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How to Lock a Uhaul Truck (Both Swing Doors and Roll Up Doors)

how to lock a uhaul truck

Need to know how to lock a Uhaul truck? Whether you rent the Uhaul truck or own it, you need to prevent u haul theft by keeping the doors locked. Moving to a new place is exciting, but moving out can be a little tiring. Aside from that, losing some of your valuables would cause a lot of stress.

This tutorial will guide you on how you can secure the u-haul truck to have a smooth trip. You can make your journey hassle-free by following the instructions carefully. It will only take you at least five minutes.

What You Need


For you U haul security, there is a specific item that you need to have:

Uhaul lock

There are different kinds of locks that you can choose for your Uhaul truck. One of them is a padlock. The shackle must be made of tough material like boron-carbide so that it won’t be easily cut. For extra security, choose a padlock with four pins and includes a dual ball-bearing locking mechanism.

You can also use a disk lock. This kind of lock is usually used to secure motorcycles and bikes, but bigger disk locks can protect Uhaul trucks. Make sure that the shackle is made of a durable material like stainless steel. If you don’t want a keyed lock, you can also use a keyless lock for your Uhaul truck.

Lock a Uhaul Truck With Swing Doors

Step 1: Close the swing doors

If the swing doors are open, you need to close them first before locking the Uhaul truck. The retainers and keepers prevent the swing doors from closing due to strong winds or other truck movements. To close a Uhaul door, you need to pull the retainer out and up of the keeper. Do this step to the other side of the door.

Step 2: Latch both of the swing doors

After you close the swing doors, you need the latch both of them to prevent them from moving. Just position the top and the bottom cam locks inside the keepers by rotating the door has up and out of the way. Next, push the door handle in and down the retainer.

Step 3: Install a lock through the door hasp to keep the cargo during the move

Once you have latched the swing doors, you can now place a lock through the door hasp. This will keep the cargo secure while you are driving the Uhaul truck. Make sure that you have a sturdy Uhaul truck lock to prevent thieves that cannot be easily broken and cut by thieves.

Lock a Uhaul Truck With Roll-up Doors

Step 1: Close the door

If your Uhaul truck has roll-up doors, there is another way to lock it. First, you have to close the door by pulling the strap. This will bring the door back down. Make sure that you have closed the door tightly before proceeding to the next procedure so you won’t have any difficulty latching it.

Step 2: Latch the door

Now, latch the door. Do this by releasing the keeper of the Uhaul truck and handling it down so that it may lock into place. You need the right amount of force to place it in the right place. Should you need help, don’t hesitate to ask some friends and family members near you.

Step 3: Install a lock through the door hasp

Now that the roll-up door has been latched, you can insert a lock through the door hasp. The lock must be big enough to fit the door hasp.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What should I do if the Uhaul door stuck open?

If the Uhaul door stuck open, you have to move the latch to unclose the door. If this still doesn’t work, you need to accelerate the truck then distance over. After that, push the brakes of the truck.

2. Is a u-haul liftgate truck easier to use than a ramp?

No, a ramp is easier to use than a Uhaul liftgate truck. For a first-timer, it would be easier to operate a ramp than a liftgate since multiple moving parts need to be mastered first. On the other hand, a ramp works like a large box, so only a little effort is needed.

3. Is it safe to park a Uhaul at a hotel?

The best place for U haul overnight parking is a well-lit parking lot near the hotel. Make sure, though, that you have booked into a hotel with a parking space for oversized vehicles. Aside from that, stay in a room where you can easily see the Uhaul truck.

4. Can you lock a Uhaul truck?

Yes, it is possible to lock a Uhaul truck as long as you have a lock that will fit into its door hasp. You can use a padlock, disk lock, or a keyless lock to keep your cargo secure as you move out from your house.


Have you now mastered how to lock a Uhaul truck? As long as your Uhaul truck is secured with a lock, you don’t have to worry about thieves. Aside from that, you can also sleep in a hotel if you have to and keep your Uhaul truck secured in its parking lot.

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