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"Bringing safety and the need for discreet action"
- Teen Vogue

Meet Revolar

This little button can tell trusted contacts where you are and if you’re doing well or in need of help. Plus, unlike many other personal safety devices, Revolar Buttons have no monthly or annual fees.

“Somebody obviously put a LOT of thought and love into this product, which makes me feel even safer wearing it." - Cali

Revolar Safety & Communication Buttons:

School | Running | Dating | Going Out | Travel

GPS Tracker

Check Ins

1 click tells chosen contacts that all is well.

Personal Safety Device Alert Image

Safety Alerts

With 2 and 3+ clicks, contacts can be alerted to check o you or send help.


Your safety alerts tell your contacts right where you are in case you need help


"It adds a sense of security as a young woman living alone. I can keep it on my keychain and take it everywhere I go."

"I tested the one, two, and three clicks last night with my fiance and we set up messages for each - super easy; and they all worked!" 

"The product itself is beautiful and lightweight, allowing me to wear it with every outfit."

Keep Your Friends A Click Away

  • Take It Anywhere: It works with your smartphone so you can use while you’re out for a running in the early morning, walking home at night, traveling the world, and more.
  • Personalize Your Alerts: You can choose who receives your different alerts, what your alert messages say, and when your location is shared with contacts.
  • Give Your Family Peace of Mind: With this little button by your side, your family will worry less knowing you can ask for help anytime.
  • Get A Little Help From Your Friends: Revolar Buttons have 3 customizable alert levels, so you can ask friends to rescue them from a pushy party animal or request an emergency response.