#RevolarLoveStories: Nancy and Anna, Mom and Daughter

We're all about helping people stay close to the ones they love. So with Valentine’s Day around the corner, we reached out to some Revolar users and teammates to get the inside scoop on what they love most about the people who look out for them.

Meet Nancy and her daughter, Anna:

Nancy and her daughter, Anna


What’s your relationship like?

Although Anna is a teenager (gulp), we have a close relationship as mother and daughter.  Just the other day, she said to me “Mom - you’re a great person to talk to. You always give really good advice.”  My heart melted.


What do you miss most when you’re away from one another?  

Whether it’s during the day while I’m working or when we are busy with our own social plans, I miss knowing about the teenage conversations and experiences Anna is having.  This is such an important stage of her life - she’s growing up, interested in boys, and going to highschool next fall.  It’s fulfilling - but a little bittersweet - to see her become a young woman and go out on her own.  

What do you do to be there for one another or look out for one another?

We text each other all the time!  Anna is the queen of emojis.  Additionally, she wears her Revolar device when she goes out with friends.  She tests it with me, first, for her own peace of mind. We both feel better knowing that she can call for help if she needs it, or check in when she arrives at a destination.  

What one trait do you admire most about your loved one?  

Anna has incredible empathy for other people - more so than anyone else I’ve ever met.