slippery charging pad, it’s hard to see this model as anything other than a contender for the most favorite alarm clock with phone charger capabilities. I’d suggest being vigilant when using it.

7. MOSITO MO1299-WH Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

The MOSITO MO1299-WH Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging is one of the most convenient options available for users. After all, its wireless charging pad supports the charging of most modern smartphones.

In fact, it can be a wireless charging alarm clock for iPhone and Android phones. It makes the device a perfect fit for households who mismatch their phone types. I was also impressed by the full range adjustment of its LED digits.

Users can choose a specific level from 0 to 100% to match their preferred sleeping situation. As a result, I didn’t have trouble finding a light level perfect for my partner and me. Unfortunately, this process isn’t always as easy with other models, such as a Magsafe alarm clock.

More importantly, MOSITO did an excellent job making this entire process simple to use and set up. They clearly took a lot of time to improve their product’s from its previous version. It was mentioned more than once in the reviews as a step up over the old model.

Other notable inclusions include adjustable volume levels, a convenient snooze function, and a stylish design. In particular, the design stood out because this brand allows users to choose from three color options to ensure a perfect fit (bamboo, brown, and white).

Although this model does have one downside, its alarm could stand to be louder. It tops out at 90dB, which won’t be loud enough for some of the deepest sleepers. So it’s something to think about before putting money down on this option.
  • Supports wireless charging of most modern smartphones
  • Full range adjustment of LED digits (0 to 100%)
  • Simple use and setup with new, improved design
  • Adjustable volume levels with convenient snooze function
  • Stylish design with three available colors (bamboo, brown, and white)
  • The alarm could be louder
In my case, I found this model to work effectively as an alarm clock. It was just loud enough to wake me up without being overly jarring.

8. I-Box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock

This next design, I-Box’s Radio Alarm Clock, stands out from many choices due to its dual charging methods. In other words, it’s fitted with both a Qi wireless charging pad and a USB port.

Given these features, I can charge two devices at once. It can function as an alarm clock with wireless charging for phone and watch without issue. Buyers aren’t going to come across this level of versatility often within this marketplace.

It only continues with this product’s double alarm capabilities. As a result, I can set up two alarms at once without worrying about affecting someone else’s. It’s an ideal attribute for anyone who uses the same alarm clock as another person.

This model also comes with impressive Bluetooth 6W speakers and a Passive subwoofer. I can use these components to stream music from my phone with ease. Furthermore, I could play music from them via the built-in FM radio and its ten preset radio stations.

I don’t have to worry about this device breaking down anytime soon, either. I-Box made it using premium materials to ensure durability. Due to this, I expect this alarm clock to be in my life for several years.

But I did find a customer or two complaining that there is no AM or PM display in its 12-hour mode. It’s something that I noticed, too, with this Bluetooth alarm clock speaker with wireless charger.
  • Dual charging methods with Qi wireless pad and USB port
  • Effective Double alarm capabilities
  • Solid Bluetooth 6W speakers and Passive subwoofer
  • Equipped with FM radio with ten preset FM stations
  • Durable construction made with premium materials
  • No AM and PM display in its 12-hour mode
Overall, this clock radio with phone charger capabilities is hard to ignore. I found myself satisfied by its multiple qualities, such as Bluetooth speakers and wireless charging.

9. Emerson Radio ER100401 Smartset Alarm Clock Radio

There aren’t many options capable of checking off my particular wants in these devices better than Emerson Radio’s ER100401 Smartset Alarm Clock Radio. I mean, it has a long list of various worthwhile features that could help out anyone.

In my case, I find myself drawn toward this option because of its use of Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It’s a crucial aspect because it makes pairing devices like my iPhone to this product’s built-in speaker effortless.

This device also allows me to charge my iPhone using its fast wireless 15W charging pad. In fact, I was blown away by how quickly my phone got its needed power. It was much quicker than I’ve experienced with other wireless charging alarm clocks.

Emerson Radio made sure to make setting up this device effortless, as well. It uses a built-in SmartSet automatic time setting system to auto-adjust settings, time, and other information. Therefore, it removes any stressful manual setup for users.

Other notable features include dual alarm capabilities, three-alarm modes (every day, weekday, and weekend), a large 1.4” LED clock display, and a 3-level dimmer. These inclusions further prove this option as a convenient and worthwhile choice.

A few customers did mention experiencing shipping issues with this device, though. In these cases, the product arrived damaged, and they needed a replacement. Thankfully, it didn’t happen with mine as my alarm clock radio arrived in peak condition.
  • Easy device pairing with Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Fast wireless 15W charging for mobile devices
  • Built-in SmartSet automatic time setting system
  • Dual alarm capabilities with three alarm modes (every day, weekday, and weekend)
  • Easy to control large 1.4” LED clock display via 3-level dimmer
  • Might be some minor shipping issues
My experience with the device has been very positive due to the smart setting system and dual alarm features.

