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Revolar: Stop Assault Before It Happens

After her sister was assaulted, Revolar CEO Jacqueline Ros couldn’t help but think,

“What if she could’ve pressed a magic button to send for help?”

That’s when Revolar was born. While designing our first personal safety device, we talked to 100s of assault survivors. During those interviews, we heard the same thing again and again,

“I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t call 911 because of a bad feeling.” 

We believe the first step in fighting back against sexual assault is making it possible to get help from your support system at the first sign that something isn’t right.

That’s why Revolar lets you send for the level of help you need by simply clicking a button.

Personalize your Check-in and Alert messages for your needs and your travels.

Discreetly send yourself an automated phone call to help you ditch uncomfortable situations.

Proactively reach out at the first sign something isn't right, and elevate the alert level if you feel unsafe.