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The Best Door Locks for Rental Property Usage

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best door locks for rental property

Finding the best door locks for rental property usage is crucial for rental owners. You want to keep your tenants as safe and comfortable as possible during their stay. High-quality door locks are a simple way of doing with their high-security levels.

But how does someone find these high-quality door locks for rental properties? Honestly, it’s not as easy as some people think when first starting this process. You can’t just choose the first options that present themselves on Amazon or at a store.

In fact, several different factors will need to go into this decision before choosing suitable options. Here’s a quick overview of some vital aspects to provide an idea of what you can expect:

  • Durability: Door locks for rentals are graded from a 1 to 3 scale. Grade 1 locks are the most secure, while grade 3 are the least. Rental owners should stick with grade 1 or 2 when securing their properties.
  • Rekeying: Rental owners often have to rekey their locks for their incoming tenants. It wouldn’t make sense to buy locks that aren’t capable of being rekeyed quickly. Of course, this issue is only for people buying keyed locks.
  • Style: Rental property owners will want door locks that mesh with the atmosphere around them. In other words, these locks will need to match the property’s finish, style, and color.

Moreover, I’ve made a list of the top 11 door locks for retinal properties to provide you with a solid starting point. I carefully chose each of these options based on having certain high-quality features. We’ll dive more into these features in the following product reviews and buying guide!

Top Product name Dimensions Material Locking Types  
1 Master Lock 5400D 1.5″D x 3.56″W x 6.25″H Metal Combination Details
2 Buteny ‎btlk002  1.4″D x 2.5″W x 3.4″H Zinc Combination Details
3 Colosus NDL319 6.4″D x 3″W x 6.1″H Metal Keypad Lock Details

Top 11 Door Lock for Rental Property Reviews

1. Master Lock 5400D Portable Lock Box

Master Lock’s 5400D Portable Lock Box is a solid way to start our list. It has several features that should appeal to any renter, such as myself. One of the primary examples would be its wide metal body construction.

This aspect provides the lock with heightened durability. As a result, it shouldn’t have any trouble staying in good condition and withstanding various issues. The lockbox even has a shutter door to protect its combination dials from weather problems, grime, and dirt.

I was also impressed with this product’s portable design. After all, the lockbox offers an “over the knob” installation with its removable shackle. I had no problems placing it over several of the doorknobs around my rental property.

The extensive interior capability is another one suitable for rental usage. It allows me to place five keys inside, eliminating the need to hide them around the property. Instead, I can store all the needed keys within this one convenient lockbox.

I can rest easy with its 4-digit combination lock, as well. This aspect provides each user with 10,000 different access codes to choose from when setting it. Due to this, I doubt any potential intruder will randomly guess the code without any outside help.

But I did find the included instructions a bit more complicated than expected. It made setting up the code and resetting it a little tricky. I would imagine people who’ve never used these types of locks would have issues with it.
  • Durable, wide metal body construction
  • Shutter door protect dials against weather, grime, and dirt
  • Portable design with removable shackle
  • 5-key internal capacity for convenience
  • Offers 10,000 different combinations
  • A bit complicated instructions for setting up and resetting the codes
Aside from the included instructions, the lock performed well and provided enough protection. I would have no issues using this product for any rental property.

2. Buteny ‎btlk002 Key Lock Box

The Buteny ‎btlk002 Key Lock Box offers a long list of attributes that ensure it won’t have problems keeping my keys safe. For instance, I found myself liking its high-quality zinc alloy construction with its rather impressive performance.

I attempted to bypass this construction multiple times without any luck. Honestly, I shouldn’t be too surprised because it’s known for its ability to protect against sawing, prying, and hammering. It should have no trouble going against any intruder who attempts to break into it.

One of my other favorite traits has to be this 4-digit combination lock’s two installation methods. I can choose to hang this door lock for renters onto door knobs or mount it on a wall. As a result, it provides a bit more convenience than I usually see with key lockboxes.

Its weatherproof capabilities were another intriguing attribute. After all, this product has shutter shields that protect its dials from snow and rain. It’ll have no issues working inside or outside my home to ensure I can place it where a renter has easy access.

Moreover, I can’t go any further without mentioning its 6-key internal capacity. I will have more than enough room to put in my house, shed, and car keys. Plus, Buteny offers each buyer a choice between a 1-pack and a 2-pack for extra convenience.

