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The Best Nature Sounds Alarm Clocks for Your Sleeping Sessions

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

best nature sounds alarm clock

It’s not uncommon for an alarm clock user to be dissatisfied with their waking-up sound. In most cases, it’s a loud beeping noise that doesn’t offer any warning and scares sleepers to death. That’s why buyers often look to purchase options equipped with soothing nature sounds.

But this product demand has increased the popularity of nature sound alarm clocks. As a result, it has become challenging to find the best nature sounds alarm clock within this crowded marketplace. Most buyers have no idea where to start when beginning their searches.

However, the process doesn’t have to be stressful with the right resources. It’s a simple matter of knowing which essential aspects to look for. Here’s a little quick overview discussing some features to provide an idea of what I mean:

  • Multiple Different Sounds: Buyers don’t want an alarm clock with a single nature sound. Instead, it’s much wiser to select an alarm clock with a collection of them. It allows for a much more user-friendly experience.
  • Display: The alarm clock’s display needs to be large and readable from a distance. Honestly, if it’s not legible from across the bedroom, it won’t be a very convenient purchase.
  • Ease of Operation: The top-rated alarm clocks with nature sounds will have easy using processes. In other words, their buttons won’t be too small, and their manuals will offer helpful insights.

I’ve also compiled and reviewed 10 of my favorite alarm clocks with nature sounds. These nature sounds alarm clock reviews will provide an idea of what’s available. So let’s start there before diving into our buying guide.


Top Product name Display Type Special Feature Power Source  
1 JALL ACA-002-B Digital Sunrise & Sunset Simulation Corded Electric Details
2  Philips HF3520/60 Digital Colored Sunrise Simulation Corded Electric Details
3 HoMedics SS-4520 Digital Wake Up Light Corded Electric Details

Top 10 Nature Sounds Alarm Clock Reviews

1. JALL ACA-002-B Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Soothing sound alarm clocks aren’t usually as impressive as JALL’s ACA-002-B Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock. It gains this status with a long list of features that’ll pique any buyers’ interest.

For instance, I love this model’s sunrise simulation light feature. It allows me to wake up with a gradually brightening light that mimics the sunrise. I can then combine this sunrise light with seven nature alarm sounds to provide an even more peaceful waking experience.

The product’s 9-minute snooze is another attractive feature. After all, I’m notorious for hitting the snooze button during those Monday mornings. But this alarm clock doesn’t allow me to go overboard as I can only use the snooze button five times in a row.

I also found myself gravitating towards this option’s built-in FM radio. It’s a crucial aspect of my needs because I love playing music around the house. An alarm clock with this ability and 16 adjustable volume levels comes in handy.

Buyers should take note of its abilities as a nightlight, as well. It offers seven color light options and 20 brightness levels to ensure nighttime reading is more than possible. Plus, it makes traveling from the bedroom to the kitchen at night much easier.

However, I was disappointed by this option’s setup process as it comes with subpar instructions. It was noted as an issue more than once in the customer reviews.
  • Gradual sunrise simulation with seven nature alarm sounds
  • Useful 9-minute snooze feature, snooze up to 5 times in a row
  • Built-in FM radio
  • 16 adjustable volume levels
  • Nightlight capabilities with seven color light options and 20 brightness levels
  • Complicated setup with subpar instructions
But once I managed to figure out the setup, this alarm clock with soothing sounds more than met my expectations. It made my sleeping sessions more comfortable and peaceful, which was all I wanted.

2. Philips HF3520/60 SmartSleep Wake-up Light

Philips’s HF3520/60 SmartSleep Wake-up Light Alarm Clock stands out by offering a great deal of personalization. In fact, I can even set it to simulate both sunset and sunrise gradually. I have made a habit of using the sunset function for sleeping and the sunrise one for waking up.

This personalization only increases with its selection of five natural wake-up sounds. It’s a wide range of choices, from birds chirping to beach sounds. I find it hard to imagine a buyer won’t find one suitable for their sleep sessions.

I was also pleased with the convenience of its tap snooze function. In other words, I don’t have to find a button on the display to activate it. Instead, I only need to tap it, which removes the need to fumble around looking for a button when I’m still half asleep.

The automatic dimmable display shouldn’t be overlooked, either. It’s a small convenient feature that makes my life easier by removing another potential setup task. Plus, it comes with ten brightness levels to help it function as a practical bedside lamp.

Buyers will benefit from the built-in FM radio, as well. It does a solid job providing users access to the radio without being overly burdensome or annoying. For example, I’ve had no issue blasting music from it and love using it while cleaning my bedroom.

