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How to Pick a Diary Lock? – The Detailed Guide for Every Step

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how to pick a diary lock

Are you interested in learning how to pick a diary lock? With the use of a paper clip and bobby pin, you can now open a secret diary with lock and key. Knowing this trick is useful, especially if there is something that concerns you regarding your very secretive child.

This tutorial will help you unlock a diary lock without a key, whether it is your diary or that of your child. Sometimes, the best resort to protect a secretive child’s welfare is to invade his/her privacy by reading his/her diary.

What You Need


To open a journal with lock and key, you can use either a bobby pin or a paper clip. You can check your study table’s drawer. In case you don’t have either item inside your house, you can buy one at the store near you.

Paper clip & pliers

The paperclip must be large and made of metal. It must also be sturdy enough so that you can exert the right amount of pressure without bending or breaking it inside the lock. If it is covered with plastic, strip it first to prevent the paper clip from getting stuck inside.

If you don’t have a paper clip, you can also use a thin metal wire. However, this could take you more time in turning it to a pick tool. The thin wire must also be sturdy so that you can open the lock of the diary.

You’ll also need pliers to shape the paper clip into a lock pick tool.

Bobby pin

You need a large and thick bobby pin so that you can open a diary lock with a bobby pin. If the rounded end of the bobby pin is too large to fit the lock, you can make it smaller by crumpling it with pliers.

If the bobby pin is covered in plastic, remove it first. This would make the bobby pins easier to move while it is inside the lock. Aside from that, it would prevent the bobby pin from creating friction as you wiggle it inside the keyhole.

What to Do


Method 1: Pick a diary lock with a paperclip

  • Step 1: Check the type of lock that the diary has

Before you proceed with the tutorial, check which type of lock the diary has. If it is a warded lock, then it would be very easy to pick a diary lock with a paperclip. However, if the book is secured by a complicated and sophisticated lock, this method may not work.

  • Step 2: Create a pick tool using a paper clip

If it is a warded lock, you can now create a pick tool using a paper clip (check out detailed these tutorials now). Look for the skinny part of the paperclip. Pull it away from the larger one. Using a pair of pliers, squeeze the larger end of the paper clip until it could fit into the keyhole. You can make adjustments if you have to.

  • Step 3: Insert the pick tool into the keyhole and rotate it clockwise

Once you are finished creating the pick tool, insert it into the keyhole. Push it as far as it can go. Turn the paper clip clockwise, like the way you turn a key. If your pick tool is the right size, the lock will open immediately. If it is too small, it will just slide without opening the lock. When this happens, make the crumpled end bigger.

Method 2: Pick a diary lock with a bobby pin

  • Insert the bobby pin and turn it clockwise

You don’t need to create a pick tool when using a bobby pin. Simply insert the round end of the bobby pin into the keyhole. If it does not fit, you can make adjustments by crumpling it using a pair of pliers. Once done, insert it as far as it can go inside the keyhole, then turn it like you’d turn a key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a paper clip or a bobby pin if my diary is secured with a pin tumbler lock?

Yes, you can use a paper clip or a bobby pin, but you have to apply a different method. Unlike a warded lock, a pin tumbler lock is more complicated, so you may need a more sophisticated tool like a lockpicking set to easily open it.

Is it illegal to read others’ diaries?

A diary is not as confidential as it should be, so reading others’ diaries is not illegal. However, if you publish the private facts and thoughts of the owner of the diary or disclose them publicly, the owner may take legal action against you.


Did you find our tutorial on how to pick a diary lock easy? As a reminder, use this life hack if you are the one who owns the diary or your child or loved one’s welfare is at risk. As much as possible, don’t read a diary that is not yours.

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