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Meet Revolar Instinct

Revolar Instinct is the fastest way to communicate or send for help. Just click the button 1, 2, or 3 times to alert loved ones with your location and different custom text messages. You can choose your contacts, and which alerts they’ll receive through the free Revolar App.

Why Carry Revolar?

In an unsafe situation, you may not have time to use your phone or be able to access it. And if things turn tense, attempting to use your phone could put it within reach of your assailant. That’s why Revolar allows you to discreetly activate an alert in about a second, and send for help fast while automatically sharing your location.

Small, Yet Powerful

How It Works

Revolar connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth® low energy , which conserves battery life much better than other types of Bluetooth.

Select up to 5 trusted contacts  through the free Revolar app and choose which alerts they will each receive.

Send your real-time GPS location  to chosen contacts at the click of a button. Enter your PIN code to stop sharing your location with contacts at any time.