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How to Lock a Pocket Door from Both Sides? – 3-Step Guide

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how to lock a pocket door from both sides

Slide doors can easily turn into an inconvenience for small spaces. Therefore, installing pocket doors would be wise, not to mention the privacy and security you can enjoy. But many people wonder how to lock a pocket door from both sides.

Similar to the locking system of swinging doors, a pocket door lock also allows you to lock it from both sides. This type of lock is well known for being resistant and solid. Its diverse materials, shapes, and designs work for all decorations.

If you are planning to install a pocket door in the next home renovation, you will definitely need to know different methods to lock it from both sides. They are: using a thumbturn, a key, or a pocket door lock. This article provides all the necessary information you should know about a pocket lock.

What is a Pocket Door Lock

A pocket door lock is a tool that helps you block a pocket door from moving. In general, this lock is made of highly resistant and robust stainless steel, bronze, or brass.

You can use the pocket door lock to secure your door from a single side or both sides. In most cases, a key or a thumbturn can operate its locking mechanism.

Undoubtedly, a pocket door lock is the safest since it ensures only the key owner has access through this door. Within a given area, this lock would be the ideal equipment for the protection of your valuable assets.

As far as we are concerned, there is no material that surpasses stainless steel in manufacturing a pocket door lock. It adds resistance and brightness to the item.

Different Types of Lock


There are 2 types of pocket door locks currently available on the market for your consideration, the round shaped and the square one.

Round Shaped Locks

A round shaped lock looks quite similar to traditional ones. It is often designed to fit 2 ⅛” doors. Keep in mind that you need to measure this lock carefully, or else you will encounter many problems while installing it for your door.

Square Shaped Locks

In contrast, a square shaped lock tends to be more modern and works best for contemporary design.

For every door’s end part, you have to use notches along with this square lock. A regular door slab can do the job quite well as you go through its construction.

Plus, we are certain that you will install this type of lock much quicker than a round one. Thanks to the included lever that is easily navigated in its locking mechanism, less of your effort is required.

Benefits of Locking a Pocket Door from Both Sides



Security will always be a huge problem if you only lock your pocket door from a single side. Locking a pocket door from both sides ensures its prominence and prevents unwanted break-ins.

Having a pocket door lock means you are in control of the house’s security level. Once there are locks on two sides, trespassers need to break both of them and might be caught faster.

Furthermore, we advise you to use even more significant locks to secure your pocket door. That way, it is incredibly challenging to pass this lock to get inside.


Without a doubt, a double sided pocket door lock can guarantee high privacy for your house, which is why many people aim to install a pocket door.

The best thing about using a pocket door is how it provides considerable space for two rooms with equal measurements. For example, this door brings privacy to both sides of your dining and living room.

Also, if you want to use this pocket door as a room divider, having locks on both of its sides would be awesome. They enhance your room security and privacy.


Another noticeable feature when using a pocket door is that it adapts to both of your indoors and outdoors. Many people choose to install this type of door outside.

Nonetheless, we believe it is wiser to use this door inside. Because of a removal emergency latch on this pocket door, people are able to manipulate it easily from the outside.

This problem can be solved once you equip a strong double locking system for both door sides. It becomes impossible to manipulate these pocket door locks from the outside, not to mention the need to handle the inside as well.

How to Lock a Pocket Door from Both Sides Step By Step Instructions

After acknowledging the basic yet important information about pocket door locks, this section describes how you can lock a pocket door from both of its sides in detail. Here are the three effective methods you should try for your door.

Step 1. Pocket Door Lock

Obviously, the perfect item to use on a pocket door would be a compatible lock. Since this item has the specific design for a pocket door, nothing will suit such doors better than this lock.

Rest assured that most pocket door locks are of high quality and durability. The lock strengthens your home privacy and security to another level. Also, it reduces unnecessary costs since it does not require regular replacement.

But not all pocket door locks are good enough to invest in. Therefore, always check out the product review carefully before buying to make sure it enables the highest safety.

Step 2. Thumbturn

Among a variety of different lockable pocket door hardware, people are even fond of using thumbturns more than regular keys. This tool is popular for its effectiveness in locking the pocket door from inside out.

For your information, a thumbturn is a small piece of equipment made from metal that retracts as you turn the latch. Spin the knob and you can easily lock the door. This is also how to unlock a pocket door with a thumbturn.

It is truly straightforward to operate a thumbturn. Moreover, you can grip on this item effortlessly for a quick and easy knob turn.

Step 3. Get Hands On Key

From the very start, using a key is the most convenient method to lock any type of door. As a result, a key is a good choice for pocket door locking.

Insert your key into the keyhole. If you have ever used a thumbturn, turn this key the same way. Once the latch gets a push, this retract allows you to lock the pocket door. Follow this process on the other side of the door.

As you construct the pocket door, it is advisable to equip this facility at the time. If you are not yet convinced, buy some pocket door locks at the nearest store with their compatible keys.


From our perspective, locking a pocket door from both sides can guarantee better privacy and safety whenever you need it. Moreover, its discreet and elegant look easily works in harmony with various decorations.

Will you get a pocket door and try to lock it from both sides after reading this article? Let us know what you think in the comment section. Plus, don’t forget to give this article a huge shoutout to your friends and family on social media.

Thank you for reading.

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