However, I do have an issue with its small on/off light switch. It’s rather uncomfortable to use with my large fingers.
  • Personalized gradual simulated sunset/sunrise
  • Selection of five nature wake-up sounds
  • Convenient tap snooze function
  • Automatic dimmable display
  • Practical bedside lamp with ten brightness levels
  • Built-in FM radio for playing music
  • Small on/off light switch
Despite the small light switch, this alarm clock with soothing sounds has been a great addition to my home. So it’s easy to see how the product has become a favorite among buyers looking for clock devices.

3. HoMedics SS-4520 SoundSpa Dual Alarm Clock Radio

The HoMedics SS-4520 SoundSpa Dual Alarm Clock Radio has become a favorite option among couples. I can see why, as it offers dual alarm capabilities that allow users to set two different alarms at once. As a result, people don’t have to rely on their partner’s alarm.

It also has a bit more variation concerning alarm sounds. I can choose between eight options, including white noise, rain, campfire, and rainforest. I find myself preferring an alarm clock with rain sounds, so I selected the rain option. But I could easily see each of them working well.

HoMedics incorporates a built-in swivel projector within this device, as well. It allows me to project the time onto my wall or ceiling for more practical viewing when I’m sleeping. I no longer have to turn my entire body to view the time.

This HoMedics alarm clock with nature sounds is also one of the more advanced options on our list, especially with its automatic time setting technology. After all, it removes the need to manually set the time, date, or adjust for Daylight Savings Time.

HoMedics included a 30-day money-back guarantee to put the cherry on top of these other top-tier aspects. I’m always going to prefer options with these policies as they’re convenient. They’ll provide insurance against receiving a faulty product or making a wrong buying decision.

As for this product’s issues, it only has one, which is a bulky design. I find it a little distracting within my bedroom. It doesn’t blend as well with a room’s decor as I’ve come to expect from similar products.
  • Ideal for couples with dual alarm capabilities
  • Eight soothing nature alarm sounds
  • Time projection with built-in swivel projector
  • Automatically adjusts time, date, and for Daylight Savings Time
  • Convenient 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Bulky design
But I’m not going to complain too much about its design. This dual alarm clock with nature sounds offers too many other benefits, so I’ve learned to deal with it. However, I could see how another buyer would feel differently.

4. ANJANK B314 Small Digital Alarm Clock Radio

Our next option, ANJANK’s B314 Small Digital Alarm Clock Radio, is known for being an excellent travel companion. It earns this praise from its small, portable design that fits into suitcases and backpacks without any trouble.

But this portability wouldn’t matter much if it wasn’t an exceptional alarm clock. Thankfully, it meets those expectations with intriguing aspects, such as its dimmable LCD display and five brightness levels. These components make finding a suitable sleeping environment much easier.

I’m also pleased with its FM radio that offers easy volume adjustment. Therefore, I can easily play my music without bothering my partner. I can even fall asleep to music without draining the clock’s battery, thanks to its 10 to 120-minute sleep timer.

As for its alarm system, I adore its dual alarm capabilities and six nature sounds. It suits my needs to a tee as someone who wakes up at a different time than their partner. Plus, the nature sound selection is impressive as it ranges from water to birds chirping.

Other notable convenient aspects include a battery backup and two USB charging ports. In particular, the USB ports are fantastic additions as they let me charge other devices. I can plug my smartphone into the alarm clock to charge rather than wasting crucial electrical outlets.

However, it’s not a perfect clock radio with sounds of nature as the buttons are difficult to see in low-light situations. I’ve found myself struggling to find the right button during the early morning hours.
  • Small, portable design
  • Dimmable LCD display with five brightness levels
  • FM radio with adjustable volume and sleep timer function (10-120 min)
  • Dual alarm system with six nature alarm sounds
  • Convenient battery backup
  • Two USB ports for charging other devices
  • Difficult to see buttons in low-light conditions
Overall, it’s easy to get over the button issue with this soothing sounds alarm clock. It checks off everything else that I could want without stressing me out or being inconvenient. Buyers could undoubtedly do a lot worse in today’s marketplace.

5. USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio

One of the more visually appealing options would be USCCE’s Digital Alarm Clock Radio. Its beautiful wooden design offers a stylish aspect that other options cannot match. In fact, it managed to mesh right into my bedroom decor without a single issue.

I was also thrilled with its LCD screen, which was easy to read from across the room. I don’t have the best eyesight, so it’s made my life less burdensome. Plus, I can easily adjust it for my terrible eyesight by using the dial control to find the perfect screen’s brightness level.

