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How to Pick a Lock With House Hold Items?

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How to Pick a Lock with Household Items

Do you want to know how to pick a lock with house hold items if you get locked out? By finding a suitable object like a heavy-duty paperclip or a bobby pin, you can wiggle the pick to the top part of the lock to raise the pins and rotate the lock freely.

Though it may look suspicious, learning this technique is helpful, especially if you have to break into your own house. You don’t have to pay for a professional locksmith because you can do it yourself with just a little bit of practice.

What You Will Need


Before you can follow this tutorial, you need a household item to help you unlock the door. You don’t have to worry since finding the item is very easy and won’t cause you so much time. You can even find them inside or even outside your house. Make sure to get the right items specified below so you won’t encounter any problems picking the lock of your house.

Heavy-duty paperclip

You can use a paperclip to pick a lock but choose the sturdy one. Never use a paper clip that is made of plastic since it may break inside your lock. If that happens, you will have to replace your lock with a new one.

Aside from a heavy-duty paperclip, you may also use a bobby pin as an option. But just like the paperclip, it must also be durable so you won’t break it inside while you are picking the lock. I always prefer the bobby pins that are made of metal.

You can also use a hairpin if you have one. But if it is covered with plastic, you have to take it off to work effectively, and it won’t get stuck while you are picking the lock. Also, make sure that it is durable and it can stand the force and pressure.

If you have a stiff wire, you can also use it. Choose a durable kind of wire to make picking easier. In terms of durability, the paperclip is not the best, but it is the most common household item you will find if you lock yourself out of your house.


To form the paperclip or the bobby pin into the right shape, you will need a pair of pliers. This tool is essential for DIY projects, like making a lock pick. The basic functions of pliers are cutting, gripping wire, shaping wires, and hammering.

The best pliers you can use in shaping the paper clip or pin are snipe nose pliers, also known as chain nose pliers. It is useful in holding small items and shaping wire. Usually, this tool is also used for forming and shaping jewelry.

Steps to Pick a Lock with Household Items


Form one of the paperclips into a rake

The first thing you have to do is to make a rake for the lock using the pliers and one of the paper clips. In doing this, you need to open out one of the paper clips until it straightens. If you are using a hairpin that is plasti-dipped, you have to remove all of the plastic. Bend the ⅛ inch part at the edge of the pick into a 20-degree angle. Continue the procedure until the paperclip has three ridges.

Make one of the paperclips into a tension wrench

To make a tension wrench out of the paperclip, you have to take out curvy parts of the paperclip until it becomes a straight wire while bending it at the end. This can be done by pressing a plier to the bent end. The curve must be at the 90-degree end. If you measure it, it is one centimeter long.

Place your tension wrench into the bottom of the keyhole

Insert your tension wrench at the shear line located at the keyhole’s bottom. Apply the right amount of pressure in the wrench in a rotational way to turn the lock. Take note that if the pressure is too hard, the paperclip will twist and break. If the pressure you exert is too light, your tension wrench won’t have enough pressure to unlock.

Rotate your tension wrench to the direction of the lock

Before you can proceed with this procedure, you have to know the direction of the lock. If you have an idea about its direction, then turn the lock-in that way. However, if you have no idea in which direction to turn, try the other side.

By being sensitive to the turning of the lock, you will also determine if you are doing it right. You can start by turning the lock clockwise. If it doesn’t work that way, try turning it counter-clockwise. If you are turning in the direction of the lock, you will feel the pressure.

Rake by inserting the pick into the keyhole’s upper part

Raking is the method when you put the pick to the back part of the keyhole and quickly remove it, and jiggling it upward. You have to keep the pressure while doing this method since picking the lock won’t be effective if you don’t. Also, when you are about to remove the pick, do it smoothly.

Find the pins into the lock

Using the clip, you can find the location of the pins of the lock. Most of the locks have numerous pins that you need to locate to unlock the door. While doing this, you have to keep the pressure on your tension wrench. Usually, you will feel the pin with the pick. This will also give you an idea of where you have to depress them.

Start depressing the pins

As you are depressing the pins, you have to apply pressure in a rotating way using your tension wrench. You may feel it loosening after you start setting the pins in the position to unlock. It may also produce a little clicking sound. For experienced pickers, doing this is quick and easy. But if this is your first time picking a lock, you may need more forceful motions to push the pins.

Jiggle the pick to unlock the pins

While jiggling the pick, put more pressure using your tension wrench. This prevents the pins from falling back into place. Continue to jiggle until you successfully unlock the pins. Once you notice a click or a snap, you can start rotating your tension wrench to unlock the lock. Do this procedure until you successfully unlock the lock.


Do you enjoy following the tutorial? With these easy steps, you don’t have to worry in case you lock yourself out of your house. By just using the standard items in your households, such as a heavy-duty paperclip, bobby pin, hairpin, or stiff wire, you can unlock the door easily. If you’re tired of having to carry your keys with you all the time. Then a lock-like combination, biometric, or electronic door lock is the real choice for you.

If you find this tutorial helpful, we will be delighted to learn more about your experiences by just dropping a message in the comment section. You can also share this post with your friends and loved ones so they will also learn how to pick a lock with house hold items.

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