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How to Secure Hotel Room Door With Towel? – Hotel Safety Tips

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how to secure hotel room door with towel

Picture this: you spend your night in your hotel room after a long day of vacation and suddenly someone from the other side of the door is trying to unlock your hotel room door lock with a hook and you are all alone.

Scary, right? You might think that there’s no way you can prevent the situation with just the materials you have inside your hotel room, when in fact, there is a simple hotel door lock hack that you can follow to save your life and your valuables.

In this article, I will show you how to secure hotel room door with towel.

Secure Hotel Room Door’s, U-bar Lock


There are different kinds of towels that the hotel staff will provide you — a bath towel, a face towel, and a medium towel. You can use the small wash cloth/face towel for securing a U-bar lock.

To Lock a Hotel Door From the Inside With a Towel


1. Turn the handle to open the door to see if the door gap is large. In most cases, once the thief can bypass the lock, it’s rather easy to make use of this gap.

2. Flaten your towel, then insert it between the swing bar to secure it in place. Make sure to test by pulling the door. If it can be opened easily, maybe fold the towel in half to be thicker and try again.

This method will help prevent people from opening the door from the outside.

Secure a Hotel Door’s, Security Latch


If your hotel room uses a security latch, it will be a little more secure than the U-bar lock. Still, you can prevent others from popping in with a hand towel blocking this square bar lock.

You need a face towel and a hair band to make your DIY hotel door lock:

1. Open the latch of the lock first.

2. Put the towel onto the lock to cover its entire latch. This is to prevent the latch from opening when being attacked with great force.

3. Now, use the hair band to tighten the hold of the towel on your latch lock.

Why Put a Towel Under Hotel Door?


First, you should put a towel under the hotel door because it can block sounds or light. Since hotel hallways are always lit and other people might be making noise, putting a towel under the door will block those disturbances to give you a good night’s sleep.

The second reason is that it gives you another layer of hotel room security, preventing unauthorized people from opening your lock from the outside with a hook.

The last reason is that it gives you privacy. There might be other people that can peek through the space and gap under the door, especially with the U-lock bar, compromising your safe space.

Other Hotel Safety Tips You Can Refer to


  • Take advantage of the built-in locking mechanisms of your hotel room and close the latch lock.
  • One of the simplest yet effective hotel room security hacks is using the “Do Not Disturb” sign.
  • When booking a hotel, ensure they have installed hotel room security devices such as security cameras so that other people will be hesitant trying to unlock hotel rooms with a hack.


Chances are when you are on vacation, you bring your family or your valuables. Needless to say, their safety and your safety are your priority.

That is why knowing how to secure hotel room door with towel ensures another layer of security without any tools and locking mechanisms. Remember that this is just for temporary purposes and should not be practiced for other purposes.

Furthermore, I’d recommend you use these smart locks to maximum enhance your hotel room.

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