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How to Delete All Schlage Door Lock Code? – 4 Steps

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how to delete all schlage door lock code

Schlage keyless door locks have become revolutionary security features for your home. Their keypads ensure that only those who know the code can enter a room. However, you might want to delete and replace these codes for various reasons.

Issues like your Schlage key code being too familiar to many people or being too confusing for some contribute to why you’d want to delete them.

If you want to know how to delete all Schlage door lock code, then let this guide help you do just that.

How to Remove All Schlage Keypad Passcodes From Your Door


A Schlage smart lock is called that for a good reason; they are locks that help keep other people away by utilizing an innovative solution; keypads. However, relying on passcodes also has its share of problems, with forgetting your code being one of them.

If you’re looking to delete all codes on Schlage lock, follow these steps to make the most out of it:

  1. Enter the Schlage door lock programming code and wait for the Schlage button to light up. An orange light blinking three times, followed by three beeps, means you’re ready to go.
  2. Press the Schlage button on your keypad door lock.
  3. Press number 6 and wait for the signal of three orange light blinks, together with the three beeps.
  4. Input your programming code once again. The Schlage button will light green, signifying that you have successfully deleted your passcodes.

By following these instructions, you can remove all passcodes on a Schlage lock BE365 model. However, if you want to remove single passcodes one at a time, the following section will discuss the steps to that.

How to Remove Individual Passcodes From Your Door


If you want your Schlage device to delete all user codes, following the previous section will allow you to do that. However, if you’re going to remove individual codes from your Schlage lock, you must follow an entirely different procedure.

Like any other security procedure, there are different ways to tackle passcode removal. These are the steps for removing individual passcodes:

  1. Input the program code for the Schlage lock and wait for the standard acknowledgement from the device. An orange light blinking three times followed by three beeps is the device’s way of telling you it’s awaiting your input.
  2. Press the ‘2’ key.
  3. Wait for the Schlage button to blink and beep three times. The light color must be orange.
  4. Input the Schlage code that you want to delete and wait for the three blinks and beeps again.
  5. Re-enter the code to confirm. This time you will be greeted by a green light flashing and beeping once.

Consult your Schlage keypad lock manual if you ever feel lost on what to do next. However, following these steps is also guaranteed to remove individual codes, so the best course is to keep this article handy or refer to your manual.

Helpful Tips Regarding the Deletion of Your Schlage Door Lock Code


Deleting the passcodes on your Schlage lock can be pretty challenging. However, noticing specific patterns in your device will allow you to understand how they work.

Here are some helpful tips regarding the deletion of your Schlage passcodes:

1. The Power of Three

If you wonder what the three orange blinks followed by three beeps mean, they usually signify that your lock is in programming mode. Programming mode allows you to input a command.

When your Schlage button blinks, it’s awaiting a command, confirming a command, or warning you about something.

Here are other lights and what they signify:

  • Green – This means you’ve entered the correct code or the process is complete.
  • Blue – For illumination.
  • Red – Incorrect code or low battery. This light can also mean that there’s a programming error.

2. Schlage Factory Code

If you didn’t enter a custom passcode for your device, your Schlage factory code would allow you to access the device. This code can be seen on the back of the device, so it’s better to take note of it before installing your Schlage lock.


These are how to delete all Schlage door lock code. Following these steps, you will either have your master code deleted or remove them individually. Technologically advanced fdevices such as these locks can be confusing, so having these steps helps.

Following these steps, you can quickly add and delete code on Schlage keyless entry. With these things in mind, enjoy the security Schlage locks give you and never have to worry about security risks again.

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