My only complaint is that there aren’t any hooks inside the box for easy hanging. It makes storing the keys a bit more awkward than I expected or experienced from other options. Therefore, it takes a little maneuvering to get them into the correct position.
  • Zinc alloy construction protects against sawing, prying, and hammering
  • Easy installation with two methods
  • Works inside or outside with weatherproof capabilities
  • Ample 6-key internal storage
  • Two buying choices for extra convenience
  • No internal key hooks
However, the lack of key hooks is only a minor inconvenience. Otherwise, this key lock box more than met my expectations as a renter.

3. Colosus NDL319 Keyless Smart Door Lock

One of our more advanced options, Colosus’s NDL319 Keyless Electronic Smart Door Lock, offers several ways to protect a rental property. It provides four methods of entry that ensure those days of losing keys are long gone.

For instance, I can enter my rental using a PIN, RFID card, physical key, or remote control. It makes things much simpler for me as I tend to lose keys like it’s my job. So these multiple access methods ensure my life becomes much more accessible.

More importantly, I can set up 50 access codes or key fobs (RFID) for users. This ability is handy for a rental property where multiple tenants come in or out. Plus, it’s not difficult to delete or assign new ones to ensure complete security.

I was also happy with this product’s automatic door lock mechanism. In other words, I can set this device up to lock my door automatically whenever I leave. It helps my renters and me from having to worry about whether the door’s locked when doing other activities.

Some other notable security features include anti-peeking and anti-theft capabilities. The anti-peeking feature stops onlookers from stealing my code. Meanwhile, the anti-thief aspect will disable the lock and beep whenever someone enters the wrong code three consecutive times.

But one surprising feature was this smart lock not coming with included batteries. It seems like a slight oversight by Colosus, which ensures buyers will need to make additional purchases. I’m always going to prefer smart locks for rental property usage that comes with them included.
  • Four methods of access (PIN, RFID, physical key, or remote control)
  • Stores up to 50 access codes or key fobs (RFID)
  • Automatic door lock mechanism for convenience
  • Prevents code stealing with anti-peeking
  • Deters thieves with anti-theft security feature
  • Batteries not included
In the end, it runs on 4 AA batteries that aren’t overly expensive to buy. It also doesn’t affect its overall performance as a decent rental property lock in the slightest.

4. PRIME-LINE S 4180 Door Knob Lock-Out Device

Renting out spaces doesn’t always go according to plan. PRIME-LINE’s S 4180 Door Knob Lock-Out Device is around for when those dire circumstances occur. This device will prevent people from accessing the door knob’s keyhole when issues like evictions happen.

As a result, I can easily restrict access to anyone besides myself. The product isn’t only usable on rentals, either, as this lock-out device could benefit storage spaces or job sites. It’s a simple way of keeping would-be thieves or other nuisances from accessing my things.

I was also pleased with how easy the product was to deploy. The entire installation took minimal effort or time as I just placed it over my door knob lock. From there, it kept out and protected my rental with a rough, tough diecast construction.

The diecast construction should last a long time, as well. It has proven to provide durability that’ll offer years of top-tier performance. Plus, the product’s painted finish doesn’t look so bad when it’s equipped onto my doorknob.

I didn’t have any issues with its versatility, either. This lock-out device can work with any round doorknobs up to 2 7/16-inch outside diameters. It ends up covering a lot of ground and the device fitted onto various doorknobs around my rental property.

However, it was a little disappointing to see this device didn’t come with instructions. I could imagine it can be an issue for renters who’ve never used these products. Thankfully, I didn’t need any because of my past experiences.
  • Prevents keyhole access for evictions and other issues
  • Various applications (storage spaces, job sites, etc.)
  • Easy installation (fits right on top of doorknobs)
  • Durable, diecast construction with painted finish
  • Suitable with round doorknobs up to 2 7/16-inch outside diameter
  • No instructions
All in all, this lock-out device did its job in keeping people out when necessary. I had a previous tenant who kept trying to enter the property, and this device ensured it wasn’t an issue.

5. Sifely ‎D323T Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock

Rental locks don’t get much more user-friendly than Sifely’s ‎D323T Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock. This particular option is powered by Bluetooth technology to secure my rental property much more conveniently.

After all, it allows users to finally get rid of keys and share access codes. I can simply provide guests with temporary codes for easy access. Due to this, I no longer need a lockbox and rely solely on these easy-to-set-up codes.

The product’s included app was another rather impressive trait. I can manage and control access through it without any difficulty. Most smart lock apps are terrible and inefficient, but this one was simple to nativage and user-friendly.

The smart lock’s deadbolt construction was appealing, as well. I don’t have to worry about any weather condition affecting its performance as it’s weatherproof. Therefore, this product should be a decent option as an entry door lock on a rental property.

