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How to Change Yale Lock Battery? – 5 Simple Steps

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how to change yale lock battery

Every smart lock needs a working and healthy battery to operate properly— and do its job of guarding your home against any harm.

But as trivial as it sounds, this essential device is a common problem for keyless locks users. It faces the family in a compromising situation, defeating the effort to make the home more secure and hassle-free.

You’ll be happy to know that Yaledoor lock battery replacement is not as hard as you think. Follow through our easy-to-understand how to change Yale lock battery guide and get started on changing your Yalelock battery today.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Yalelock Battery


What to prepare

Here are the tools you will need for Yalelock battery replacement. Most of these tools should be lying around the house, but if you are missing one, they can be picked up at any local hardware store.

  • Four AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries
  • Flathead or Phillips screwdriver
  • A bobby pin/ paper clip as picking tool (if necessary)

Step 1. Make sure the door is open and the lock is disarmed


To replace Yalelock battery without hassle, it is always a practice to keep the door open and disarm the lock system.

These two measures yield two results; (1) keeping the door open prevents you from getting locked out if the lock malfunctions, and (2) disabling the lock system avoids unwanted and false alarms from your Yalekeyless door lock.

Note: having a user manual next to you will help you with the disarming process!

Step 2. Access the battery pack


Removing the electronic door lock battery differs from model to model. Several Yale keyless locks require a screwdriver to access the battery pack, while some have a picking tool to remove Yalelock battery cover.

To access your Yaleassure lock battery, you will need a screwdriver. A flathead or a Phillips screwdriver would work.

  • Go at the interior lock, as the Yaleassure lock battery pack is there.
  • Get your screwdriver and unfasten the screw at the top of the panel.
  • Remove the black cover of the battery pack. Make sure to keep the screw in a secure place.

Meanwhile, you will need a picking tool for nest Yalelock battery cover removal. You can use the one included in the package, but if you lose it, you can use a bobby pin or a paper clip.

  • At the interior of the lock, locate the pinhole atop.
  • Pick it and press it down using the picking tool you have. Release it once you hear a click.
  • Tilt the cover outwards to disengage the tabs holding the nest Yalelock battery cover.

Step 3. Replace your Yalelock batteries


After opening the battery cover of your Yale lock, you can now remove the previously used batteries and replace them with a fully working and appropriate new set of batteries.

The recommended batteries for smart locks are AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. Using the wrong battery type will lead to a locking malfunction.

In putting the batteries in the pack, make sure the polarities of the batteries correspond to the battery pack. The usual culprit of the ‘Yalelock not working after battery change’ situation is that.

Step 4: Reassemble the back panel of the inside lock

After you install the new batteries for Yalelock, reassemble the back panel or battery cover.

For Assure or other Yale models with mounted screws in the back panel, fasten and secure the screws. Make sure that the cover and the lock are tightly fastened using a screwdriver to wrap your august battery replacement.

For the nest Yalelock, you just need to press the cover back in the panel to engage the tabs. But make sure to insert the bottom tab into its corresponding hole. Once done, press the rest of the cover onto the panel.

Step 5: Manually test the lock to see if the batteries work

Re-arm your lock after the process and check if you really did change battery in Yaledoor lock. If there is still a Yaledoor lock low battery warning popping on the keypad, then you should redo the process.

The problem might lie in the improper storage of batteries in the pack. Or the mixing of already dying and a new set of batteries.



What kind of batteries do Yale locks take?

For heavy-duty performance, it is advisable to use non-rechargeable AA alkaline batteries for your Yale lock and even to change battery in cpi door lock.

Non-rechargeable batteries are expected to give power for 1 year while catering to the high-end features Yale offers its users.

What happens if Yale Smart lock battery dies?

Like every battery-powered device, your Yale smart lock will not work once the Yalelock battery dead.

The smart lock will be disconnected and offline for the Nest Yalemodel from your and every authorized person’s phone. This means the smartphone can’t operate the lock when it’s drained.

However, all the data, like user codes and programs, are safely stored in the system and will not be erased if batteries die.


All in all, even if changing your smart lock’s battery seems like a hassle, it’s still an instrumental measure to keep you, your home, and your family secured.

It’s an easy thing to forget about, for sure, but one that’s worth keeping on the calendar.

Hopefully, this guide teaches you how to change Yale lock battery. Remember that this task could be easy if you know what you are doing.

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