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How to Lock a Sliding Closet Door to Balance Home Beauty and Security

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how to lock a sliding closet door

Undoubtedly, sliding closet doors add a stunning touch to your sophisticated home decoration. Nonetheless, they are risky to use if you do not prepare proper safety measures. That leads to the question of how to lock a sliding closet door?

The truth is this type of door is difficult to secure and keep locked. In addition, most locking systems on your sliding closet door are too easy for burglars to break. This is why you need to lock these doors with a high level of privacy and security.

If you are lost in the dark about the most optimal way to lock a sliding closet door at home, this article has the ultimate answer to your problem. Rest assured that you can still install this attractive door and get protection at the same time.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

You will no longer need to worry about how to lock closet doors, thanks to the measures we provide in this article. Here is a quick overview of what you need to prepare, so you can follow our tutorial in the easiest and fastest way.

Step By Step Instructions


Without further ado, we will present you with 3 easy ways of creating a sliding closet door lock, which is highly rated and simple. Keep in mind that you should get professional support to help you out with these processes.

Step 1. Cover Sliding Closet Doors

Although it is not common, your house may have sliding closet doors made from glass. Undeniably, they bring a modern and trendy vibe to the room, but the amount of security threat it gives is relatively high. A stranger can have certain clues on the items inside without the need to open these closet doors.

The best security for glass sliding doors would be good and useful coverage. A shutter instead of a regular cover is a nice idea for you to lock the door with, allowing you to firmly open and close the door securely.

However, door covers like panels and shutters are fairly costly. You should consider carefully before buying them to cover the sliding closet doors. Also, look for expert support to install a shutter or panel for your locking system.

Step 2. Add A Door Lock

You will want to lock a closet door as the most secure measure to guarantee protection. Such a lock will often be installed high on the closet door’s top part. Thus, small kids cannot reach them, and this door will only be opened by grownups and tall children. Moreover, a lock will fully seal your sliding door.

So how can you install a sliding closet door lock? Close it all the way, and clean the sliding door’s upper area. Aim a suitable position for your lock on the door, then mark some holes. Drill on the holes to install this lock. You will have successfully installed the lock’s top piece by this point.

Afterward, perform a similar installation of its locking piece. Position your lock & mark necessary holes. Next, drill these holes and place the door lock in its place.

Rest assured that no one would notice these subtle sliding closet door locks. That is why you can secure the closet and maintain its initial design, even after the door lock installation.

Step 3. Install Electronic Lock Systems

A lot of current door locking systems offer the latest technology, such as an electronic system. We believe that although this option is up-to-date, it might not ensure enough security as a traditional locking system.

You will need to install a type of sensor on your sliding closet door, which is linked with your home security system. That way, whenever someone opens this closet door without permission, the alarm comes up to alert you, maybe even with a notification to your phone.

Things to Consider Before Adding a Lock to Your Sliding Closet Door


Before locking sliding closet doors safely with our recommended methods, you need to consider the following important things. These factors play a large role in deciding whether you should add a lock to the sliding closet door at home.

The Room Choice

You ought to determine the room the closet door you wish to lock is in. If you already have this sliding door in your common room, it is not too necessary to invest much in its lock installation.

On the other hand, sliding closet doors for your bedroom will require higher locking security and more specific needs, such as installing baby proof sliding closet door.

The reason for this is because of the valuable belongings you may store in bedroom closets, for example, money, documents, jewelry, etc. Consequently, you should pay attention to providing protection for bedroom closet doors.

The Sliding Door Type

All you have to prepare for your double barn doors is sliding barn doors because they can slide to lock together with ease.

But a single-hung sliding design for your barn door is not as simple for locking in a regular way. Despite that, you can still get creative and find possible methods to lock such a closet door by adding a hook plus an eye for its locking system.

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Common Sliding Closet Door Materials


1. Wood

A sliding closet door can have many different wooden finishes, such as oak, maple, beech, wenge, pear, walnut. This material is the most solid one because of its great composition, plus it’s a natural sound barrier.

2. Glass

The glass material makes your sliding closet door more sleek and sophisticated. As much as it has an attractive appearance, we do not recommend the wide use of glass doors in your house due to its see-through feature that lacks privacy.

3. Laminate

Laminate is another sliding closet door material option for you to consider. The laminate panels are highly appealing and easy to use on your door, but you need to think seriously about whether such a thin material can enable enough safety.

4. Mirror

Adding a mirror to your bedroom sliding closet door is one of the most effective ways to brighten and make the room feel more spacious. However, we think that it would not be ideal for protection since it is difficult to add a lock.

Check out this video for more information on locking a sliding closet door at home:


Same as the main entrance door of your house, installing a quality system to lock sliding closet doors is just as essential, especially when you store valuables inside. Make sure your beautiful sliding door has enough security during use.

Let us know your opinion on this article about how to lock a sliding closet door in the comment section. Remember to spread the word to friends and family via social media if you find the article helpful. Thank you for reading.

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