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"As a mom, knowing help is a touch away is so comforting." - Lindsey F.

Meet Revolar

With this sleek button, your loved ones can click to discreetly check in with you or send for any help they need at their location.


 Click Revolar • Share location • Send for help

I use this everyday. The checkins are great, and the yellow alert has helped me get out of uncomfortable situations.

by D.R.

"Mom I'm home" is now as easy as 1 click

Perfect For:
School • Running • Dating • Parties • Going Out • Travel

Check Ins

1 click can send a location snapshot and an “I'M OKAY” message to chosen contacts.

Safety Alerts

With 2 or 3+ clicks, contacts can be alerted with location information and instructions.

GPS Location

Your safety alerts tell your contacts right where you are in case you need help.

What People Are Saying About Revolar

“All my test alerts worked great and I'm all set up with my contacts – this is definitely coming with me on all my morning runs.”

“Somebody obviously put a LOT of thought and love into this product, which makes me feel even safer wearing it.”

“The product itself is beautiful and lightweight, allowing me to wear it with every outfit.”

Safety That Just Clicks

Revolar Buttons make it possible to send for help even if there’s no time to use your phone. With just a few clicks, your loved  ones can communicate their status and location to trusted contacts who can send help.

IP-68 Waterproof

Revolar Buttons can be taken in the shower.

Custom Messages

Personalize 3 types of alerts with different instructions for different situations.

No Need to Charge

Powered by a replaceable watch battery for up to 1 year.