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How to Secure Your Apartment Window?

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How to Secure your Apartment Window

Do you want to learn how to secure your apartment window? Assessing the type of window you have and installing the right lock for it will ensure the security of your apartment even when you are not at home.

Through this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to secure the window of your apartment without any professional help. If burglars could not open your door, surely they would try to climb up the window, so make sure it is secure.

What You Will Need


Before you start to work on your window, there are some tools you need. These items are easy to find, and they are available in the market. Check if you have these tools inside your apartment so you can start.

  • Suitable lock for your window

The lock you should choose should be suitable for the type of window you have in your apartment. Does your apartment have a sliding, single-hung, double-hung, or casement window?

The common windows for apartments are single-hung and double-hung. The lock that usually fits is a keyed-sash lock. It can also be installed on casement and sliding windows. In my opinion, you should always have the key beside you in case of an emergency.

A sash lock prevents intruders from opening the window from the outside. There are other options that you can choose from such as bolts, sliding window locks, and key-track stops. But in this tutorial, we will use a sash lock.

  • Cordless drill with a drill bit

A basic cordless drill is enough to install the lock. It is more practical to use than those that have cords since they may limit your movements and distance. Some drill drivers have a clutch that will let you set the amount of power.

Prepare the set of drill bits. If the sash of your window is made of softwood, choose a bit that’s 1/64″ smaller than the target hole. If it is made of other materials, use a bit that has the same size as the hole.

  • Screwdriver and screw bit

Typically, screws are already included in the lock for easy installation. In choosing the right kind of screwdriver, look at the pattern of the screw head to make sure that the screw bit will fit into it without wobbling.

A screw bit that is too small or too large for the screw will strip the screw. Try to check your screw bits to see if they have prefixes engraved to them since some bits have indications on what kind of screw will suit them.

  • Pencil and measuring tool

Any kind of pencil will do, but a carpenter pencil is the best option. Its mark is highly visible compared to other pencils. Aside from that, its body is in an elliptical or rectangular shape to prevent it from rolling away while you are positioning the lock.

In terms of measuring the width of the window, you will need a measuring tool. The proper tool to use is the measuring tape since it is flexible to use and has an accurate measurement. Moreover, you can hook it at one end to make measuring easier.

Steps to Secure Your Apartment Window

  • Measure and mark

To position the lock on the sash of your window properly, it is important to measure the width of your window by using a pencil and a ruler.

Close the window then put a mark where the upper and lower windows meet. Place the lock at the center of the mark. Make sure that the back piece of the lock is on the top of the sash while the front piece is on the bottom of the sash.

  • Drill the pilot holes

Through the holes of the lock, mark the screw points using your pencil. After taking away the lock, drill the holes through the marks. Ensure that the drill bit you will use has the same size as that of the screws so that they will fit perfectly and not be wobbly.

  • Screw the lock

Put the lock over the holes and start screwing it into position. To prevent the window glass from breaking, you must use a screwdriver for the back piece of the lock. For the front piece, you can use a drill with a screw bit to secure it in its position. Make sure that the lock is working properly.

Wrapping It Up

Is it not fulfilling? In just three steps, you already have a window lock that makes your apartment more secure than before. Just make sure that the lock is compatible with your window so you won’t have to encounter any setbacks while doing the installation.

This tutorial on how to secure your apartment window will help you in the long run, so memorize the steps and always keep them in mind. If you find the tutorial helpful, we would be very happy if you share your experiences by commenting below and sharing the link to the post.

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