I was surprised by the product’s easy installation, too, which only requires a few minutes. It was a simple matter of grabbing my screwdriver and following the instructions. Honestly, it couldn’t have been more straightforward, as I doubt even newbies would have trouble.

Some customers did mention the smart lock draining batteries a little quicker than expected.
  • Powered by Bluetooth technology
  • Allows temporary codes for guests
  • Easily control and manage codes with the included app
  • Weatherproof deadbolt construction fitted for outdoor use
  • Simple installation only requires a screwdriver
  • Drains batteries more quickly than expected
The battery draining issues are a bit of a bummer. But the overall performance provided by this smart lock more than makes up for it based on my experience.

6. TOWOKE 4-Digit Combination Key Lock Box

TOWOKE’s 4-Digit Combination Key Lock Box is one of the most well-equipped for outdoor use among these choices. It earns this distinction with ultra-weatherproof zinc alloy construction, proven to resist rust, corrosion, and other similar issues.

But this construction isn’t only solid against the elements. It’ll do a number on another would-be thief with its 4-digit combination locking mechanism. This aspect provides 10,000 different combos to ensure no one can randomly guess my combination.

I was also intrigued by its design’s ability to withstand sawing, hammering, and prying. In fact, I had a friend come over who’s an experienced locksmith to try and bypass it. He had loads of trouble getting through, which provided me with complete confidence.

The installation process wasn’t anything overly complicated, either. I had two methods to choose from as I could mount it onto a wall or hang it over my doorknob. Both processes were fairly easy, and a kit was included for the mounting method to keep things simple.

It’s worth noting that this product can hold six keys effortlessly, as well. I had no trouble fitting every key that I needed into this lockbox for my incoming tenant. Due to this, providing them with access was a smooth process and didn’t come with any hassles.

But I did find the combination dials a bit hard to read. This issue becomes more apparent for use at night. It’s something to consider before making a final decision on this renting lock.
  • Rust-resistant, weatherproof zinc alloy construction
  • 4-digit combination with 10,000 possible combos
  • Withstands hammering, sawing, and picking
  • Two simple installation methods
  • 6-key internal storage capacity
  • Hard to read combination dials in low lights
Once I got used to the combination dials, it wasn’t much of an issue. Honestly, I found the lock rather simple to use and provided solid protection for my rental home.

7. Sifely Keyless Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

The Sifely Keyless Fingerprint Smart Door Lock happens to be a rather unique choice on our list. After all, it uses fingerprint recognition technology to allow users to open the door with a single touch of their finger.

I can report this technology is effective compared to other available smart locks. I rarely had to redo my fingerprint when trying to unlock my front door. It’s also a valuable trait for my renters, as this smart lock can store more than 150 fingerprints.

Of course, a fingerprint isn’t the only way to unlock the door. It offers five methods of access that should ensure no one has trouble using it: fingerprint, code, fob, backup key, and smartphone app.

I should also note that this smart lock can manage more than 200 access codes. Each of these codes can be arranged into various timeframes. For instance, I can set a permanent, timed, custom, or recurring code for my incoming guests with ease via its app.

Another worthwhile attribute would be its long-lasting battery life. I can expect this smart lock to work for a year of its initial batteries. Based on the customer reviews, I have no reason to believe this statement isn’t anything but truthful.

However, this smart lock is only usable on doors with a rectangular faceplate. This aspect limits its versatility a bit more than I usually see with smart locks. It’s a shame because this model has proven to be an effective keyless door lock for rental property usage.
  • Uses effective fingerprint recognition technology
  • Stores more than 150 fingerprints
  • Five access methods (fingerprint, code, fob, key, and app)
  • Stores and manages up to 200 access codes
  • Battery lifespan lasts a year
  • Only usable with rectangular faceplates
All in all, people can benefit a lot from installing these door locks for their rental houses. They just need to make sure it’s a suitable fit for their situation before spending their money.

8. Aibocn ‎S110M Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock

Smart locks don’t get much simpler or affordable than Aibocn’s ‎S110M Smart Keyless Entry Door Lock. But these qualities don’t mean this model fails to offer appealing aspects. It has several that caught my eye when using it.

One of them would be its anti-fingerprint, anti-peeping keyboard. These qualities will stop any intruders from accessing my password and stealing it. After all, I can enter any six random numbers before my code, and this lock will still recognize it.

The product’s high-quality construction was another attractive attribute. Its front panel is made from zinc alloy to provide solid durability and help withstand attacks. It should have no problem offering reliable security to my rental property.

I was thrilled to see this smart lock offered a wireless installation, as well. It even provides a short video guide and useful directions to ensure a smooth process. I had this product installed within half an hour, which should offer any buyer a lot of confidence.