The product’s dual alarm system isn’t anything to overlook, either. It offers three modes (7-day, weekday, and weekend) and five built-in sounds. Due to this, I have complete control over my waking up experience, as I’ve never had with my past alarm clocks.

It’s hard not to be happy with this product’s 9-minute snooze function, as well. This aspect allows me to make the most out of my sleeping experience at all times. Honestly, I never feel like I’ve left behind a minute of potential sleep when using this alarm clock.

Lastly, the device’s embedded FM radio is hard to beat. It provides users with 40 savable stations, which pairs well with a private listening headphone jack and a usable sleep timer function. Each of these additions only further showcases this option’s overall convenience.

I only wish its dual USB ports charged other devices quicker. It was noticeably slower than I’ve encountered with other clock radios with nature sounds.
  • Beautiful wooden design
  • Readable LCD screen with easy-to-control brightness dial
  • Dual alarm system with three modes and five built-in sounds
  • 9-minute snooze function promotes better sleep quality
  • Embedded FM radio with 40 savable stations, sleep timer, and headphone jack
  • Slow-charging USB ports
In the end, slow-charging USB ports won’t cause me to lose sleep. USCCE did a solid job creating one of the best options by focusing on more vital aspects. Buyers would be doing themselves a disservice by not considering this wooden alarm clock nature sounds device.

6. Hatch Restore Sound Machine Alarm Clock

The Hatch Restore Sound Machine Alarm Clock is another option that can mimic a sunrise to help users wake up naturally. However, this option goes a little further than other similar choices with its extensive list of features.

An excellent example would be its vast collection of soothing sounds, lights, and white noise. In other words, the amount of customization offered by this clock is unmatched. I would’ve found it a little overwhelming if Hatch didn’t do such a good job keeping usage straightforward.

In fact, any stress or frustration disappeared when I got the app for this nature sounds alarm clock download link. It made navigating the endless nature sounds and other unique content effortless. I had no issue finding the perfect settings to customize my sleeping experience.

Buyers don’t have to use this nature sounds alarm app if they feel uncomfortable, though. This product has soft-touch buttons that provide another way for users to control their devices.

Furthermore, I must mention how well this option works as a reading lamp. Its soft-glow light provides just enough illumination to ensure I can read a book without bothering my partner.

But this wake up to nature sounds alarm clock does have one downside—its price. This option is easily our most costly choice, which will turn off some people. Each buyer will need to decide whether the quality and features are worth the extra money.
  • Customizable sunrise simulation alarm clock
  • Extensive collection of soothing sounds, lights, and white noise
  • Simple-to-use app with endless content access
  • Two convenient control methods (soft-touch buttons or app)
  • Equipped with a soft-glow light, ideal for reading
  • A higher price
I don’t mind spending a little more on advanced options like this alarm clock with sounds of nature. The level of customization alone more than makes it worthwhile for me.

7. USCCE Small LED Digital Alarm Clock

USCCE’s Small LED Digital Alarm Clock is an easy option to love, considering it has an affordable price and offers exciting features. For instance, it has a compact design that matches almost any home without causing problems.

But even with a smaller design, this product’s clock face remains readable with its large LED numbers. It’s a tricky balance to master, but USCCE has done it. After all, I have no trouble seeing the time from far away when this alarm clock’s on my nightstand.

I don’t have to worry about these LED numbers being too bright, either. USCCE avoids this issue with its customizable light levels, ranging from 0 to 100%. Therefore, it won’t be too difficult to find a suitable brightness for sleeping.

USCCE also included five alarm sounds to offer a little more versatility. Each sound comes with adjustable volume levels, too, from 30dB to 90dB. It ends up being simple to find the right wake-up alert and sound level with this affordable option.

The customization doesn’t stop there, though, as it offers two choices regarding its time format. I can either choose the standard 12-hour format or use 24-hour military time. In my case, I can’t pick anything other than the 12-hour format as military time will only confuse me when I’m half asleep.

As for its flaws, I was surprised this option didn’t come with batteries. It would’ve made the backup battery feature a lot more convenient for buyers.
  • An affordable option
  • Compact design with large readable LED numbers
  • Easy to adjust display brightness (0 to 100%)
  • Five alarm sound options with adjustable volume (30dB to 90dB)
  • Two selectable time formats (12-hour or 24-hour)
  • No batteries included
But the lack of batteries isn’t a massive deal breaker, especially at this price tag. So it’s hard to see this option as anything other than an excellent bargain. I’d imagine its simplified, compact design will make many other buyers feel the same.

