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How to Change Battery in Vivint Door Lock? – 4 Steps

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how to change battery in vivint door lock

The locking industry has become more creative and innovative in ensuring the utmost security for everyone’s family. However, as their product furthers, more demand for maintenance arises for users.

And one of those demands requires a regular checkup and door lock battery replacement. Don’t know how to do it?

Well, lucky you! Changing batteries is easy and won’t require you to spend any dime on hiring an expert! Follow this guide on how to change battery in Vivint door lock.

Step-by-step to Change Battery in Vivint Door Lock

Almost all electronic door lock users experience some battery problem, which results in unresponsive unlocking. Fret not, for the Vivint door battery replacement task, you only need the right tools and steps.

What to prepare

  • Four non-rechargeable alkaline AA batteries
  • A screwdriver (flathead or Phillips)

Step 1. Make sure the device is disarmed


The first thing you need to do when opening the inside of your Vivint front door lock is to disarm the locking system. This measure will help you avoid unwanted false alarms from the locking system.

To disarm your lock’s alarm system, you must get your internet-connected smartphone and log in to your account. Locate the lock icon on the dashboard, tap it, and select disarm.

Enter your Vivint door lock code if necessary to confirm the action.

Step 2. Access the inside of the device


Of course, to change your Vivint door lock battery, you first need to open the casing of the locking device.

Get your screwdriver. A Phillips head would be best, but a flathead would also work just fine. Unfasten all the screws that hold the casing from the inside.

Pro tip: after removing the screws from the device, keep the screws in a safe and clean area to avoid losing them.

Once done, slide up the keypad and remove it from the wall mount to change battery in keyless door lock.

Step 3. Pull out the battery container and change the batteries


After getting inside your Vivint front door lock, locate the tab of the battery cartridge and pull it out to show the batteries.

The battery cartridge of the Vivint door lock is located at the top of the device.

Typically, you need four batteries to change battery in keyless door lock. So only prepare four of those, but make sure the batteries are non-rechargeable alkaline AA batteries.

After that, remove the draining batteries from the cartridge, and replace them with the new set of batteries. Ensure that the ends of all batteries are in their corresponding positions.

Step 4. Reassemble the locking panel.

After successfully replacing the Vivint door lock battery, put the battery pack back in place. A beeping sound must echo from the Vivint door sensor battery to confirm it is in the right place.

Once confirmed, put the sliding keypad back into the device and the device casing back into the door lock.

Go back to where you secure the screws of the cover and fasten it back together. Make sure that the screws are securely inserted to avoid any breaking in.

Once everything is assembled, press the lock button on the keypad to engage the system and the lock.

What Kind of Battery Does Vivint Door Lock Use?


For more heavy-duty performance, you will need non-rechargeable AA (or double-A) batteries for Vivint door lock.

Just like in any other devices that require AA batteries, the Vivint door lock also needs you to have multiple batteries to power the smart door lock.

One advantage of needing this type of battery is that AA alkaline batteries are readily available in the market. If you ever need one, then the nearest store is your go-to.

Moreover, you might see one or a couple of alkaline AA batteries sitting around your house since this kind of battery is pretty common. 

How Do You Take the Lock Off a Vivint Door?

There are several methods to remove the mounted panel lock from your door. You can have a professional do it for you, but you can always do it yourself if you have the confidence and the right tools.

You should only take the lock off the door when you think the situation calls for it. Like if you need your Kwikset smart lock battery change or replace a Vivint door lock.


Have you forgotten to change your dying smart door lock batteries? Do those batteries simply malfunction suddenly?

Regardless of the answer, having a non-working keypad door lock is a pain in the neck as it puts your and your family’s safety in a compromising situation. Moreover, dead batteries keep you out of the house if you forget to bring keys.

Hopefully, this guide on how to change battery in Vivint door lock became handy in your situation.

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