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Using our free app, it's simple to set up your Revolar wearable and select your contacts. It takes just a few minutes to pair your wearable with a compatible iOS or Android smartphone, and it works anywhere your smartphone has a cellular connection or WiFi.


Clip the Revolar wearable to your clothes or attach it to your keychain. It connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth® low energy technology, so it won’t give you another monthly bill. Your Revolar wearable works within Bluetooth range of your smartphone — anywhere your phone has cellular service or WiFi.


Use your wearable to quickly check in with your chosen contacts or discreetly ask for their help via text messages and emails. Talk with your Revolar contacts about what Yellow and Red Alerts mean to you. That way, they know just how to react if they receive an alert.

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A Revolar alert doesn’t just tell loved ones you need help, it tells them exactly where you are, even if you’re moving.

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