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The Best Personal Alarms for Women to Carry in the Pocket

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

best personal alarm for women

Personal alarms have become a safety net for women. These devices provide a way to protect themselves when they feel uncomfortable or encounter an emergency. They allow women to scare away their attackers with a loud, ear-piercing siren.

But some women have had issues finding one that suits their preferences. It’s hard not to see why, as there are many available personal alarms on the marketplace. It can be challenging to find the best personal alarm for women without any resources or background information.

I intend to help with a detailed buying guide discussing everything about these devices. It should provide a solid starting point to breaking down what each buyer wants. Here’s a small preview of some crucial buying factors to offer some idea of what the article will be discussing:

  • Alarm Sound Level: Buyers will need a personal alarm that produces a sound level high enough to scare away would-be attackers. Any options within the 120dB and 140dB should be effective enough to offer quality protection.
  • Carrying Method: Personal alarms for women come with different ways of bringing the devices from place to place. Each buyer has to decide what carrying method, whether a keychain or other choice, is most comfortable for them.
  • Size: Most personal alarms are compact and lightweight. But it’s essential to avoid buying one that’s too small. After all, women don’t want to fumble around with their handbags for it when an emergency presents itself.

Of course, these buying factors are only a tiny portion of what the article will offer. I’ll also provide an overview of the marketplace by reviewing ten high-quality personal alarms. These resources should make this entire process a whole lot easier.


Top Product name Dimensions Noise level Range  
1 KOSIN Holuck 7.36 x 3.94 x 1.26 inches 140 dB 606.9 ft Details
2 SLFORCE Personal  2.36 x 1.37 x 0.59 inches 130dB _ Details
3 Kuros! by Mace Pepper Spray 488 x 3.38 x 2.38 inches 130 dB 10 Feet Details

The 10 Top-rated Personal Alarm for Women Reviews

1. KOSIN ‎Holuck Safe Sound Personal Alarm

KOSIN’s ‎Holuck Safe Sound Personal Alarm has many fans among women looking to buy a personal safety alarm. One primary reason for its popularity would be its protection with its loud, piercing 140dB siren.

Honestly, I was pretty shocked by how loud this alarm was when testing it. I doubt any attacker would be willing to stand within earshot of it for an extended period. It should provide more than enough protection to startle them and alert nearby people.

The alarm has a practical, lightweight, and compact design, as well. I can easily fit the device inside my pocket or bag without any issue. It shouldn’t have any problems with travel, either, as it’s made from durable ABS plastic.

I was also pleased with the embedded LED lights. They won’t have any trouble providing enough light for nighttime dog walking or even running. Multiple customers noted the alarm being useful during camping activities, too, which is another practical usage.

Buyers don’t have to worry about it being complicated to use. It has a simple contact pin activation method that couldn’t be simpler. Moreover, this option is a 6-pack choice to ensure they can give one to multiple people in their lives.

However, I was a bit concerned to see this choice suffers from some packaging issues. A few customers mentioned receiving their order with a broken alarm or two.
  • Loud, 140db siren
  • Easy to carry with compact, lightweight design
  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • LED lights provide night lighting
  • Simple to use contact pin activation
  • 6-pack option for bulk buying
  • Packaging issues
Despite these packaging issues, I wouldn’t worry too much about this choice. These issues weren’t overly frequent where I would consider it a trend. Plus, its performance and durability more than make the risk worth it.

2. SLFORCE Personal Alarm Siren Song

One of the most straightforward options for a self-defense alarm would be SLFORCE’s Personal Alarm Siren Song. It’s a personal alarm keychain with a simple activation method that isn’t hard to use under duress.

Moreover, this device unleashes a startling 130dB siren to keep attackers at bay. My ears didn’t appreciate its sound level when I was testing. I’d imagine any attacker or animal would find themselves feeling the same.

I was impressed by its LED flashlight feature, as well. This aspect should make those nighttime dog walks or runs a lot safer. Honestly, this aspect was one to receive significant praise within this personal safety alarm reviews.

SLFORCE was also kind enough to offer a 100% money-back guarantee with this option. It ensures if anyone feels indifferent about the device, they can get a refund. It’s another aspect that shows this brand cares about its customers.

Some other convenient benefits are it being a 5-pack choice with assorted colors and coming with batteries included. Both these inclusions further prove it a user-friendly option for women looking to purchase a safety alarm.

