How it works 2

How Revolar Wearables Work

Revolar wearables send alerts by connecting to our free app on your smartphone throughBluetooth® low energy technology, which won’t noticeably impact your phone’s battery life. You can choose up to 5 friends and family members as your Revolar contacts, and you’ll never pay a new monthly fee to alert them. Plus, our wearables work all over the world — anywhere your smartphone has cell coverage or WiFi.

Check in or Ask for Help

Revolar wearables can send Check-ins (1 press), Yellow Alerts (2 presses), and Red Alerts (3+ presses). That means it’s easy to let your Revolar contacts know where you are and that you’re all good or in need of help. Also, it’s easy to customize which of your contacts receives each of these types of communications.