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How to Unlock a Magnetic Door Lock: No Key Included

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how to unlock a magnetic door lock

A magnetic door lock is unlike traditional cylinder mechanisms due to the innovative technology and convenience inside this system. That is why not many people are aware of how to unlock a magnetic door lock in the right way.

It might not appear easy at first, especially when its key or other granted access items are not around. But we believe you can complete this task with our guidance in this article in no time, without having to spend too much money and effort.

What You Need to Follow This Tutorial

Prepare the following tools:

  • Plastic card/knitting needle/thin ruler/nail file/knife.
  • A piece of a plastic bottle or book cover.

Our instructions will be divided into two sections based on your standing position compared to the door. That way, you will manage to unlock this door lock easier because not every method applies to all kinds of situations.

  • On the inside
  • On the outside

Check out this video for more information on how to

How to Open Magnetic Lock Without Key


If you are experiencing lock jamming and cannot open magnetic door locks, follow our tricks below to unlock your door even without its key.

On the inside of the door

One of the main reasons an interior magnetic lock may jam is poor installation. So what can you do if you are inside the room and unable to open this type of lock?

  • First, you might try opening the door following the traditional ways. For instance, you can use a HID card reader to open a magnetic lock, press the door buttons or push the handle.
  • If that fails, use a small and thin tool to pull the tab of the magnetic lock. You can pick a plastic card (learn more detail how to pick a lock with a credit card in seconds here), a knife, nail file, thin ruler, or knitting needle as suggested above.
  • If the door leaf is designed to open inward, you should knock over the plate band. Then, carefully take out its foam fasteners to unlock it. Then, strongly push this frame away from your door.
  • Here is another method for unlocking the door, which is the last resort when all the methods above do not work. You might try to hit the door hard with your shoulder or foot to force open it.

On the outside of the door

When you are locked outside your room, here are some easy ways to unlock the magnetic lock:

  • Try opening it by manipulating the handle first. In detail, while pushing its handle down, firmly pull your door toward your direction.
  • Another method you can try is finding a thin and flexible item to squeeze out its tongue. We advise using a cut of the plastic bottle or a thin book cover.
  • One final way should be removing the handle then breaking this door from the outside. This method will disassemble its locking mechanism and open it for you, yet risk damaging the lock.

Why Use a Magnetic Door Lock


There is a wide range of benefits you can get from using a magnetic door lock, especially its long-term reliability and usage convenience. And the list goes on.

  • High reliability – Without a doubt, magnetic locks use codes for security, thus presenting billions of possibilities that shun hackers’ wills to find it.
  • In fact, hacking into a magnetic door lock is expected to be ten times more challenging than standard locks.
  • Affordable price – With excellent security, a magnetic lock does not cost too much compared to other top-tier lock options.
  • Low power consumption – We also save money with the low energy consumption of this door lock.
  • Easy installation – This lock can indeed be mounted on any type of door material. And it takes less time and effort to install due to the simple working mechanism and low-profile design.
  • Extended service life – It takes decades before we need to change our magnetic door locks. This system has no mechanism or moving elements inside, thus posing fewer chances for malfunctions. Furthermore, we do not have to put much effort into its maintenance.
  • Convenience in use – Opening your door is a piece of cake. If you unlock it from the inside, press a button, while the outside requires a magnetic key. Some lock models even come with remote control.

This type of lock saves us much trouble with its automatic working mechanism.

Where Do They Use Magnetic Door Locks

Due to numerous benefits, this type of door lock is often used in many settings.

  • You can see those passive magnetic locks mainly on refrigerators, interior doors, or cabinets – wherever required to prevent automatic opening.
  • There are magnetic clasps equipped on wallets, jewelry, bags, and wardrobe items.
  • On the other hand, controlled electromagnets that consist of sensors are on large gates of warehouses, production shops, and shopping center entrances.
  • This electromechanical lock is also a good choice for apartments, terminals, ATMs, money safes, offices, cars, glass showcases, etc.

All of the mentioned objects are linked to the security system’s consoles. Under the circumstance that someone opens a magnetic door lock without dialing in a code or using keys, the security service will trigger an alarm.

Is Defeating Electromagnetic Door Locks Possible

Many homeowners try to decrease the force of the electromagnetic lock to lower than 500 pounds for easier maneuvering. So, yes, you can beat door locks using electromagnetic mechanism by:

  • Cutting an aluminum plate measuring 0.0015 inches.
  • Then, secure the plate onto the lock’s strike plate.


After reading this article about how to unlock a magnetic door lock, we hope you would find opening it less intimidating than it sounded at first. It is certainly annoying when we get locked out without a key, but solving the issue is not that complicated, even for inexperienced users.

What do you think about the information provided in this article? Let us know your opinion in the comment section. Plus, feel free to share this with friends and family via social media to help them unlock their magnetic locks as well!

Thank you for reading.

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