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How to Remove a Lever Door Handle Without Screws

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how to remove a lever door handle without screws

Are you wondering how to remove a lever door handle without screws? Before you can take off a door handle, look first for the screws. It can be challenging when the screws in the door handle are invisible. The good news is, we will help you figure out where they are to replace your lever door handle.

It is not a problem whether you are dealing with a modern or an old lever door handle. We will teach you how you can remove both of these handles. Just follow the steps carefully and prepare the necessary items.

What You Need for This Tutorial

Before you can remove door handle without screws, prepare the required items below.

  • Screwdriver – If you are dealing with an old lever, you need a flat head screwdriver to remove a lever door handle without visible screws. It must be thin enough to fit the slot on the lever and push the release button. If the lever you have is a modern style, you need a Phillips screwdriver. Make sure that the size of the screwdriver will fit the heads of set screws. If you are not sure what size to use, prepare a set of Phillips screwdrivers so that you can choose from them.
  • Paperclip – A metal paperclip is necessary. It must be small enough to fit the pinhole of the body of the lever. Straighten it using your hands or a pair of pliers. If you don’t have a paperclip, you can also use thin metal wire. However, it must also fit inside the pinhole.
  • Allen wrench – Since some of the fasteners of the levers have hexagonal sockets, you will need an Allen wrench so you can remove them. The common sizes of Allen wrenches are 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 7/64″, and ⅛”.

Old Door Handle


Step 1: Remove the rose trim.

Before you can remove the rose trim, look for depressions or slots on the lever.

After seeing it, remove the rose trim by inserting a flat head screwdriver inside the space and pushing the release button.

Once you have triggered it, pull out the rose trim to expose the internal mechanism of the lever.

Step 2: Cut the wire and remove the lever

Metal wires typically secure the bases of the old levers. After the internal mechanism of the lever is exposed, look for the wire that wraps it.

Cut it using a screwdriver. This step will automatically release the lever.

Remove the lever and its parts by pulling them away from your door.

Modern Door Handle

Step 1: Remove the rose to expose the screws of the handle.

Look for the circular plate placed around the lever. This plate is typically called a rose. Aside from providing a clean look to your door handle, one of its purposes is to conceal the set screws from intruders.

To remove the rose, you can twist it or pull it off using your hands.

Step 2: Unscrew the set screws

Once you have removed the rose and exposed the set screws inside the lever’s body, remove them. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the set screws. You can now quickly release the lock and the lever.

Keep the set screws in the proper place since you may still use them in the future.

Step 3: Remove the lever

Search for the pinhole on the body of the lever. After you have found it, straighten a paperclip that can fit into the hole.

Insert the paperclip while applying the right amount of pressure, then push the release button located inside.

If there are still fasteners that secure the lever’s base, remove them first using an Allen wrench. Once done, you can now remove the lever by pulling it out.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How will I remove a Kwikset lever door handle without screws?

To remove a Kwikset lever door handle without screws, push the handle off a little bit, using a flathead screwdriver to reveal the release button. Once it is exposed, move it wherever the arrow directs you.

You can check this video to learn more:

2. How will I maintain my lever door handle?

You can clean the lever door handle using soap, water, and cloth. Aside from cleaning it, it would be best to lubricate it at least twice a year. Just spray oil in its internal mechanism so that it can work properly.


Have you replaced your door handle by learning how to remove a lever door handle without screws?

Removing door handle without screws is easy when you know the right steps and use the proper tools. Through this tutorial, you can now change your door handle with a new one!

Do you know some friends who need to remove front door handle without screws but don’t know how? You can share this post with them! We also want to know how long it takes you before you finish the tutorial. Just leave a comment below.

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