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Locks Keep a Record of When the Door Was Opened and by Which Code

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locks keep a record of when the door was opened and by which code

Have you ever wondered how locks keep a record of when the door was opened and by which code? The technology behind it, and how does it differ from the flat metal key that we use to unlock our doors?

In today’s digital age, almost everything is becoming automated, even door locks. As new security threats arise, the need to use new security technologies to address known vulnerabilities is being developed.

Automatic door locks can be operated and monitored remotely with a sophisticated automated system. Let’s look at how smart these smart locks are and their benefits.

How Do Smart Locks Work?


Smart locks provide keyless access to a facility and links to phones or computers, mainly using a hub or a gateway.

You can operate these locks using smart assistants such as Siri or Alexa.

Some more sophisticated smart locking system does more than just unlock a door. Depending on the facility’s requirements, they grant or restrict access to individuals and can even enable access remotely,

A software program or app, at the core of the system, enables you or your administrator to control who has access, time duration, and specific day or dates.

Here’s how it usually works.

  • Step 1. The user provides credentials to the door lock’s reader or the lock’s app interface.
  • Step 2. The credentials are sent to a control panel or access control unit.
  • Step 3. The control panel processes the request and matches the credentials to a control list.
  • Step 4. If the credentials are valid, the control panel transmits a signal to the switch, opening the door. In contrast, the door stays locked if the credentials provided do not match those on the list.
  • Step 5. The system records each access code used in an audit trail log.

Benefits and Applications

Now that you understand how smart locks work let’s now explore their advantages over other kinds of door entry systems.

  • Security: With smart locks, you may provide access to others without sacrificing security, provided that it is used responsibly.
  • Convenience: You can avoid misplacing keys, creating duplicate keys for each user, and fumbling around with numerous keys.
  • Access control: Digital keys provide for quick access and remote control. This is primarily beneficial to businesses since the owner or administrator may configure several combinations for various individuals or groups and readily adjust possible combinations as personnel change.
  • Remote access: Remote access and management are the notable features of smart locks. This feature enables you to grant access to any user from your smartphone and lets your smart lock change code remotely.
  • Multiple alternatives: Smart locks offer various options to secure your home or any facilityvia WiFi, fingerprint, digital passcode, RFID, conventional keys, lock unlock press and hold, and shake to open.
  • Modern and stylish: Electronic door locks offer sleek and sophisticated designs and may be ideal for people preferring a more modern look; you’ll surely find one to complement your home or business.

How Do Internet and Electricity Affect My Smart Lock?


Smart locks usually are battery-powered, so they will continue to function even during a power outage.

Most devices not only include sensors that alert you when the batteries need to be replaced. However, they also send email reminders so you can timely change the battery when needed.

When there’s an interruption on your WiFi connection, most devices can be unlocked through Bluetooth or by using a conventional key. Unlocking your door remotely or using a voice control assistant needs a WiFi connection.

  • Availability and Use

Most smart lock models are not available in brick-and-mortar shops. Instead, you can usually acquire them online, from the brand’s website, or from authorized distributors.

In most instances, smart locks may be installed in minutes. Once operational, test a few devices to ensure it is working correctly.

Also, consider that not all of your users may be tech-savvy. If you adopt a smart lock system, you will probably need to follow instructions on how to use an app, or at least your smart lock.


Modern electronic door locks are becoming highly popular. In addition, significant internet and digital technology improvements have evolved into new advanced methods for users to control access to their homes and businesses.

Smart locks connect to smartphones, allowing access to door locks without having to use a key and allowing locks keep a record of when the door was opened and by which code.

While choosing a brand or model comes down to personal preference, at least for home use, there is no doubt that adding smart locks to your home or business offers many apparent benefits and advantages.

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