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How to Open a Mailbox Lock Without a Key: Only 4 Steps

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how to open a mailbox lock without a key

Wondering how to open a mailbox lock without a key? Create a lockpick and a lever or a tension wrench. Put the short end of the lever in the key hole. Turn it like a key. Insert the pick. Push the pins using the pick then utilize your lever to move the lock’s barrel to unlock.

It is easy to pop a mailbox lock even without the keys. This tutorial is useful if you’re thinking “I lost my mailbox key how can I open it?” It will help you to crack the lock open and access your mail.

What You Need

To get into mailbox without key, picking a lock is easier than using a power drill or electric drill because you won’t have to use a long extension cord. You can purchase online and have delivery men bring the items to you or visit a local hardware store so you can open your mailbox without a key and get the mail.

Also, do this tutorial in a convenient place.

1. Lock picking kit


2. Pliers (optional)


3. Gloves (optional)


What to Do


Step 1: Create a lever and a pick of the lock using bobby pins


You have to create lock picks using bobby pins. For the lock pick, get a bobby pin and slightly bend its end while bending the other half upwards. Its parts must be in different directions. For the lever, bend the second pin’s thin end at a right angle to create a curved part.

Use two paper clips if you don’t have bobby pins. For the pick, straighten one paperclip then bend it upward. For the lever, straighten the end of the second paper clip and bend it at a right angle to create a bent part.

Step 2: Put the short end of the lever in the key hole then turn the long end like a key


Once you are done creating the lock pick and the lever, you can now insert the short end of the lever in the key hole of the mailbox door. Hold it firmly while keeping a part of it outside the lock. Turn the long end like a key while applying pressure to the lock’s barrel. Add pressure slowly.

Step 3: Insert the pick inside the lock and push the pins using the pick


You have to insert the pick inside the lock. A lock consists of five pins. Once they are of the same height, the lock will unlock. While the pick is inside the lock, use its bent end to push the pins. Start with the lock’s first pin since the first pin is the easiest to reach.

In case one lock pin gets jammed, move up the seized pin using the pick’s tip since seized pins prevent the lock from rotating. Do this process for your next pin until you have successfully lifted all the pins.

Step 4: Utilize your lever to move the barrel of the lock

Utilize your lever to move the barrel of the lock by turning it both ways; this will open the lock. Remove the pick and the lever from the door. After the door opens, check your mail.

If this does not work, you can use mailbox bump key or open mailbox lock with screwdriver.

If you are using the United States Postal Service, you need to tell them that your key is lost so that they can provide you with a new lock or a new key. If it is your own, purchase a good lock for your mailbox.


Did you enjoy our tutorial on how to open a mailbox lock without a key? Using simple tools, you can unlock the door of your mailbox and get your mail even without keys. This is useful to help others open their locked mailbox even without a key and have access to important mail.

You can share this post with your friends who have a mailbox without a key. You can also share your ideas on how to open a mailbox without keys using a small thin knife, an electric drill, or a pair of manicure scissors. Just leave a comment below.

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