10. iHome iW18 Alarm Clock With USB and Qi Wireless Charging

Our final option, iHome iW18 Alarm Clock With USB and Qi Wireless Charging, ends our list with a beautiful design that comes in two colors, black and white. I black option as it meshes perfectly into my bedroom atmosphere.

I should also note that this model has a compact and user-friendly construction. So its beautiful design has no issues blending right into a room and not taking up much space. It has been a much easier fit onto my bedside table than any prior alarm clocks.

But the convenient features don’t stop there, either. It also has dual charging methods with a Qi wireless charging pad and a built-in USB port. Therefore, I can charge almost any device with this alarm clock without taking up another electrical outlet.

I was also pleased with this product’s three adjustable brightness levels. iHome made them easy to control with the dimmer button on this clock’s display. I can’t imagine anyone having much trouble, given I set it up without any problem.

The product’s effective alarm system with dual alarm capabilities is another beneficial aspect. It hasn’t had any issues waking me up on time or anyone else in my household. Plus, I’ve taken advantage of its programmable snooze function regularly.

The only issue with this iHome wireless charging alarm clock is that it produces a buzzing noise when charging my phone. It can be slightly annoying if I’m not going to sleep with music playing or my TV on.
  • Beautiful modern design with two color options
  • Compact, user-friendly construction
  • Dual charging methods with Qi wireless charging pad and USB port
  • Three adjustable brightness levels with dimmer button
  • Effective alarm system with dual alarms and programmable snooze
  • Produces buzzing noise while charging
In fact, I’ve gotten used to the buzzing sound, so it’s become soothing. Besides, all other great features of this clock make it a worthy investment.

What to Look for When Buying Bluetooth Alarm Clock


There are various essential features to consider before buying a wireless charging alarm. In fact, these aspects will end up making your entire buying process a lot easier. So let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the first one.

Alarm System and Settings

Of course, the first thing to consider is the product’s alarm system and settings. Its wireless charging feature doesn’t matter much if it can’t wake you up effectively. I’d suggest choosing an option with multiple alarm options (dual alarm capabilities).

Alarm clocks with dual capabilities allow you to set different alarms at once. Therefore, you don’t have to change the wake-up alarm when your partner wakes up first. It’s a pivotal aspect for anyone sharing a bed with someone else.

I’d also look at options with multiple alarm sounds. You don’t want to be stuck with a beeping sound that’s annoying or frustrating to use. In my case, I always go with the alarm clocks with built-in radio or Bluetooth speaker capabilities to wake up to music.

Alarm Volume

Any worthwhile alarm clock will allow you to turn its volume up or down at will. I’d recommend ensuring the alarm’s volume is on the low side for regular wake-up calls. After all, a loud wake-up call can be very jarring at 7 AM.

You could also go with a clock with a gradual alarm. In these cases, the alarm will gradually increase until you shut it off. Many people prefer this option because it removes any possibility of a jarring wake-up experience.

Snooze Capabilities

Almost every alarm clock will come with a snooze button. This aspect will offer a predetermined amount of minutes to your sleeping sessions. They will deliver anywhere between 5-minute to 9-minute snooze functions in most cases.

Moreover, some options will come with maximum snooze use. It’s an essential feature for anyone known for abusing the snooze button, such as myself. I can’t tell you how often I’ve slept way longer than needed because I just kept hitting the snooze button.

Brightness Level

The top-tier alarm clock will prioritize your sleep quality. It might seem like common sense, but some make it difficult to catch z’s with very bright LED numbers. As a result, I’d suggest looking at options with a dimmer to dim these lights to a preferable level.

It’ll help you sleep much better than with other models. But read through the customer reviews to ensure its dimmer is practical. Sadly, it’s not uncommon to see an alarm with dimmable brightness levels that’s still way too bright even on its lowest setting.

Wireless Charging Quality

Of course, the wireless charging feature will be a crucial aspect of wireless charging alarm clocks. These devices will require high-quality electromagnetic circuitry to make them work and charge your phones effectively.

You should also check whether the device has Qi-standard wireless charging capabilities. It’s what most modern smartphones need to charge on these alarm clocks.


Cost plays a massive role in any product, including alarm clocks with wireless charging. There’s a lot of variation among these devices regarding price tags. Therefore, you’ll need to build a budget around what you consider necessary features.

You can then use the budget to reduce your choices to a more manageable number. It’ll make this entire process a lot easier and less stressful for everyone involved.

Is Wireless Charging Safe at Night

best alarm clock with wireless charging

It’s completely safe to charge your phones using wireless charging at night. I’ve been doing this for years with my wireless alarm clock without any issues. I can’t imagine any problems arising as long as you have a high-quality option, such as any of these choices or from a wireless charging alarm clock Samsung made.

Is Wireless Charging Bad for Battery

One of the most common myths around phone batteries is that wireless charging will damage them. It’s simply not true, as the heat generated during wireless charging will have no impact on your phone’s battery.


Finding the best alarm clock with wireless charging should now be a breeze. Our resources should’ve offered an idea of what features are needed in your ideal option. From there, it becomes a simple matter of finding an alarm clock with those qualities.

But anyone with a remaining question or two can use our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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