But I do have concerns about the clip’s durability. It’s a bit flimsier than I was expecting from a personal attack alarm. However, It hasn’t shown any signs of wear or tear yet. It’s just something to keep an eye on when using it.
  • Simple to activate with a built-in keychain
  • Ear-piercing 130dB siren
  • Features LED flashlight for nighttime usage
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 5-pack option with multiple colors
  • 3 batteries included
  • Included clip isn’t the most durable
Overall, the clip’s durability isn’t a massive concern. It still manages to provide excellent protection while being convenient to use. In those areas, it’s hard to find another alarm capable of matching its performance.

3. Kuros! by Mace Pepper Spray and Alarm Combo

The Kuros! by Mace Pepper Spray and Alarm Combo is a genuinely intriguing protection option. It ensures a buyer doesn’t have to choose between a personal alarm or pepper spray. Instead, it provides both in a practical combo set.

For instance, I found myself very pleased with the pepper spray’s bottle design. It allows me to use the spray with its finger-grip construction easily. As a result, I can’t imagine anyone having issues using it when the time comes.

The pepper spray’s effectiveness is worth highlighting, as well. It has proven to have a powerful formula that will make an attacker think twice. After all, it’ll make sure they experience impaired vision and an awful burning sensation.

It’ll also leave behind a residue to help with ID purposes. In other words, it should help police identify an attacker after a victim uses the pepper spray on them. It’ll help make sure the assailant gets the consequence they deserve.

As for the personal alarm, it’s a relatively simple one with a loud siren. It’s activated by pushing a button and comes with batteries included for extra convenience. So it’s nothing too special, but it’ll get the job done when needed.

Some customers did note being concerned about the spray only containing ten bursts. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, though, as it should last a while before needing replacing.
  • Effective combo protection option
  • Finger-grip pepper spray bottle design for easy usage
  • Ultra-effective formula causes impaired vision and intense burning
  • Leaves behind a residue for ID purposes
  • Simple button-activated alarm
  • Batteries included for alarm
  • It only contains 10 pepper spray bursts
In the end, this combo set manages to cover all the protective bases without issue. It’s a convenient option that’s more than capable of keeping people safe. What more could a buyer want from these devices?

4. VIGOROAD Safe Sound Personal Alarm

Wearable personal safety devices often don’t provide enough range with sirens. VIGOROAD’s Safe Sound Personal Alarm flips the script with its 130dB alarm that’s audible up to 600 ft. So nearby people won’t have any issues hearing when I set off this personal alarm.

I was also impressed by this vigilant personal alarm having excellent LED safety lights. It made walking around in the dark a lot more comfortable. I even gave one to my partner, who walks home at night alone, and she was delighted by how much it helped.

Users won’t have any issues carrying it around, either. VIGOROAD crafted a compact and lightweight design that isn’t burdensome. Plus, it can fit right onto a keychain, making it suitable for various applications.

It’s easy to see how kids, travelers, runners, and seniors could each use the device. Therefore, this option being a 3-pack with multiple colors, becomes an ideal candidate for bulk buying. It ends up being a versatile choice for anyone who needs a personal alarm.

I didn’t even mention that it has an easy hand-strap pin activation, either. So users shouldn’t have a single problem activating it when an emergency occurs.

But I could see how this option would be a bit prone to accidental activations, though. Its clip could catch onto things and siren the alarm, which isn’t ideal. But again, it’s easily avoidable as long as a person remains careful.
  • Effective 130dB siren audible up to 600 feet
  • Features LED safety lights for nighttime traveling
  • Compact, portable keychain design
  • Suitable for various applications (travelers, seniors, kids, runners, etc.)
  • 3-pack with stylish color options
  • Easy to use with hand-strap pin activation
  • Proven to accidental activations
Luckily, I haven’t had any false activations happen to anyone using this alarm. Everyone who I’ve given it to has remained careful and reported it’s a solid device.

5. Thopeb Self Defense Siren Keychain

Our next option, Thopeb’s Self-Defense Siren Keychain, caught my eye with its incredibly durable military-grade construction. It shouldn’t have any trouble offering multiple years of protection without suffering wear and tear.

I even managed to drop it a few times, which is par for the course. But I was shocked by it still working correctly as most personal alarms would’ve faltered. Thopeb clearly took their time to create a long-lasting product.

