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How to Pick a Master Lock Without Tools? – 4 Methods

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how to pick a master lock without tools

Master Lock is a brand of padlocks and security products that secure doors, gates, and other items. Every lock in a Master key system will have its own key. However, the master key will be designed to open all of them. 

If you happen to lose the keys to your Master Locks, it would be difficult to open them without proper equipment. Don’t lose hope, as you can still open even a round Master lock without a key.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to pick a Master Lock without tools.

Different Methods to Pick Master Locks

1. Using Bobby Pins

Picking locks with the bobby pins method requires a couple of bobby pins in case you make some mistakes. Smaller and thinner bobby pins may be needed when you pick a Master Lock 30mm.

You should create a lock pick and a tension wrench with two bobby pins.


  • 1. Remove the rubber points from the two bobby pins.
  • 2. Make a 90-degree angle with one of the bobby pins.
  • 3. Bend the tip of a bobby pin into a hook form with pliers or your fingers.
  • 4. Bend the other bobby pin into an “L” shape with a flat end to form a wrench.

After creating your makeshift lock-picking kit, continue to the next steps.


  • 5. Insert the wrench-shaped bobby pin into the keyhole’s bottom.
  • 6. Turn the wrench clockwise by applying light pressure.
  • 7. Insert the hook-shaped bobby pin into the keyhole’s top.
  • 8. Push each pin with the hook-shaped bobby pin until you hear a click.

Be patient in doing this. Applying too much pressure may cause your bobby pins to break and a piece of metal stuck inside your lock. This will be a bigger problem that you will need to fix.

2. Using a Paper Clip

A tiny paper clip can help you unlock your Master Lock. It’s best that you have a stock of different-sized paper clips, as you may need to pick a small Master Lock.

To start, you will need to transform your paper clips into a lock pick and a tension wrench.


To create a tension wrench with a paperclip:

  • 1. Remove both bends from the paper clip until two straight wires are curved at the end.
  • 2. With a wrench, tighten the curved end.
  • 3. Make a 90° bend in the 1-centimeter (0.4 in) long curved end.

To create a lock pick with a paperclip:


  • 4. Straighten the paper clip out.
  • 5. Make a 90-degree bend in one end of the paper clip.
  • 6. Bend the 90-degree angle’s tip into another 90-degree angle.
  • 7. Make a little hook out of the point of the second 90-degree angle.

Once you’ve created these two items, proceed to the next steps.

  • 8. After that, place the tension wrench into the keyhole’s bottom.
  • 9. Turn the tension wrench clockwise.
  • 10. Jiggle the pick up and down the upper half of the keyhole.
  • 11. Find the pins and push them until the lock opens.

3. Other Objects Used for Picking Locks


There are other materials that you can use to pick a Master Key Lock such as wiper blades from cars, bump keys, and metal shims. And, you’ll need a lock picking diagram for the type of lock you’ll be opening.

It’s also possible to lock pick with a knife. This would work best when you pick a Master Lock No. 3 due to its large size.

But we do not recommend that you try these even with household items that can be turned into lock picks.

Locking picking is essentially illegal if you’re not a licensed locksmith or trying to pick a lock without authorization.

You can pick your Master Locks in case you lose your keys. It’s also okay to pick the locks of others if you are authorized to do so.

If you’re always losing your keys, it’s best to be proactive in keeping a spare at all times, or you can master lock picking.

4. Unlock a Master Lock Combination Lock


To pick a lock of a Master Lock combination, follow these easy steps.

  1. Insert the shim into the bottom of the lock, close to the locking mechanism.
  2. Push the shim down until it reaches the bottom of the locking mechanism.
  3. Bend the shim slightly so that it forms a hook.
  4. Turn the lock’s dial up and down until you feel the shim catch on one of the notches.
  5. Turn the dial clockwise until you hear a click.

This may not work with every kind of Master Lock with a combination lock. But it’s an easy method that’s worth a try.

Another guide: Step by Step to Open Master Lock Speed Dial


Are Master Locks hard to open?

Opening Master Locks aren’t difficult once you’ve learned the basics of lock picking. In fact, a commercial Master Lock No. 5 is one of the first lock brands that beginners use to practice on.

What is the easiest way to pick a Master Lock?

The easiest way to pick a Master Lock is using a pick locking kit. A typical lock picking kit includes a set of picks and tension wrenches for manipulating the pins inside a lock.

Is it legal to pick a Master Lock?

It is illegal to pick a lock that you do not own or have permission to pick. Picking a lock is allowed if you own it or have permission from the owner.

Can I trust locksmiths?

While you may not be able to rely on any old locksmith, you will be able to rely on recommendations. You can get recommendations from people you know and trust, such as friends, family, and neighbors.

How long does it take to pick a Master Lock?

The amount of time it takes to pick a Master padlock depends on the individual’s skill level and experience. Picking a Master Lock might take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.


Master Locks are excellent for securing doors and gates. But, losing your keys can be difficult.

There are non-tool methods for picking Master Locks like using bobby pins or paper clips. Smaller items work well when you pick a Master Lock 22.

Still, know that picking locks without permission is illegal. It’s best to call a locksmith if you’re unable to learn how to pick a Master Lock without tools.

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