#RevolarLoveStories: Theresa and Colin, Mother and Son

We're all about helping people stay close to the ones they love. So with Valentine’s Day around the corner, we reached out to some Revolar users and teammates to get the inside scoop on what they love most about the people who look out for them.

Meet Theresa and Colin:

Theresea and Colin

What's a story that illustrates what you relationship is like?

Colin: I’m definitely my mother’s son. As trite as it sounds, she’s been such an important influence in my life. Even though I didn’t realize it as a boy, I got to watch her grow as a person through so many years and transitions.

Originally a court reporter (and the first person in her family to go to college), she selflessly took time off from her career to raise my sister and I as a stay-at-home mom until we were in school. Inspired to do more to help people, when I was four, she quit court reporting for good and went back to Chinese Medical School to become an acupuncturist.

In just four years – all the while being an amazing mother and making time for everything in my and my sister’s lives – she graduated and opened her own practice.

As an entrepreneur and healer, she’s had her practice for nearly 20 years now and has touched countless lives. I think my drive to succeed and need to help others directly stems from growing up with my mother as an example of exactly the type of person I would want to become.

Plus we have the same sense of humor and a deep love of Jack Russells.

What makes your relationship special?

We can quote Seinfeld in a really disturbingly accurate, rapid-fire way. With me and my mom, every moment is equally perfect to insist that IT’S THE MOOPS, or to tell somebody to GET. OUT! We dance like Elaine, air our grievances at Festivus, and greet each other with “Hello, Newman.”

What do you miss most when you’re away from one another?

This is a pretty emotional question, actually. I grew up with my family in South Florida, but for the past 9 years I’ve been “away” from home: school in Atlanta, study abroad in Budapest, first job in Connecticut, my first startup in Seattle, and now Denver. Before Denver, there was definitely a pattern developing; she used to say, “How far away is the next move? Japan?”

So yeah, we’re not often in the same place. I know we both understand why I’m not in Florida right now with her and my dad and sister and grandmother and new nephew, but logically understanding why we have to live apart is very different from being emotionally ok with it.

I miss our laughs, our inanity, political conversations, family brunches, movie nights, vacations, and Seinfeld reruns… and of course her cooking. My mom’s family hails from Lebanon, and there’s nothing like the smell of fresh Lebanese food.

I miss my mom.

What one trait do you admire most about your loved one?

She’s incredibly upbeat and kind. Rarely in my life have I ever seen my mother show anger, open frustration, or even prolonged sadness. I used to think that other people’s parents were weird because they fought or yelled or got upset quickly; now I realize that my family is the weird one.

I love her for what an amazing example she’s been to me and my sister, and I can’t thank her enough for shaping our aspirations, outlooks on life, and personalities.

What seemingly small things do you do to be there for one another or look out for one another?

Sunday phone calls, texting often, sharing recipes. When I get sick, she sends me medicine and makes sure I’m eating right and drinking fluids. Having your mom take care of you when you’re sick never, ever gets old. I also got her a Revolar wearable since she's so active and I want to make sure she can always reach me and my family quickly and discreetly.

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