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How to Lock Your Motorcycle for More Safe and Secure?

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how to lock your motorcycle

When you are not confident leaving your two-wheel road pal parked, you must learn how to lock your motorcycle. If you don’t have a secure garage, a lock is your trusted friend.

There are many anti theft locks on the market, and you just need to choose one that fits your vehicle best. Most of these products are portable, so you can always bring security wherever you go.

Ways to Lock Your Motorcycle

Beyond parking your motorcycle in a safe location or securing your garage, use a reliable lock, especially if you will leave your vehicle outside. Here are some locks you can consider for your peace of mind.

1. Chain lock


A chain lock is the most common security device for motorcycles, bicycles, and the like. Said lock has been serving the public for many years, so you are assured of its quality.

This type of lock has two components: chain and padlock.

The chain used is not the regular type but a thick variant that can weigh 7.23 kilograms and more, depending on the brand.

  • Step 1: To secure your motorcycle with locks and chains, you first need to insert the former into any part of your vehicle where it can fit, say the wheel or suspension.
  • Step 2: Afterward, create a loop by putting the lock chain over the fender or seat, where you can rest it.
  • Step 3: Make sure the chain won’t damage said parts, so have a cloth that will cover the chain.
  • Step 4: Once you’re comfortable with the position, lock it into a post or any other sturdy frame. Alternatively, if you have a ground anchor (more on this later), you can lock the chain into it.

It’s essential to have a chain with the right size – not too short or too long – and to not simply lock it and leave it on the ground. If wrongdoers are determined, they can defeat your lock if it’s too long and not attached to a sturdy frame.

2. Anchor

When you want an unbreakable motorcycle lock, consider installing a ground anchor. As the name suggests, it’s a component placed on the ground or wall, serving as an anchor for a chain lock.

An anchor can be installed indoors (in your garage if you want extra security) and outdoors if you don’t have a garage.

If you have a permanent outdoor parking space, say in your workplace, an anchor is a reliable pal that can counter bolt cutters, since it’s a solid fixture.

If you want a secure anchor, consider seeking the help of an expert when installing it, since it needs intensive drilling into concrete. Word of advice: put the anchor on a sturdy foundation but only in properties you own; ask permission when installing it in any other place.

With that out of the way, here are some basic steps for setting up a ground anchor:

  • Step 1: Select an accessible location for the anchor; make sure it is close to your parking spot but isn’t easy to trip over.
  • Step 2: Mark the spots where you need to drill to secure the anchor, then drill into them and put the bolts into the openings you created.
  • Step 3: Position the anchor on top of the holes and tighten the bolts.
  • Step 4: Hammer some ball bearings into the bolt heads and put some steel covers on top.

3. Disc lock


Motorcycle disc brake locks are another common security device for bikes. They are straightforward locks that clip onto the brake disk, thereby preventing it from moving. What makes this type of lock popular is its portability, and you can use it either on the front wheel or rear wheel.

If a criminal is determined to take your motorcycle, it can be carried. To prevent that, use a disk lock motorcycle with another lock, like a chain. However, the former is already reliable if you will just be away from your ride in a jiffy.

To use a disc lock, simply slide its pin through a brake hole, then push and lock the device into place.

4. U-lock


A motorcycle U lock is another favorite device when protecting big (or small) bikes. It’s a padlock but on a different level because it can be thicker and heavier. Such attributes make it an adept companion for a chain.

There are various U-locks, like the one with key or with a dial. It is recommended to use one with a diameter of at least 16 millimeters, so it can resist cutting, sawing, or prying.

U-locks also come in different finishes depending on the model. Beyond the aesthetics, choose a model that won’t easily break.

Moreover, secure the U-lock around the bike frame, rear wheel, and an immovable object. If you have a smaller lock that cannot cover all of these things at the same time, use multiple U-locks.

5. Grip lock

Grip locks, also known as lever locks, as the name suggests, are used on the grip of the motorcycle. It stops the front brake from being engaged, effectively preventing any attempts to roll the bike.

It’s a portable device, so it’s a staple among riders who are security savvies. To use it, you simply need to clamp it on the front brake and lock it with a key.

However, just like with a disc lock, it’s better to use it with another security motorcycle bike lock. This device is easy to defeat, so it needs a partner.

6. Combination of motorcycle locks

You should not solely rely on a grip or a disc motorcycle wheel lock as these security devices are easy to defeat. As such, it’s best to have a main lock and back it up with an auxiliary option.

The chain lock is an ideal primary motorcycle security lock, and it’s better if you use it with an anchor. When you’re always on the go, using a disc or grip lock with the chain lock is your best bet.

If you have the money, you can even invest in alarms or trackers that can serve as your extra security setup. Double your protection so you can double your peace of mind, too.


What types of motorcycle lockers is best?


Ditch that regular motorcycle cable lock and use a chain with a padlock or U-lock instead. It’s your best pal when protecting your road companion. Complement it with a grip or disc lock, and any attempt to snatch your ride will be futile.

Where should I lock my motorcycle when riding?


Some parking lots have a dedicated motorcycle area with posts where you can chain your bike. If you’re outdoors and no parking lot is available, find a sturdy post, gate, frame, or something that’s not easily bendable or breakable to lock up a motorcycle.

If there’s a ground anchor, then you’re in luck. Otherwise, find an immovable object that will be the perfect link for your lock.


Assuming you’re at home, you probably have a permanent spot where you park your motorcycle, and, as such, you probably have a wall or ground anchor where you link your chain lock. Even for riders who have a garage, it’s better to have such a security item.

If you’re always on the go and often park your ride outdoors, knowing how to lock your motorcycle using a chain is a must. That, plus an auxiliary lock, is the best way to erase worries about losing your vehicle when you leave it outside.

Park in a safe spot, fix your lock, and you’re good to go.

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