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How to Unlock a Kryptonite Bike Lock? – Detailed Guide

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how to unlock a kryptonite bike lock

Many cyclists use Kryptonite bike locks because of their sturdy and almost perfect rating scores. However, things can become challenging if some of these locks won’t open.

In this article, I will teach you how to unlock a Kryptonite bike lock so you can be at peace the next time you park your bike. I will cover all the lock problems, from getting stuck to unlocking coded Kryptonite locks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix a Stuck or Jammed Kryptonite Lock


We must first learn to determine the problem to find the best possible solutions to open a Kryptonite bike lock. Below are the most common issues and how to address them.

Problem #1: Kryptonite Bike Lock Stuck.

How would we know if the bike lock is stuck and how to solve it?

Step 1: Insert Key

Check if you can turn the lock to 180 degrees with key. If not, the lock must be jammed; we will discuss this in the next part.

Step 2: Check

If you can turn the key 180 degrees and it won’t still open, the crossbar is probably stuck with the lock.

From this, we can deduce that the problem with the Kryptonite bike lock is on the crossbar. Usually, it is caused by excessive debris or corrosion.

By knowing this, we can determine which part of the lock we should apply lubricant.

Step 3: Apply a Lubricant

To solve the stuck, you must apply a lubricant like WD-40, which is an excellent choice because it can also effectively wash out debris.

Ensure you apply the WD-40 lubricant to the section that connects the crossbar and the lock located just between the two parts.

If you feel the crossbar is still stuck, try to spray more lubricant and wait a few more minutes. If you’re lucky enough to detect this issue right within your house, let the lock soak in lubricant overnight (or 7-8 hours). This should solve the problem.

Check this guide to know how to apply a lubricant properly!

Problem #2: Kryptonite Lock Jammed.

Step 1: Insert key

Like the first problem, we should insert a key to determine if the lock is jammed. Usually, a key will not turn 180 degrees if the lock is jammed. If the key won’t budge, it’s best to refrain from exerting force.

Step 2: Apply Lubricant

A jammed lock is usually caused by the debris build-up inside the keyhole. This impairs the key to aligning the discs inside the lock, thus making it impossible to open.

Now that you know the difference between a stuck or jammed Kryptonite, you can apply lubricant to the affected area. For a jammed lock, spray the WD-40 on the keyhole.

Unconventional Methods For Opening Kryptonite Bike Locks

Method 1: Breaking The Lock

Step 1: Air spray

The cool temperatures from air spray can weaken U locks enough that you can easily break them with a hammer. Thus, it can be your last resort to open Kryptonite lock without a key.

Hold the can upside down and position the nozzle directly at the lock. Spray continuously until the can is empty for higher effectiveness.

Ensure you only hit one spot and do not spray the whole u lock because it might be ineffective. It is best if you spray only the spline, which is the part that connects the shackle with the lock.

Step 2: Hammer

Now that the metal is weakened, you can break a bike lock with a hammer. Hold the lock tightly in place and hammer down against the keyhole. Remember to keep your fingers out of the way to avoid nasty accidents.

Expect that the Kryptonite will not actually break. In reality, the air spray and the hammering will disentangle the shackle from the lock.

Note that hammering the lock is best only for u lock, not cable locks, since we aim to break it.

Method 2: Using A Pick

If you lost the key, picking tools is the best option. Picking is also advisable if you want to open a Kryptonite cable bike lock since you cannot hammer or cut it.

Step 1: Place the tension wrench in the keyhole.

Note that there are several types of key picker tools. The one that you will be placing is an elongated model with a curved edge at the end called the tension wrench.

Place the curved edge of the Kryptonite lock pick tool (the tension wrench) inside the keyhole, and you still have the elongated part exposed. You will need this later on to twist the keyhole.

Step 2: Pick the lock

Insert the pick through the keyhole so that it’s above the tension wrench. Some experts would recommend using the Sparrow SS Dev hook to pick a Kryptonite bike lock.

Use the pick to feel the pins, which are either loose or binding. You know you’ve hit a binding pin when there’s a clear resistance.

Slightly push the binding pin to set it, but don’t use too much pressure to avoid freezing the lock. Continue to do so until you’ve reached the end.

You can hear the clicking sound of the discs getting loose. That means that you are doing it right. If not, pull the pick more until you feel the discs loosen.

What to Do When You Forgot The Combination?


The Kryptonite bike lock has various versions. Some cyclists prefer the KryptoLok Combo, which is a bike lock that uses a combination instead of a key.

Furthermore, most locks with a combination use a cable. Such other means like hammering or picking are not suited for this.

There are two methods to open a coded bike lock.

Method 1: Submit A Request Letter

This method is probably the easiest but the longest for a forgotten combination. Submit a request to the company, and they will provide your code or give you a new one.

Make sure you register your bike lock to the company before doing this. And this could be your last resort if a Kryptonite combination lock won’t open.

Method 2: Decoding Technique

Step 1: Set The Number Back To 0

Reset all the numbers to 0 for easy tracking. Then pull the shackle so you can start twisting the wheels of the combination.

Make sure to continuously pull the shackles as you guess the combination, and it might take a few minutes or so.

Step 2: Roll the Wheel

Here comes the tricky part. As you roll the first wheel of the combination lock, you have to feel if there is some resistance. It is that slight feeling as if the lock wants to stick with that number. Most likely, you hit the right spot.

Another indication that you’ve hit the right number is a slight gap between the wheels. It’s barely noticeable though, so you need to keep a close eye on the lock.

The correct number sometimes gives off a slight clicking sound.

Step 3: Repeat the process

Repeat the process from the first wheel until the last one. Remember that as you guess the correct number, you’ll also notice that pulling the shackle apart becomes noticeably easier.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why won’t my Kryptonite lock open?

There are various reasons why a Kryptonite lock won’t open.

  • The lock is old and has accumulated debris and corrosion. Sometimes, the rust can also hinder your Kryptonite from opening.
  • The key will not turn if not closed correctly. The spline should sit tightly to the lock, so be sure you lock it appropriately.

How do you open an old Kryptonite bike lock?

An old Kryptonite bike lock has a circular keyhole, contrary to the present yale-like hole. Get a BIC pen with a circular hole at the opposite end of the ballpoint and insert it. With a little force, the bike lock should break open.

The simplicity of picking the Kryptonite bike lock with a circular hole has forced the company to change it into what it is today.

How to stop your bike lock from jamming again?

  • Clean your bicycle lock regularly with a lubricant. Avoid placing your safety in a dark, moist place to prevent rust build-up.
  • Remove the shackle from the crossbar or body for occasional cleaning. A simple Teflon lubricant can do the job.

How to open Kryptonite evolution bike lock?

This lock seems sturdier than your regular u locks, but just like the others, you can also pick this. Some professionals have created their personal picking tools, so you might try one of those, just like the one below.


Applying a lubricant to the lock or keyhole is an excellent solution if your key is stuck or jammed. Furthermore, decoding your lock can be challenging, so you must carefully follow the steps to get a Kryptonite bike lock off.

To avoid all these problems, ensure that you regularly clean up your bike lock with a lubricant and avoid placing it in a humid area. I hope that you now know how to unlock a Kryptonite bike lock. Share this article with your friends!

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