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How to Open a Sentry Safe without a Key? – Easy Steps in No Time

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how to open a sentry safe without a key

Want to know how to open a sentry safe without a key? Make a tension tool and a picking tool using two paper clips. Insert the first paper clip to the lower part of the lock then place the second paperclip at the upper part. Turn the first one clockwise while wiggling the other one. Press the pins thrice then turn the paperclips clockwise.

It is easy to open a sentry safe without a key or combination as long as you know the right steps and you have the proper tools. You can open your safe without purchasing replacement keys for sentry safe.

What You Need


Opening sentry safe without key is an easy task even for beginners. However, you need to have the right items so that you can perform each procedure.

You can check your toolbox to see if you have the items needed for the tutorial. If you don’t have them, you can purchase them at the store near you or you can borrow them from your neighbors.

1. Paper clips

A paper clip is a wire designed to hold sheets of paper. However, it is also useful in picking a lock since it is malleable enough to be turned into a picklock yet strong enough to stand the pressure while picking the lock. You need large paper clips, but make sure that they would fit the lock.

If large paper clips don’t fit the hole of the lock, you can also use a medium or a small size. However, they need to be durable enough so they won’t break inside the lock while you are doing the tutorial. If they still have plastic covers, it is advisable to remove them first using a pair of pliers.

In case you don’t have paper clips, you can also use thin metals. Check whether they can fit inside the keyhole of the lock and can be bent using a pair of pliers. The disadvantage of using thin wires is that they are sharp and some don’t have fine edges that can injure your hands.

2. Pliers

You will need a pair of pliers to form the paper clips into a tension tool and a picking tool. Since you will be working with these small items, you don’t need heavy-duty pliers that may break the paper clips. Instead, use slender ones such as needle-nose pliers.

A pair of needle-nose pliers, sometimes called long nose pliers, have long jaws and a pointy tip. It is useful in cutting, gripping, and bending wires. It has a wire cutter located near its pivot that is sharp enough to cut wide wires. It also includes a spring opener to make handling easier.

In choosing the right needle-nose pliers you can use, make sure that the jaws and blades are properly aligned. Also, try to hold it up to any kind of light. There should be no chinks of light passing through. If it has, look for other pliers.

If you don’t have any available pliers in your home, you can also use your bare hands in bending the paper clips. However, do it slowly and carefully to prevent the paper clips from sliding in your hands and making any cuts.

3. A pair of gloves

As a precautionary measure, you can use a pair of leather gloves as you create the tension and picking tool out of the paper clips. This kind of glove is used in automotive and construction work to protect the hands from any danger. The advantage of using leather gloves is that they can still provide a good grip while protecting the hands.

In choosing leather gloves, make sure that they fit your hands perfectly since a loose glove may compromise your grip while you are doing the tutorial. A tight glove, on the other hand, can make your hands feel uncomfortable.

There are also different types of gloves that you can choose from, such as cowhide leather gloves, pigskin leather gloves, goatskin leather gloves, deerskin leather gloves, sheepskin leather gloves, horsehide leather gloves, and buffalo leather gloves. The strongest of them is the one that is made of goatskin.

If you don’t have leather gloves, you can also use nitrile grip gloves since they provide the best grip, especially if you are working with thin metal. They also improve the ability to hold small objects. Aside from that, they are less bulky and have a higher level of dexterity.

How to Open a Sentry Safe without a Key


Step 1: Make a tension tool and a picking tool using two paper clips

To make a tension tool, bend the larger leg of the paper clip at a 90-degree angle using a pair of pliers or your hands. Once you are done with this, mold the other leg of the same paper clip so that it may look like a wrench.

You need to create your picking tool using the second paper clip, which will work as a handle so that you can twist the lock. Bend its first leg at a 180-degree angle while the other one is at a 45-degree angle.

Insert the tension tool to the lower part of the lock then place the picking tool at the upper part

After you are done creating your picklock, insert the tension tool in the lower part of the lock. Place the picking tool at the upper part of the lock where its teeth are usually located. Once you have secured the paper clips in the right places, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Turn the first paper clip clockwise while wiggling the other one

Now you can turn the tension tool clockwise while wiggling the picking tool. Make sure that you are exerting enough force as you wiggle it into the teeth of the lock. Continue doing this step until you hear a click sound. This means that you are about to open the lock.

Step 3: Press the pins thrice and turn the paper clips clockwise

After you heard the lock click, start pressing the pins three times then turn the paper clips clockwise to open the lock. If it did not unlock, continue to press the lock until you have successfully opened the sentry safe. You can still use your sentry safe lost key if you find it afterwards since the lock will not be damaged while you are picking.


Do you have fun doing our tutorial on how to open a sentry safe without a key? You can follow this tutorial if your sentry safe won’t open with key. You won’t need to purchase any replacement key or wait for your sentry safe bypass code to arrive for you to open your safe.

If you find this article useful, you can share it with your friends and loved ones to help them figure out how they can open their sentry safe. We also love to know your experiences while you are doing the tutorial. Just leave a comment below.

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