Meanwhile, it offers an impressive 125dB siren with a 1000ft range. I don’t often come across personal alarms capable of matching this range. So I was a little skeptical, but its provided field proved to be true during my testing.

The device’s included hook was another nice touch offered by Thopeb. It made attaching it onto bags, jackets, belts, and keychains effortless. As a result, each user has significant control over how they want to utilize this particular alarm.

It doesn’t hurt that its lightweight design is easy to carry, either. The product’s user-friendliness only continues with its straightforward pin-activation. Honestly, finding a more accessible or durable personal alarm would be difficult.

I was slightly disappointed by the light’s brightness, though. The brightness was solid but noticeable worse than what I’ve had with my previous personal safety alarms. As a result, it might not be the best choice for traveling at night.
  • Durable, military-grade construction
  • Audible up to 1000ft with 125dB alarm
  • Features hook for easy attachment
  • Easy to carry with lightweight design
  • Straightforward pin-activated alarm
  • Light isn’t as bright as expected
But the lighting issue isn’t a dealbreaker for me. It still provides a solid amount of light to travel comfortably at night while having several other useful features. I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be an effective personal safety alarm for college students, women, or others.

6. Kimfly Invensdc-02-01 Safesound Personal Alarm Siren

Kimfly’s Invensdc-02-01 Safesound Personal Alarm Siren is a bit different from a typical personal alarm for runners or women. After all, this option uses a rechargeable lithium battery rather than a traditional button battery.

It’s a quality that ensures the product’s a lot more convenient and hassle-free. Charging the device is also straightforward with the included USB data cable. But none of these qualities would matter much if it wasn’t user-friendly and offered solid protection.

Thankfully, it excels within these areas with two simple using methods. I can either pull the product’s contact pin or press its switch twice to activate the alarm. From there, it’ll provide a reliable 130dB siren with an alarm range of 300 ft.

I was also pleased by its versatility when attaching onto items. For instance, I placed it on a backpack, purse, and belt loop without any challenges. This ability makes it a worthwhile option for several applications.

Furthermore, I’d be doing a disservice without mentioning its incredibly bright flashlight. It’s equipped with larger LED bulbs that offer more brilliant lighting than most security alarms. It makes a massive difference when traveling alone at night.

A few buyers did report this model suffering from subpar instructions. Sadly, I can only confirm these findings as I didn’t find them very helpful. But the device is pretty straightforward, so I don’t see it being much of an issue for most buyers.
  • Convenient, hassle-free rechargeable battery
  • Two, user-friendly using methods
  • 130dB emergency alarm with 300ft range
  • Attaches onto various items with ease (backpacks, purses, belt loops, etc.)
  • Brighter LED flashlight than most security alarms
  • Subpar instructions
All in all, my experience with the devices wasn’t hampered by its subpar instructions. I was able to figure it out based on my previous encounters with these devices. Honestly, I doubt even newbie personal alarm users will have many issues.

7. She’s Birdie Love LLC Original Personal Alarm for Women

The She’s Birdie Love LLC Original Personal Alarm for Women is an endlessly appealing choice with many attractive features. An excellent starting point would be discussing its simple activation and deactivation process.

It only requires me to remove or replace the top piece when using the device. Honestly, it doesn’t get much easier than this process with personal alarms. Moreover, it has a 130dB siren with a 100ft range to secure my or my family members’ safety.

This alarm becomes even more impressive with its 40 minutes of continuous sound. In other words, it will keep alerting nearby people for 40 minutes unless it’s shut off. If this wasn’t enough, the device also has a flashing strobe light to gain people’s attention.

Users won’t have to replace this model for a long time, either. The manufacturer made it with a durable construction known for lasting years. Therefore, buyers should get used to it being in their lives and providing solid protection.

On a slightly less important note, this personal alarm offers some style choices. Each buyer will get a selection of five colors, including aqua, charcoal, coral, indigo, and lemon. I found it hard to choose anything but aqua as it has a beautiful design quality.

