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How to Open a Lockbox without the Code in Only 3 Steps?

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how to open a lockbox without the code

Want to know how to open a lockbox without the code? You need to purchase or create a lock pick. After that, place the pick to the gap located at the first number. Once you are done with this, look for the loose spot in the wheel. Repeat this process for the other numbers until you successfully open the lock.

You can break into a lock box by following the steps in this tutorial in case you forgot lockbox code. You don’t need to pay a locksmith to open a lockbox without a key because you can do it by yourself.

What You Need


There are items that you need to prepare first before you can open a lockbox if you forgot the code. You can check if you have them in your toolbox. If not, you can borrow from your neighbor or purchase at the store near you. These items are easy to find so you don’t have to worry.

1. Lock pick


You can purchase a lockpicking set for around $30. The pick lock tools that are included can be used in different situations since their designs and sizes differ. However, it is advisable if you will start with a beginner’s set that only has five different types of pick lock since it is more budget-friendly and practical.

If you don’t want to purchase a lockpicking set, you can use a thin metal that can fit the gap in the lock as an alternative. Make sure that the thin metal is malleable yet sturdy enough so that it would not break and get stuck inside the lock.

You can also use a metal paperclip if you have one. Just straighten it using a pair of pliers so that you can turn it into a pick lock. Strip the plastic cover if it has any. The paper clip must be durable so that it can stand the pressure you need to exert as you pick the lock.

2. A pair of gloves (optional)


Since you will be working with a small tool, you may want to use a pair of gloves, especially if you have wet and slippery hands.

You can wear anti-slip gloves that are designed to provide you with a good grip while working with slippery and small objects. Also, they will protect your hands from having blisters that can be caused by prolonged gripping.

How to Open a Lockbox without the Code


Step 1: Insert the pick to the gap located at the first number


Insert the pick inside the gap located at the first number. Make sure that you do not apply too much force while putting the pick inside, especially if you are only using a thin metal or a paper clip, to prevent the pick from breaking inside the lock. The pick will stay in the same position for the whole process so it must be properly inserted.

Step 2: Look for the loose spot in the wheel


Once the pick lock is already secured in place, start to look for the loose spot by spinning the wheel. Continue to turn the wheel until you feel that there is little or no resistance at all. The digit where there is no resistance is the right number of your lockbox code. Stop at this number and proceed to the next digits.

Step 3: Repeat the process for the remaining numbers until you open the lock


Let the pick stay in the same position as you repeat the process. Continue to spin the wheel until you find the numbers where there is low or no resistance. After that, you can now pull open the master lock key box.

In case that the lockbox did not unlock, repeat the process all over again. It means that you have missed the right numbers. Once you successfully open the lockbox, don’t forget to jot down the code in your notepad as a reference for the future. Also, keep it in a secure place.


Do you enjoy following our tutorial on how to open a lockbox without the code? Through this tutorial, it is easy to figure out the lock box codes without the need to pay for professional help or damage it. All you need to do is to have the right tools and the correct procedures.

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