8. Peakeep MHP-3129 Silent Alarm Clock

I’ve always liked the look of traditional analog alarm clocks, which Peakeep’s MHP-3129 Silent Alarm Clock embodies. Although older clock models usually pale in comparison to the features of more advanced options, this analog alarm clock manages to flip the script.

One of the main reasons is this product’s volume adjustment process. It’s an effortless task that only requires using a dial to find a preferred sound level. I can’t see anyone having issues with it, not even young children.

Another impressive aspect was this device’s seven available alarm sounds. Each buyer will choose between five melodies, a traditional beep, or a bird chirp. It’s a solid choice that should cover what most buyers want without issue.

Moreover, this option works well as a nightlight with easy top bar activation. It allows me to quickly turn on a light whenever I need for reading or locating something behind the bed. Plus, I don’t have to do a crazy step-by-step process as I’ve experienced with other alarm clocks.

I was delighted with this device’s focus on improving sleep quality, as well. It offers this attribute with its 5-minute snooze function and silent non-ticking hands. These traits only further prove that this isn’t a traditional analog clock.

Peakeep did fail to fix one thing about analog clocks when crafting this one, though. It struggles to keep its time precise as some customers noted it being off by a few minutes.
  • Classic analog alarm clock design
  • Adjustable volume levels with straightforward dial
  • Seven available alarm sounds (five melodies, bird chirp, and beep)
  • Practical nightlight with easy top bar activation
  • 5-minute snooze function for better sleep quality
  • Silent operation with non-ticking hands
  • Time isn’t precise
All in all, this product’s issue doesn’t bother me much. I got up in time for work when I took the clock’s inaccuracy into account. Therefore, this analog clock is almost the perfect choice for my needs.

9. REACHER R3 Dual Alarm Clock and White Noise Machine

This next option, REACHER’s R3 Dual Alarm Clock and White Noise Machine, is an effective combination device. It’s capable of functioning as an alarm clock, a noise machine, or doing both simultaneously. In each case, this device has more than met my expectations.

For instance, its alarm system boasts the always-crucial dual alarm capability. It also offers six natural alarm sounds to offer a little choice for each buyer. Users can even adjust the volume levels of these sounds through 30 preset options.

As for its noise machine abilities, it provides 12 selectable soothing sleeping sounds. I found all of them helpful during my sleeping sessions. However, I prefer using this device as a noise machine/alarm clock with ocean sounds.

I also found myself enjoying the sleep timer function. It has a sizable range of up to 150 minutes, so I can drift off to my chosen sleeping sound. Honestly, this makes those other ocean wave alarm clocks/noise machines look second-rate.

The product’s battery backup isn’t anything to overlook, either. It offers a 3.5-hour runtime at the maximum volume level to increase product practicality.

But I do wish its construction was a bit heavier, as it’s prone to tipping. I’ve managed to accidentally push it off my nightstand on more than one occasion without much effort.
  • Effective 2-in-1 combination device (alarm clock and white noise machine)
  • Dual alarm system with six natural alarm sounds and 30 volume levels
  • Promotes better sleep with 12 noise machine sounds
  • Sleep timer function with a range of up to 150 minutes
  • Offers 3.5 hours of runtime at the highest volume when used with battery
  • Tips over easily with lightweight construction
Thankfully, this issue has been easy to avoid once I became more careful. Buyers who are aware of the lightweight construction shouldn’t have issues getting their money’s worth. This clock has even helped me save money as I don’t need to use both an alarm clock and a noise machine.

10. Sharp Projection Alarm Clock

It wouldn’t be much fun if our last option didn’t offer something exciting, so it made sense to end this list by discussing Sharp’s Projection Alarm Clock. It more than meets the criteria of being exciting with its high-quality time projection capabilities via a 90-degree projection arm.

After all, users can use this projection arm to project the clock’s time onto a wall or ceiling. It’s a perfect feature for someone like me who hates turning over to check the time at night. Instead, I can now simply look up or at my sidewall to check whether I can go back to sleep.

I also have to mention its eight user-friendly soothing nature sounds, including rain, ocean, and thunder. Given these options, buyers shouldn’t have much issue finding a suitable sound. I sure didn’t, as each one seemed perfectly suited to help me catch some Zs.

As with some previous options, this one offers dual alarm capabilities. But what makes this system unique is the two selectable modes. It lets me set an alarm for weekdays only or weekends only to improve its convenience.

The clock’s dimmer for its LCD display was another impressive aspect. It offers easy control to ensure a much more comfortable sleeping experience. I should also note that this device comes in three stylish color choices to entice buyers further.

