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Workplace Safety Solutions 

Revolar Safety Devices:

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Revolar safety devices

Check Ins for Employee Safety

Press-and-hold for employees to mark themselves as safe.

Safety Alerts

Two- and three-click alerts to quickly and discreetly ask for help.

Fitness Tracker

Step counting to help employees meet their activity goals.

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The Proactive Workplace Safety Solution

  • Safety Check-ins:  Make it simple for your team to mark themselves safe.
  • Employer duty of care: Look out for employees and react in real-time if an incident arises.
  • Emergency preparedness: Give your staff a panic button they can activate in less than a second to send for help at their location.
  • Employee retention and well-being: Maintain a safer workplace and protect employee’s peace of mind to build greater goodwill among staff.

What Leaders Are Saying About Revolar

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“The use of Revolar products is also an important part of our emergency preparedness plan. Not only can employees mark themselves as ‘safe’ during any emergency event, but we can also identify their specific location.” 

- Kimberly Pfaff, Director, Risk Management Department

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"While we do a ton of good for people, we still deal with a very delicate population of people with mental illness and other issues that may put our staff at risk.  We have Revolar programmed so if you are in danger in a unit or office, it will alert other staff to help and contact police.”

- Foundation Communities

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“Keeping our medical providers safe while at the same time delivering high quality medical care in the community is a high priority for us. We are excited to partner with such a forward-thinking technology company in our Denver community to help mature and scale our tech-enabled healthcare service.”

- Kevin Riddleberger, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

A Proactive Workplace Safety Solution

Our Instinct safety device integrates with Revolar’s Community Platform, allowing organizations to monitor the safety of staff, dispatch support to their location in real time, notify staff of danger based on their location, and use data to continuously improve security procedures and resource allocation.

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