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What Key Has Legs and Can’t Open Doors? (Riddle)

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

what key has legs and can't open doors

Here comes an interesting riddle: what key has legs and can’t open doors?”

Do you need to spend some time solving this riddle? Let’s think outside the box for a second. Riddles are all about wordplay, aren’t they?

Check out the answer below.

The Riddle

This riddle makes use of simple words, but it takes a lot of thinking to arrive at the correct answer.

This riddle is sometimes tweaked to solicit a different correct answer. For example, it becomes “what three keys unlock no doors?”.

Before you go to the next part of this article and find out the correct answer to the riddle, you might want to check these helpful clues to guide you:

  1. The answer to the riddle involves an animal. It specifically asks for a common animal that has legs.
  2. The answer to the riddle has the suffix “key” on it. This means that somewhere on the word contains the word “key”.
  3. There are three possible answers to the riddle.

The Answer


No one can blame you for getting here to know the answer. The answer to the riddle “what key has legs and can’t open doors?” can be among the three — donkey, monkey, or turkey.

The three possible answers have the word “key” on the last part of their names. The three of them also have legs, but they cannot open a door.

Another Interesting Riddle

If you did not get the last riddle, you should redeem yourself and answer this riddle: what has keys but cannot open a door?

Challenge yourself again and think about the answer as hard as you can. Ask a friend if they know the answer, too!

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Riddles can be tricky and easy, depending on the type of riddle you will answer. With the right amount of time and thinking outside the box, you can get the answer to the riddle without looking at the internet.

Knowing the answer to the riddle, “what key has legs and can’t open doors?” will let you ask another person. Play riddles with your family and friends, and spice it up with a couple of prizes!

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