The Revolar Team's Favorite Spring Break Spots

With Spring Break gearing up, we pulled together some of our team's favorite destinations — stateside and across the globe. Don't miss these insider guides to some off-the-beaten path Spring Break getaways ...


Steamboat Springs, CO. Awesome town with some of the best spring skiing in all of Colorado. Lift tickets definitely aren’t cheap, but if the conditions are right you’ll remember the day forever.

I’d suggest refueling after a day of “shredding the gnar” on the mountain by grabbing a bite to eat and a drink at Slopeside Grill or Mambo Italiano in town. Then relax by heading up to Strawberry Park Hot Springs (warning, clothing was optional at night last time I was there).

For lodging, I’d recommend finding an Airbnb close to the mountain or near downtown if you have your own transportation. Way cheaper, and in my opinion, more happening than staying right on the mountain. For going out I’d recommend catching some music at Schmiggity’s.

P.S Make sure to grab some jerky at Steamboat Meat and Seafood Company and a cowboy hat at F.M Light and Sons before you leave!


Cartagena, Colombia. Beautiful 500+ year old walled city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The old city itself is awesome to explore and enjoy with all the colored buildings, shops, street performers, artisans, and history. There is also the new city with modern buildings, restaurants, malls and hotels. You’re never more than 5 minutes from the beach or a half hour from several islands that have crystal clear water and exotic wildlife.

Stay within the walled city if you can! There are plenty of AirBnB spots and most have rooftops with amazing views and even better sunsets.


My favorite spring break spot isn't flashy, but it's lots of fun: Scottsdale, AZ.  It's a great place to go to catch some rays and warm up from a cold winter, without the price tag of some other more exotic spring break destinations.  You can relax by the pool, play some golf, go on a hiking or rafting adventure, or check out the restaurants and shops downtown, and if you're into baseball you can check out the Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks, and San Francisco Giants during Spring Training.  Scottsdale also has a pretty happening nightlife scene - I highly recommend the Rusty Spur - a teeny tiny little western bar with live music in the evenings as well as Kazimierz - a swanky underground wine bar that can be tricky to find but is totally worth the search!


Ireland. For one spring break, I toured the southern coasts between Limerick and Dublin. It was magical. I highly suggest touring the gorgeous Irish countryside. The Ring of Kerry is just one great example of a beautiful region on the southwestern coast. Driving through Ireland, you will see some of the most extraordinary coastal scenery in the world. You’ll see sheep everywhere! Make sure to stop at many of the local shops to purchase handmade wool sweaters, hats, gloves, etc. from the local merchants who shear the wool from those same sheep.

You can visit the Blarney Castle (although I don’t suggest kissing the Blarney stone) and many other beautiful ancient Irish castles. The architecture is beautiful and the people are some of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever met. Be prepared, it is not your typical warm spring break location. It is windy and frigid during spring break. However, you can tour the Guinness headquarters in Dublin, and then enjoy a Guinness in their upstairs Gravity Bar to help warm you up. Be prepared for a lesson on how the Irish prepare and drink their Guinness! (It is much different than in the US.)


I’m an avid scuba diver and for me, Spring Break is less about partying and more about experiencing the beauty of the world around us. One of my favorite places to go back to for scuba diving is Bonaire, an island off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean. While it’s gotten more expensive in recent years, it’s still a really cheap place to go and blow some bubbles swimming with the fishes. Lots of variety in marine life and good cheap places to eat. It helps if you can speak a little Dutch, but generally speaking you won’t have any issues if you don’t.


Luckily, I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, so for me and my friends at Emory, “Spring Break” was code for “week-long party at Colin’s!” I’d get to see my parents, and my friends got to skip on hotel fares so long as everyone didn’t mind sleeping on my folks’ living room floor.

Fort Lauderdale beach is a place of pure insanity during spring break, so after a couple days, every year my friends and I would opt for something a little more relaxed and drive an hour south to Key Largo, one of the first islands in the Florida Keys.

There, we would fish for mahi, take out a family member’s boat and go snorkeling, play golf, drink plenty of Reef Cups (basically the Florida Keys’ version of a New Orleans Hand Grenade), and watch the sun set over the island. There’s one specific day during our very last spring break that’s just known as the “best day ever” in my friend circle; it was one to remember.


New Orleans was amazing! A group of us volunteers went there after hurricane Katrina during our Spring Break to help Habitat for Humanity rebuild Musician’s Village. It might not seem like the ideal Spring Break to do manual labor all day in 100 degrees, but it actually helped me bond with my group of friends, explore a new place I would have never gone to, and allowed me independence as highschooler for a whole week in a new city!

I not only got to meet a lot of beautifully insightful people from NO, each with their own unique story, but also got to help rebuild an amazing neighborhood full of life and live music! I’m sure the city and the rest of the state has changed a lot since then, but I wouldn’t give that experience back for anything in the world.

Staying in Touch on Spring Break

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