Why Isn’t It One Click for Red Alerts?

One question we’ve received a few times in recent weeks is, “Why aren’t Revolar Red Alerts sent with one click?”

There are a few reasons why we designed the tiered Alert system for our Instinct safety wearable the way that we did — with one click-and-hold for Check-ins, two clicks for Yellow Alerts, and three or more clicks for Red Alerts.

The main reason that our Red Alerts are activated by three or more clicks is to prevent false alerts. If Red Alerts were activated by one click, it would be easier to send false alerts, which could deter people from carrying their Revolar wearables, or cause their contacts to stop associating Red Alerts with a need to take immediate action. Both of these outcomes would limit people’s ability to send for and get help quickly, so we designed our device accordingly to prevent false alerts.

In terms of speed, it still takes less than 1 second to click the Revolar button three times. Compare that to the time it takes to get out your smartphone, unlock it, place a call, wait, and answer questions. In an emergency, it’s best to know your location, call 911, and stay on the line to answer all the operator’s questions. If that’s not possible for you, Revolar devices help you to quickly tell trusted contacts where you are and what you need so they can get you help.

Also, we realize that everyone's situation is different, so we made our alerts customizable. That means you can personalize your message and instructions for Check-ins (1 click), Yellow Alerts (2 clicks), and Red Alerts (3 clicks). As long as you have a conversation with your Revolar Contacts and you both understand what each type of Revolar communication means and agree on the desired response, your alerts can mean whatever makes sense for you.

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