Should I Carry Pepper Spray?

Yay or nay?

Some tout pepper spray as an effective self-defense tool. Others aren't convinced of its efficacy, even arguing it could work against the person trying to counter an attack. Wherever you stand, we’ve set out to name the advantages and possible downsides of using pepper spray for self-defense.

  • Advantage - Carrying pepper spray is a cheap option for those looking for an additional layer of protection. The effects of pepper spray are short-lived but may be potent enough to render an assailant for up to 45 minutes, depending on its OC strength.
  • Downside - Nothing is easy in an emergency situation. How fast can you reach for the pepper spray if need to use it? How quickly can you point the device in the right direction and discharge it? Have your ever practiced using it? These are challenges that need to be considered, especially because misuse of pepper spray could end up incapacitating you.
  • Advantage - It can be easily concealed.
  • Downside - Not every city or state permits carrying pepper spray or sells it over the counter. It may also be against the rules to carry pepper spray on college campuses. You should always check the laws in your state and country, as in some places pepper spray may be illegal if you’re under a certain age, without the proper license, or carrying a container that contains too much pepper spray or too high of an OC (oleoresin capsicum) concentration.

So What’s the Biggest Problem with Carrying Pepper Spray?

You can’t use pepper spray proactively. If your date is making you uncomfortable. You can’t use it. If someone at the party simply won't leave you alone. You can't use it. If someone happens to be walking in your direction and it's dark out, you can't use it unless a threat is imminent.

Why Carry a Revolar Wearable Instead of Pepper Spray?

Because you can use the Revolar wearable proactively and discreetly. If your date is making you uncomfortable, you can use the Ring Me feature to make a smooth exit. If someone at a party won't leave you alone, send a Yellow Alert to get support from your friends. If you're leaving work to walk home and it's dark out, customize one of your alert messages to ask friends to virtually walk you home — and send help if you elevate a Yellow Alert to Red.

So if you're thinking about getting pepper spray, consider getting a proactive safety device that lets you or a loved one take action at the first sign something isn’t right.


This content is meant only for general informational purposes. It is not meant as an exhaustive list of advantages, disadvantages, or laws related to pepper spray. Please do your own research before deciding on the right safety products for you and your loved ones.