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Independence Meets Assurance

Meet Revolar 

This sleek, easy-to-use button can tell loved ones where you are and if you’re doing well or in need of help. Plus, unlike other alert systems, Revolar Buttons have  no monthly fees.

 Click Revolar • Share location • Send for help

Dad finds it easy to wear on a neck lanyard and simple to check in with me and my three siblings.

by Kathy N.

Unlike other alert systems, Revolar Buttons have 


Revolar Safety & Communication Buttons

Perfect For:
Living Alone • Driving • Medical Conditions • Errands & Appointments • Peace of Mind

Check Ins

1 click tells chosen contacts where you are and that all is well.

Safety Alerts

With 2 or 3+ clicks, contacts can be alerted to check on you or send help.

GPS Location

Your safety alerts tell your contacts right where you are in case you need help.

The Safety Solution for Active Seniors

  • Take It Anywhere:  Revolar Buttons work with your smartphone so you can use it outside the house. Clip it securely to your clothes, wear it on a necklace, or carry it on your keys.
  • Say Goodbye to Fees: Traditional medical alert devices can cost more than $30/month. Our button is free to use (text message & data rates may apply).
  • Get the Help You Want: If you’re feeling faint or get lost and want help, a 911-response probably isn’t what you want. Our tiered safety alerts let you get the right level of support.
  • Give Family Peace of Mind: With this little button by your side, your family will worry less knowing you can ask for help anytime.

“This is essential for anyone who plans to be by themselves for extended periods of time.”

“Somebody obviously put a LOT of thought and love into this product, which makes me feel even safer wearing it.”

“He is a bit resistant (and independent) to calling us daily to check-in but has found the 'hummingbird' especially easy to use, yet private.”

Feel Safe, Spend Less

Yearly Cost of Traditional Medical Alert Systems:
$350 or more

Yearly Cost of Revolar Safety Buttons:

IP-68 Waterproof

Revolar Buttons can be taken in the shower.

Custom Messages

Personalize 3 types of alerts with different instructions for different situations.

No Need to Charge

Powered by an replaceable watch battery for up to 1 year.