Other notable features include two access methods (code or key) and compatibility with most standard wooden doors. Both of these aspects further ensure this smart lock won’t be a complex product to use.

I did notice this programmable door lock for rental property usage had a different coloring than its advertisement picture. It’s a bit more gold than I expected. I wasn’t the only one to note this difference, as it is also mentioned in some other reviews.
  • A simpler, more affordable smart lock
  • Prevent code stealing anti-peeping, anti-fingerprint keypad
  • High-quality zinc alloy construction
  • Smooth wireless installation
  • Two access methods (code or key)
  • Compatible with most wooden doors
  • Color slightly different (more gold) than advertised
Thankfully, the more goldish color managed to mesh well with my rental property. So this flaw was harmless for my needs.

9. Fayleeko ‎HOC1060 Key Lock Box

It’s easy to see why Fayleeko’s ‎HOC1060 Key Lock Box has become popular among renting and real estate communities. The 4-digit combination lock’s roomy 5-key storage capacity alone makes it a worthwhile option.

Honestly, I was able to fit all my keys inside this device without any issues. It then provides solid protection for them with its hardened shackle and durable body construction. I’d have no problem leaving my keys or access cards within this device for my incoming renters.

Another feature to pique my interest was the easy wall mounting installation. This model comes with the required screws and plugs to ensure the process goes smoothly. I was shocked by the ease of it as I didn’t even have any problems with it.

But this model doesn’t have to be mounted onto a wall. I can hang it anywhere, whether a pipe, fence, railing, doorknobs, or any similar place. It makes things a lot easier for people looking to keep their keys safe when traveling or renting out their space.

Fayleeko was even nice enough to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with purchase. I’m always going to feel more comfortable buying products with these types of policies. Additionally, this brand has a reputation for honoring this agreement, which isn’t always the case.

One flaw did manage to stick out with this product, though. I noticed its combination dials were prone to sticking and difficult to turn when compared with other options. But I managed to solve this issue by putting some oil on them.
  • Allows 4-digit combination for locking rental property
  • Roomy 5-key storage capacity
  • Durable body and hardened shackle construction offers solid security
  • Easy wall-mounted installation with included plugs and screws
  • Hangs onto multiple applications
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Sticky combination dials, requires using oil once in a while
Once I solved the dial issues, there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this product. It managed to offer easy access for renters while providing top-notch extra security.

10. ZHEGE Key Storage Lock Box

ZHEGE’s Key Storage Lock Box earns its place on this list with an all-purpose design that can function as an extra lock for apartment door, doorknobs, metal fences, and much more. It ends up being a rather convenient device to have around a rental property or home.

But this convenience wouldn’t matter much without solid security features. Thankfully, this product doesn’t skimp with those considering its 4-digit combination locking mechanism. It allows me to easily set my preferred code among 10,000 choices, making it an effective security tool.

This landlord lock’s construction isn’t too shabby, either. It contains a zinc alloy body and robust steel shackles that do a fine job against cutting and sawing. I even had a former renter try to cut through it, and I caught him before he could make a dent.

It’s also worth mentioning that this lock has weatherproof skills. Given this information, it’ll have no trouble working inside or outside my rental property. It even has rust-resistant protection paint to ensure long-term outdoor exposure doesn’t affect its performance.

Buyers have a choice regarding its color scheme, as well. Each customer will have to choose between four options: black, blue, orange, and silver. I must admit that blue is easily my favorite, but all the other selections should provide some extra style.

But this model is another one that has a minor visibility issue. I don’t have the best eyesight, so reading the small dial numbers on this lock was tricky at night.
  • All-purpose design suitable for various applications
  • 4-digit combination lock with 10,000 codes
  • Cut-resistant zinc alloy body and steel shackles
  • Ideal for outdoor use with weatherproof capabilities
  • Equipped with rust-resistant protection paint
  • Four stylish color options
  • Dial numbers are small to see, especially at night
Overall, the small dial numbers are more of a nuisance than any massive deal-breaker. I ultimately found it worth dealing with due to the other valuable features.

11. Lockly Secure Pro PGD728W Smart Door Lock

Our final option, Lockly’s Secure Pro PGD728W Smart Keyless Door Lock, ends this list with a truly splendid amount of attention-grabbing features. A solid example would be its built-in 3D fingerprint sensor that’s highly reliable.

This aspect allows users to unlock their rental property’s doors with their fingers. Moreover, this smart lock can store 99 unique fingerprints for practicality. I had no problem managing and deleting these access prints whenever new renters arrived.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook this product’s digital keypad, either. It’ll offer additional protection by scrambling the entered numbers every time a code’s entered. Therefore, guessing the correct code becomes almost impossible for intruders.