I did find it odd that She’s Birdie Love LLC didn’t make this product waterproof, though. It seems like this inclusion would be obvious considering its customer base. But this issue is easy to work around by putting it in a bag or purse.
  • Simple activation and deactivation process
  • 100 ft alarm range with 130dB siren
  • Offers 40 minutes of continuous sound when uninterrupted
  • Equipped with a noticeable flashing strobe light
  • Durable construction promotes longevity
  • Five stylish color options
  • Not waterproof
Despite its waterproof issue, I don’t see a single reason why this shouldn’t be considered a top safety alarm for women. It checks off every other need while having a proven reputation for stopping attackers or animals.

8. WETEN Self-Defense Personal Alarm Keychain

Portability is what makes WETEN’s Self-Defense Personal Alarm Keychain standout among other personal alarms. It can easily go anywhere someone might need one of these devices, from a plane to a trail running session.

The product’s design makes it possible by being lightweight and compact. I can fit anywhere it needs to be placed without any issue. Honestly, it’s an adaptable protection device that could benefit anyone.

Moreover, its protection qualities are more than adequate. It’s not the loudest personal safety alarm, but it’s loud enough with its 130dB siren. It also uses a flashing light to draw additional attention when needed.

Activating the device isn’t too difficult, either, as it uses a pin activation method. Users looking to use both the alarm and flashing light only need to pull the pin. It’s a painless process that even a small kid could do easily.

WETEN also included two convenient inclusions with providing two AAA batteries and four color options. As a result, this model becomes a very convenient and user-friendly choice. It’s hard to see how a buyer would end up disappointed with it.

It was a bit disheartening to see a customer or two mention shipping issues, though. In these cases, the product arrived broken or damaged. But these complaints weren’t only frequent to the point where I think there’s anything defective about the device.
  • Ultra-portable for multiple situations (planes, school, hikes, running, etc.)
  • Lightweight, small design for easy carrying
  • Offers solid protection with both a flashing light and 130dB alarm
  • Simple to use with pin activation
  • Two AAA batteries included
  • Four color options
  • Shipping issues
Honestly, I wouldn’t fret too much about the shipping issues. Most people seem very pleased with what they received from WETEN. In fact, I would put myself among them as this personal alarm more than met my needs.

9. BASU eAlarm Plus Emergency Personal Alarm

I was thoroughly pleased with BASU’s eAlarm Plus Emergency Personal Alarm focus on being airplane approved. It’s an essential aspect for me, as I want to ensure my family remains protected wherever we travel.

Honestly, this product’s compact and portable design makes it ideal for these purposes. I can fit it within a carry-on without much issue or it taking up valuable space. But don’t think these qualities are the only worthwhile traits provided by this device.

Users will also love its instant activation method via pulling a pin. Once pulled, the device will unleash a 130dB that no attacker wants to confront. It should have no issues alerting people to their location and starling the assailant.

Another exciting attribute was the included extra bottom hook. I can use it to transform the device into a tripwire, making it quite versatile. In addition, its built-in carabiner only further demonstrates its adaptability by attaching to multiple items, such as purses or bags.

It shouldn’t have trouble working outdoors, either, as it has a water-resistant rubber shield. This attribute makes it ideal for hiking or running purposes.

I did find changing the batteries to be a little more difficult than expected. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one to encounter this issue, as mentioned a few times in the reviews. Luckily, it doesn’t require changing them much.
  • Approved for airplane travel with compact and portable
  • Instant activation of 130dB alarm by pulling a pin
  • Extra bottom hook allows for easy tripwire transformation
  • Equipped with built-in carabiner for easy attachment
  • Suitable for outdoor use with a water-resistant rubber shield
  • Difficult to change batteries
Although the battery changing issue is a bit frustrating, it still doesn’t dampen this device’s other high-quality features. I find it hard to imagine anyone feeling like this model didn’t live up to their expectations.

10. Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm

Our final option, Alphahom’s Care Go Personal Alarm, doesn’t function like these other choices. Instead, it uses smartphones and Bluetooth to send alert notifications when an emergency occurs.

These notifications are sent to selected emergency contacts within the Care Go App. I was shocked by how easy setting up and using the app was compared to past experiences. After all, I’m not the most technologically sound person in the world.

Moreover, I can use this device to send out SOS notifications with my real-time GPS location. My emergency contacts will know exactly where I am with absolutely zero delays. It lets them alert the authorities immediately to my situation.

I was also intrigued by the device’s ability to be used as a finder for lost items. For instance, if I attached it onto a keychain or placed it in a bag, it would make a sound. It has saved me multiple times in the short time I’ve been using it.

