#RevolarLoveStories: Travis and Keira

We're all about helping people stay close to the ones they love. So with Valentine’s Day around the corner, we reached out to some Revolar users and teammates to get the inside scoop on what they love most about the people who look out for them.

Meet Travis and Keira:

Revolar Love Story: Keira and Travis

How did you two meet?

Keira: Travis and I first met in an entry level entrepreneurship class at CU. As he tells it, he was shy at the time…

Travis: I still am, I just hide it well.

Keira: …which to this day I do not believe. So as a way to break out of this shyness, he would sit next to the cutest girl in class, which for some reason happened to be me, he blames it on my short hair.

Travis: She was easily the cutest girl in class.

Keira: Anyways, we didn’t talk much during that class until I randomly reminded Travis that there was going to be a pop quiz that day. He turned to look at me with an ‘oh no’ facial expression. With only 5 minutes before class, I tried to give him the highlights of what might be on the quiz. Then as we sat down to take the quiz and looked at the questions we both started to chuckle.

Travis: The 10 things she highlighted for me were the answers to the 10 questions on the quiz. Verbatim!

Keira: From that point on we interacted with friendly hello’s and small talk, but not much more. We left that class at the beginning of winter break thinking that we would never see each other again.

Travis: So second semester of senior year comes along and we both end up in another entrepreneurship class. She was still the cutest girl there, so of course I sat next to her.

Keira: This time we were supposed to partner up with a team and create a business plan. Everyone in the class had to pitch an idea and vote on the top five that would become the semester-long projects. Travis’ idea was chosen as one of the top five, and because I knew he was a hard worker from the previous class, I decided to join his team.

Travis: Excluding the ‘pop quiz incident’, and the fact that she thought my idea was stupid.

Keira: I did think it was kind of dumb at first. Anyways, we got closer and closer through that class and decided that we wanted to turn this idea into an actual business. After class ended and we gave our pitch we applied for the CU accelerator program, Catalyze, with our co-founder. It is at this point that we really started to get to know each other.

Travis: We would spend every waking moment together, drinking coffee and working during the day and brainstorming with beers at night. It was an environment of mutual respect and brutal honesty.

Keira: I still will never forget the day Travis asked me to leave the building because I needed to cool down, I swore I wouldn’t come back. It was through this time that Travis and I grew closer. We knew everything about each other we experienced our highest highs and lowest lows.

Travis: Even though we decided to close our business we got an amazing relationship out of it.

Keira: We have a relationship built off of complete honesty, understanding and compassion.

What makes your relationship special?

Keira: I would say it is the transparency that we have in our relationship and the fearless way we address hard questions in our life. We started with the mutual respect of being co-founders and it turned into love for all our quirks, weaknesses and strengths.

Travis: Yeah, we sort of skipped that stereotypical, “let’s hide the less desirable parts of ourselves for awhile” stage.

What do you miss most when you’re away from one another?

Travis: I always miss how we can make each other laugh.

Keira: Yeah, so often we have had serious discussions and then one of us will make a snarky comment and the next thing we know we’re laughing hysterically. It makes everyday problems more tolerable.

What seemingly small things do you do to be there for one another or look out for one another?

Keira: Travis makes breakfast for me in the morning and makes sure I don’t forget anything – my keys, wallet, phone. He knows I am not the most attentive person in the morning. We also text each other when we are out, like when he has to drive to work in the morning if it is snowing out. We always Check-in with one another. That’s one reason Travis loves that I wear my Revolar, he knows that I’m safe.

Travis: Right, I know that if she is in trouble, she can be in contact with me instantly.

What one trait do you admire most about your loved one?

Keira: I admire his cool collective confidence in a situations where I think the world is ending. He is able to collect his thoughts, and mine, so that we are able to reach a reasonable conclusion and get ourselves back on track.

Travis: I admire how she always brings energy and passion into situations she cares about. “Good enough” isn’t really a thing for her, which I respect a lot. She’s also one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. She keeps me honest.

Keira: All in all we motivate each other to be better people – to learn more, experience more, and live more. I think my dad’s quote sums up our relationship nicely, “I am glad you finally found someone with as much passion for life as you have.”

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