The Problem with Using Your Phone to Send for Help

At first thought, a smartphone seems like the best tool to have on you in an emergency. Plus, with a growing number of safety apps, more and more people are using their phones as a line of defense.

But is your phone or an app for emergencies going to be helpful if the phone is tucked away, locked, or open on another app? We’ll investigate why smartphones aren’t a great safety tool, and how the Revolar wearable allows you to send for help faster, more effectively, and more discreetly.

Using a Phone to Get Help

Here are some things to consider if you use your phone or a safety app in case of an emergency.


Think about how long it takes to reach for your phone, unlock it, close an app, open the keypad, and dial or text a contact. This is too many steps when you need to act fast.

With your phone, you’d also have to be able to stay on the line to answer questions about what’s going on and where you are. In an emergency, this may not be possible.


Having to fumble for your zipped up phone takes up time you could be using to get to safety or stay on guard. Oftentimes your phone is likely to be in your pocket or buried in a purse or backpack.


Pulling out your phone to make a call or send a text could escalate a situation or sap your attention when it’s important that you focus on what’s happening.


It might be challenging to describe your exact location if you’re in an unfamiliar country, city, or neighborhood.

Safety Apps:

Let’s face it, if there’s an app open on your phone, it’s probably Instagram.

Using your phone to make a call or send a text when you need help has slew of problems, but what about using a safety app? The problem with emergency apps is that they are only effective at sending for help fast if you have your phone in your hand and the app is already open. Which they probably won’t be.

Phones simply aren’t built to help keep you safe.
That’s why we created Revolar.

Revolar safety wearable

Using a Revolar Safety Wearable to Get Help


Revolar safety wearables can be clipped beneath your clothing so it’s easy to access in a split second, or attached to your keys so you can carry it in your hand.


It takes about 1 second to activate a Yellow or Red Alert using the Revolar safety wearable.


The Revolar safety wearable is small enough to wear, carry, and use without anyone knowing. The powerful little device pairs with your compatible smartphone and works everywhere your smartphone has service or WiFi.


All Revolar Alerts send your live, updating location, so your contacts know where you are even if you’re on the move. Also, your location is only shared with your contacts when an alert is active.

Proactive and Customizable:

With a Revolar wearable, you're in control and can respond to a situation before it escalates. The wearable can send three types of customizable messages: Check-ins, Yellow Alerts, and Red Alerts. That means you can set your Check-in message to let loved ones know you’re home safe with 1 press, ask a friend to virtually walk you home with 2 presses, and send for help fast at your location with 3+ presses.

Unlike your phone, Revolar wearables are built to help protect you and the ones you love. Learn more here.