It was a little disappointing to see a few buyers mention dirty packaging, though. It’s not something that I expect from a top-tier company like Sharp.
  • Projects time onto wall or ceiling with 90-degree projection arm
  • Eight user-friendly soothing nature sleep sounds
  • Dual alarm capabilities with two modes
  • Convenient dimmer control for LCD’s brightness
  • Three stylish color choices
  • Dirty packaging
However, these packaging issues aren’t overly concerning as there were only a few complaints. The vast majority of buyers, including myself, were delighted by its performance. If anything, these issues seem more like isolated incidents than a common trend.

What to Look for When Buying Nature Sounds Alarm Clocks


Nature sound alarm clocks are a bit more complicated than most people assume. In fact, several factors will determine whether one is perfect for your needs. I’ll discuss each of these factors below, so the buying process becomes a lot simpler.

Multiple Different Sounds

Buyers will want an alarm clock with different sounds. Honestly, a clock with multiple sounds is more user-friendly than one without. After all, you don’t want to purchase an option with a single sound that doesn’t fit your preferences.

You’ll also need to think about what natural sound works best for your sleeping sessions. Are you an ocean sound alarm clock person or do you want an alarm clock with white noise? These are the types of questions each buyer will need to answer before choosing a suitable option.

So please, choose a clock with multiple sounds to avoid any issue. It’s a simple step to ensure you can change the alarm sound to a pleasant one.

Gradual Alarm Sounds

No one wants to wake up from a loud, jarring alarm sound. As a result, it’s not shocking that the top-tier alarm clocks will increase their alarm volume gradually. These options allow you to wake up in a much more comfortable manner.

I’d also recommend researching whether each option has wake-up lights. If they do, the lights’ intensity should gradually increase. Otherwise, your sleeping experience won’t be as seamless as you imagined when using a nature sound alarm clock.

Volume Adjustment

One of the main complaints about alarm clocks with natural sounds is the lack of volume adjustment. So it’s rather surprising to see how many available options don’t include such a user-friendly and straightforward feature.

Overall, I’d suggest only considering options with volume adjustment. It’ll make finding an alarm setting suitable for your sleeping sessions easier, especially for light sleepers. It’s also a pivotal aspect for anyone who wants an AM/FM clock radio with nature sounds.

Power Source

You don’t want an alarm clock to run out of power before it can set off its alarm. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on each option’s power source so that you can plan ahead. In my case, I always prefer rechargeable alarm clocks with high battery capacities.

I’d also suggest getting options with a low battery alert feature. As you can imagine, it helps let a user know when their clock needs new batteries. Such devices ensure you’ll never find yourself waking up with a dead alarm clock.


No one will argue with anyone who says sounds are the most important aspect of alarm clocks. But they aren’t the only critical factor when choosing these products. You’ll also need to think about the display as it’ll show you battery levels, time, temperature, and more.

In other words, the display has to be readable and large enough to see from a distance. It’ll make everything more manageable when it comes to using these devices. Some options will offer projection capabilities to make them more convenient, as well.

Ease of Operation

Most alarm clocks won’t have a lot of operation modes or tasks. In most cases, the entire process consists of setting your alarm and going to sleep. You can then hit snooze or change the sounds based on your preferences.

But it’s essential to ensure these operations are done with little effort. For instance, I’d recommend choosing alarm clocks with large buttons. These are much easier to use when you’re half asleep and don’t want to be fumbling with your alarm clock.

One valuable resource for determining ease of operation is customer reviews. Other buyers will let you know whether the alarm clock is easy to use or not. Plus, they might provide little tips about using clocks more practically.

Is It Bad to Wake Up to a Loud Alarm


Experts have determined that waking up to a loud alarm isn’t healthy. It can increase your stress levels while leading to sleep deprivation. Instead, it’s best to choose a nice sounding alarm clock with a gradually rising sound.

Does Changing Your Alarm Sound Help You Wake Up

Changing your alarm sound to a more suitable one could make a world of difference. After all, nobody wants to wake up to a loud annoying sound that causes their skin to crawl. So choose an alarm clock with a sound that mesh with your preferences.

How Do You Wake Up Gently

Buying an alarm clock with gradual natural sounds is a good start. Honestly, it’s just a better way of starting the day than waking up by a traditional alarm clock. You might want to use a bed light with sunrise simulation, as well.


You now have everything needed to find the best nature sounds alarm clock. It’s a simple matter of using these resources and sticking to them during the buying process. If you do, the right choice will become obvious.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have an additional question or two, either. I’ll make sure to answer each post in our comment section as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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