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Revolar Original

$ 59.99
Revolar Original

Revolar Original

$ 59.99
What's Revolar?
It’s the fastest way to send for help at your location. This small, powerful device empowers you to be proactive about safety and stay connected to your friends and family. Use it for up to a year on a simple, easy-to-replace battery — no charging, no cords, no hassle.
Using Revolar is Simple
Download the Free Revolar app. Then sync your device. 
Simply by pressing a button, Revolar can let your loved ones know where you are and if you need help through customizable messages that include your live location. You can click once for a Check-in when you’re home safe, twice for a Yellow Alert if you’re uneasy and want a phone call, or three times for a Red Alert to request immediate help.
For both Yellow and Red types of alerts, your Revolar contacts will be notified via text and/or email that you have sent an alert, and they’ll be provided with your live location until the alert is canceled.
Revolar users and their designated contacts should define what actions the contacts should take in the event that they receive a Check-in, Yellow or Red Alert.

How to use it
- 45-day money-back guarantee & 1-year limited warranty
- Revolar requires the use of a qualifying smartphone & the Revolar app.
- Works via Bluetooth® low energy technology within 30-50 feet of the synced    smartphone.
- Interested in donating Revolar wearables? Contact us.
- Dimensions - Height: 1.91.in, Width: 1.21 in, Depth: 0.57in

How Revolar Wearables Work

Revolar wearables send alerts by connecting to our free app on your smartphone through Bluetooth® low energy technology.

  • Smartphone Compatible

    Pairs with iOS 9+ & Android™ 4.4+.

  • Goes Where You Go

    Revolar works anywhere you have cellular coverage or WiFi.

  • Bluetooth

    Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth® low energy technology.

  • Alerts Loved Ones

    Connects you with friends and family who can call emergency services for you if needed.

Why Carry Revolar?

In an unsafe situation, you may not have time to use your phone or be able to access it. And if things turn tense, attempting to use your phone could escalate the situation. That’s why Revolar allows you to discreetly activate an alert in about a second, and send for help fast while automatically sharing your location.

  • 3 Alert Levels

    Personalize your 1, 2, and 3-click alert messages for your unique needs.

  • Contacts You Trust

    Easily add contacts in the Revolar App and select which alerts they’ll receive.

  • Share Your Location

    If you send an alert, contacts can see your real-time location until you cancel it.

  • Wear It Rain or Shine

    The button can be submerged in 6’ of water for up to 30 mins.