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What To Do When Locked Out Of Your House?

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What to do When Lock Out of Your House

What to do when locked out of your house? It’s easy to feel scared when you realize you don’t have your key. When such a thing happens, you can try the following: call someone who has a duplicate key, use a card to open the door, disassemble the doorknob, break in through doors and windows, or call an emergency locksmith.

These steps will save you from the awkward stares of your neighbors. Master these ways and you won’t have to worry in case you lose your keys, break your lock, or forget your lock combination in the future.

Call for Help


The easiest way to do this is to call someone to help you — a partner, a friend, or a family member.

Browse your contacts and look for people who have duplicate keys to your house. Your partner surely has one. You just need to wait for him/her to arrive.

If you don’t have a partner and you live alone in your house, remind yourself who you have entrusted with a duplicate key. Maybe you have gone on a trip in the past and had a friend or a family member who monitored your house while you were away using a key.

In case you are renting, you can call your landlord. Obviously, he has duplicate keys. The first time I locked myself out of my apartment, my landlord saved me. It was a hassle on his part but it saved me a lot of time and energy.

Open the Door Using your Card

I thought that breaking into a house using a card only happens in movies, until I did it and it worked! However, there are factors you have to consider first, including the card you should use and the kind of door you have.

You can open a lockset door using a thin and rigid card. Even if it is locked, it can be moved by turning the doorknob. It is possible through the pressure inserted by the card between the barrel of the lockset and the jamb of the door.

To execute the trick, choose a card that you won’t mind bending or damaging. Insert it between the jamb and the door until it reaches the lock’s barrel. Wriggle the doorknob as you put pressure in the barrel using the card.

However, this trick does not work if your door has a deadbolt lock. Usually, you can only open this kind of lock using a key because of its spring. Aside from that, avoid using this trick on an electronic lockset since it includes an entry pad that can only open through a key or passcode.

If you are still not sure how to do it, you can check this video on “How to Open a Door with a Credit Card if Your Locked Out Tutorial.” The clip consists of simple steps that you can follow today or in the future.

Disassemble the Doorknob


Disassembling a door may not be an easy job, but if the situation is critical, it is helpful if you have this trick in your pocket. So first, you need to have the right tools like a screwdriver and drill. If you don’t have these, you can borrow them from your neighbors.

First, you need to locate a tiny hole in the shaft of the door since this is where you can usually find the mounting screw. After locating it, insert the tip of your tool, whether it is a screwdriver, nail set, or paperclip. When you feel the resistance, start pushing while pulling the doorknob.

If there is a force resisting your efforts, start twirling the tool you are using. When you still feel the resistance, just twist the doorknob as you continuously lower down and twirl the tool. After that, you can now remove the knob.

By using a flat screwdriver, take off the rose. It is the decorative plate where the screws are concealed. You can use a driver or a drill to unscrew to separate both sides of the doorknob.

You might be a little concerned with the security of your house after learning how to disassemble the doorknob. If you want to tighten your security against tampering, you can put a deadbolt or mortise bolt to prevent anyone from smashing your doorknob.

Try to Break in

If you have tried the tricks above but they did not work out for some reason, try to break into your own house, especially if the situation requires you to. Look for a part of your house that you can climb and open.

To prevent any awkward encounters with your neighbors, or worse, with the police, try breaking in your back door and window rather than the front door. If you think that your back door is not that sturdy, you can open it with a fast and hard kick near the doorknob.

Aside from that, you can also check if there are doors in your house that you forgot to lock like your side door and garage door. Also, try to check if you can climb the windows. If your window sills are aluminum, you can break them easily.

As a warning, avoid smashing your window if it is made of glass. This can be dangerous if there is a child locked up inside your house. Moreover, the broken glasses can hurt you while you are trying to fit yourself into the window.

You can learn other techniques on how to break into your own house by watching this video on “Watch how easy it is to break into your home”. Aside from additional techniques, the short clip will also give you an idea of how burglars usually break into houses.

Get in Touch with an Emergency Locksmith

Let an expert do it for you if you want to save more time. You can call an emergency locksmith that is near your area. It is handy if you already have contact with the locksmith, but you should have to choose the right one if there is none.

There are some factors that you need to consider when choosing an emergency locksmith. The first thing to do is acquire the person’s information, the price, and the business. After this, you can contact the company through a call, text, or e-mail.

Usually, an operator will answer your call. Always look for a business that has a specific name, and not a generic one. Verify the address that you have seen on the ad. If there is no address indicated, it is better to know the reason why.

The next step is to ask the operator for the estimated price. You can mention the specific job needed and the kind of lock that you have. If the operator gave you a lower price, make sure that other fees are already included.

When the locksmith arrives, ask for his identification and business card. Also, check if he has the same estimated price as what the operator told you. If not, look for another locksmith. The locksmith will also ask you for your identification to be sure that the property is yours.

Before paying, ask for an invoice from the locksmith where the fees, charges, and labor done are indicated. If you think that the locksmith has done an excellent job then save his contacts for future use and for recommendations.


If you are caught up in a situation where you are locked out, don’t panic. Instead, remind yourself of the tricks on what to do when locked out of your house. Also, the instructions will help you in the long run.

By having the right steps, you can solve this problem by yourself or through the help of your loved ones or an expert. You will also realize what improvements are needed for the security of your house against burglary.

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