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They're Going to Party. You're Going to Worry.

Breathe easier knowing they can press this button to get help in a hurry. 

What's Revolar All About?

If your loved one ever feels uneasy or unsafe, they just press their Revolar wearable multiple times. Then, alert text messages tell up to 5 trusted contacts where your loved one is and what they need so help can be sent their way.

They can also press the Revolar wearable once to send a Check-in. People often use Check-ins to tell friends and family that they’ve safely arrived at their destination.

How Can They Use It on Spring Break? 

Say they get separated from friends during a night out. They can let friends know where they are so they can meet back up. Or if someone at a bar is creeping them out, they can discreetly let you and their friends know so you can send help.

Since Revolar Alerts are customizable, it’s easy for your loved one to personalize their alert messages for whatever they’re doing.

Why Do They Need a Safety Wearable? 

In an emergency situation, pulling out a phone could get it to taken away or potentially escalate the situation. That’s why Revolar wearables allow your loved one to send for help discreetly by activating an alert in about a second. They’ll even get notified when their alert has been opened so they know help is on the way.

Why Do They Need a Safety Wearable? 

During hundreds of interviews with survivors, we heard the same thing over and over. “Something felt wrong, but I couldn’t call the police because of a bad feeling.”

Enter Revolar’s proactive multi-tiered alert system. With customizable Yellow Alerts (2 presses) and Red Alerts (3+ presses), your loved one can send a Yellow Alert for support at the first sign something isn’t right.