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How to Turn Off Ring Doorbell Without App? – 2 Ways

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Learning to turn off your Ring Doorbell can give you multiple benefits, from conserving battery life, sneaking out without the parents knowing, and avoiding unwanted notifications.

While the Ring app provides a much simpler process of turning off the doorbell, it’s also important to note that certain personal and emergency situations require you to turn off the doorbell without the application.

This article shows the different obvious and creative ways on how to turn off Ring doorbell without app.

Practical Ways to Turn Off Ring Doorbell Without Application

1. Turning off battery powered Ring Doorbell 2 manually

Before delving into turning off the doorbell, you need a special T6 Screwdriver Bit. This tool will help you unscrew the security screw of battery-powered Ring Doorbells like Ring Doorbell 2 to turn it off.


To turn off the doorbell, follow these simple and easy steps:

1. Locate both the security screws at the bottom of your Ring doorbell.


2. Using the special T6 Screwdriver to take out the security screw and loosen the faceplate.


3. By pushing from under the faceplate upward, you can slide it off easily.


4. Press the “push” button or the black tab on the battery while pulling it outwards to remove the battery.


Note: This method only applies to battery-powered models and not hardwired. Battery depletion can also be used to turn off the doorbell by inserting uncharged batteries into it.

You can refer to this video for turn off the Ring doorbell manually by removing the battery:

2. Turning off hardwired plug in manually


Ring doorbells not hardwired in the house and plugged into a power source without a battery can be manually disabled.

By locating the power adapter of the Ring doorbell and unplugging it from the power source, you can disable the ring doorbell.

Note: If you wish to turn off all Ring devices without shutting off other electrical appliances in your home, use an electrical panel or a switch for all devices.

3. Does turning off wifi disable Ring camera?


Ring cameras require Internet or Wi-Fi to send notifications, record footage, and motion, and communicate to your phone.

While the smart features of the doorbell, like sending motion alerts and live video feeds, are deactivated, it’s important to note that the doorbell is temporarily disabled. In this situation, the camera can still be operational and record the videos locally.

Note: If you wish to disconnect the ring doorbell’s connection to the internet without affecting your other devices, then you must use the Ring application on your smartphone.

4. Remove Ring doorbell from mounting bracket


If your Ring doorbell is pepping nonstop, you can use another method to turn off Ring doorbell sound. Unmounting it from the wall makes the doorbell completely disabled.

To unmount the ring doorbell, do the following:

1. Find the security screws at the bottom of the doorbell.

2. Unscrew the Ring doorbell’s security screw. With your special T6 Screwdriver, remove the security screw to start unmounting the doorbell.

3. Unhook the doorbell and pivot it outwards to release the hook and magnet.

4. Unmount the doorbell and add a few drops of silicone or filler into the holes to avoid bugs living in the holes or leaks.

Note: If you wish to reattach the doorbell from the mount, hook the doorbell and pull it downwards to attach the hook and magnet from the mount to the doorbell.

You can refer to this video to turn a Ring camera off by removing it:


Indeed, with an app, you can turn the Ring Doorbells off. However, without the application, it can get very difficult for people who are not tech-savvy.

Knowing how to turn off Ring Doorbell without an app will help you understand the inner physical workings of your doorbell. It will help you to disable the doorbell in emergency circumstances quickly.

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