The device itself is easy to use, as well. It is a simple matter of twisting (Follow Me mode) or pulling on (SOS mode) Care Go to send the respective alerts. Lastly, it comes with a one-year warranty for each buyer who chooses this option.

However, this option does have a more costly price tag than most personal alarms. So it’ll bring up the question of whether each buyer feels it’s worth the higher cost?
  • Uses Bluetooth and smartphones to send alert notifications
  • Easy to set up with smartphone application
  • Offers real-time GPS location to emergency contacts
  • Two-way finder provides a sound alert to help find items
  • Easy using process
  • One-year warranty for buyer protection
  • A higher-priced option
In my case, I feel like this device is worth the higher cost. It provides a lot of much-needed information to ensure a person remains safe and protected. But it’s easy to understand why someone else would think otherwise.

What to Look for When Buying Personal Alarm for Women


Personal alarms for women will come in various designs and styles. After all, this marketplace is littered with many different manufacturers. So each buyer will need to focus on choosing an option that meets their particular needs.

The following discussions will help develop an idea of what you want in one. From there, selecting one won’t be more complicated than any other mundane task.

Activation Method

Most people start this process by considering what is their preferred activation method. In other words, how easy each personal alarm will be to use and operate for them. Making this decision will require having a handle on the different activation methods.

You’ll come across alarms with ripcord activations and push-button operations. Another popular method is alarms activated by pulling the alarm from a keychain. So each buyer will need to think about what method is most comfortable and effortless for them to use.

For instance, a person with larger fingers should stay away from alarms with smaller pins. If you’re like me and have bad eyesight, loose-hanging ripcord options aren’t your best bet. It’s much easier for me to find a button for the activation process.

Alarm Sound Level

Most personal alarms for women will have sirens between 120dB and 140dB range. These options should have no issues scaring away an attacker with their loud, ear-piercing sound. It’ll be very uncomfortable for anyone who’s near you.

If a personal alarm doesn’t fall between this sound range, it might not be loud enough. I’d suggest checking out how other people feel about the sound level before buying. Customer reviews should provide the insight needed to make a decision.

Carrying Method

I’d suggest thinking about where you intend on using your personal panic alarm. It’ll help you decide what type of alarm carrying method best suits your situation. For example, most women find personal keychain alarms an excellent option as they can attach them to their handbags.

But keychain alarms aren’t going to be a good fit for runners or bikers. After all, they’ll only get in the way of your workout.

How Many Do You Need?

In some cases, a buyer might need more than one personal alarm. These situations could range from buying them for people in a company or other members of your family. In any case, it’s something to consider before making a final decision.

Some manufacturers prepare for these bulk buying situations. For instance, they might provide a more cost-effective deal when purchasing a large amount. If you do need multiple, it’s a smart move to be on the lookout for those deals.


High-quality personal alarms for women will have small and compact constructions. Honestly, I wouldn’t advise buying an option with a bulk design. It doesn’t make sense because these devices are something that you want to carry comfortably.

But it’s essential to find a balance as these devices can be too small. In these cases, the alarms will be hard to locate when an emergency does occur. As a result, buyers need to look closely at each option’s measurements before buying it.

Pictures of people using the device can be extremely helpful, as well. It’ll provide a better idea of how large or small the alarm is within a person’s hand. You can then infer whether it’ll be too big or small for your preferences.

Do Personal Alarms for Women Really Work


Yes, personal alarms do work to prevent attacks against women. Many police departments within the United States and UK even have police approved personal alarms that they recommend. It’s why so many people carry them when traveling alone, running, biking, or other similar activities.

How Loud Is a Personal Alarm for Women

The loudness of a personal alarm for women will change from option to option. However, most devices will emit a sound between 120dB and 140dB when activated. It should be more than enough to startle and panic a would-be assailant.

When Should You Use a Personal Alarm

Personal alarms should be used whenever a person suspects that they’re in danger. It’s much better to be wrong about a potential attack than not to use it when the time comes.


I hope these discussions have made finding the best personal alarm for women easier. They should’ve painted a picture of an alarm that can make you feel safe. Then, hopefully, traveling alone will become a lot more comfortable and less stressful.

But if you still have a question or issue, please leave a comment below. I’ll make sure to answer each one as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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