I found the included Wi-Fi hub to be another nice touch. It allows me to unlock or lock my rental property door from anywhere using my smartphone. Due to this, I can quickly help any renter who might be having issues entering my home.

This smart lock also works with Google Assistant and Alexa for even more convenience. It provides me with the ability to check my door status via voice command. Plus, this product can offer temporary access codes or a digital e-rental lock (eKeys) remotely via smartphone.

Given these features, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see this product’s higher price tag. It’s actually our most costly option on this list.
  • Reliable built-in 3D fingerprint sensor
  • Easily manages and stores up to 99 fingerprints
  • Digital keypad scrambles entered codes for extra security
  • Included Wi-Fi hub allows for unlocking/locking from anywhere
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Remotely provides temporary access codes or keys
  • A higher-priced option for buyers
In my case, the added convenience and security features made the extra money worth spending.

What to Look for When Buying Door Locks for Rental Property


Buying the right door locks for vacation rental property usage requires some research into several factors. This section will discuss these aspects at length to offer an idea of what’s ahead. From there, choosing the right locks won’t seem like such a hassle.


All vacation rental door locks will be graded based on the amount of abuse and pressure they can withstand. These grades come from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) system, which uses a scale from 1 to 3:

  • Grade 1 Door Locks: These options are considered heavy-duty locks. Buyers can expect them to be expensive and provide ample amounts of security. In other words, these locks can withstand more abuse than any grade 2 or 3 options. Most people find them helpful in protecting commercial properties or high-traffic areas.
  • Grade 2 Door Locks: These locks are more suited for use in homes, apartments, or areas with medium to low traffic. Grade 2 locks won’t be as heavy-duty as grade 1, but they still offer better security than a standard lock. They’ll have no problem exceeding the minimum requirements for many residential properties.
  • Grade 3 Door Locks: Buyers can expect these options to be pretty basic. I’d recommend only using them on bedroom doors or other secondary entries. You don’t want them protecting the front door or any main entrance.


Rental owners often face circumstances that require them to rekey their locks. For instance, tenants might lose their keys or want an extra pair to share with roommates. It may be the only thing preventing them from being completely locked out of the rental.

In these situations, it will become necessary to rekey the locks to help with your tenant. You’ll also need to rekey the locks before your next occupant takes over from the previous one. This process will only be possible if you choose landlord locks with master key that can rekey quickly.


A door lock’s style might not be the first thing a property owner thinks about when choosing these products. However, it remains essential as you want to use locks that look nice on your rental doors.

Aesthetic appeal happens to be a massive component of the rental industry. Nobody will want to spend time on your property if the place doesn’t look nice. High-quality, appealing locks are an easy way to make an excellent first impression.

I’d recommend choosing a lock that matches the color, style, and finish of your property. But please don’t prioritize style or security when making this decision. Instead, it should be a secondary deciding factor rather than the primary one.

Smart Lock or Not

Smart locks have become a much more predominant thing within the rental community. These options come with several features designed specifically for landlords or renters. Some of them include keyless entry, voice control, fingerprint locks, BlueTooth compatibility, and much more.

But these extra features come with a downside. These smart locks are much more expensive than any traditional options. As a result, you’ll need to decide whether their convenience is worth spending more on door locks.


Rental door locks will come with various price tags. Due to this, constructing a budget based on desired features becomes necessary for every buyer. It’s the only way to ensure this process is a lot more streamlined and less mentally taxing.

How Can I Make My Rental Door More Secure


There are several ways of increasing a rental door’s security. But here are a few of my favorites to help with your attempts at boosting security:

  • Installing a high-quality deadbolt
  • Adding hinge bolts
  • Replacing a deadbolt’s strike plate with a more robust one
  • Using a doorstop to scare away criminals
  • Installing sash jammers
  • Setting up security cameras

Is It Illegal for a Tenant to Change Locks on a Rental Property

The laws about tenants changing locks are different from state to state. Check your local laws and see whether it’s allowed or not. But in most cases, a tenant can change the locks unless their lease prohibits the practice.

Are Landlords Responsible for Door Locks

It’s the primary responsibility of landlords to provide their renters with a secure home. In other words, these places should be free of all hazards. Therefore, it falls on the landlord to change all locks and entry keys after each tenant before a new one moves into the property.


Our product reviews and buying guide should’ve provided a better idea about the best door locks for rental property usage. It becomes a matter of using these resources to figure out what options suit your needs.

But if you do have any remaining questions, feel free to use our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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