Revolar Takes Flight Again

As you know, for both Andrea and myself Revolar is a deeply personal mission. We named the company Revolar as an ode to survivors of assault. In Spanish, it means "to take flight again" and symbolized the strength of survivors to keep getting back up. We never realized that name would so literally apply to ourselves as well. Building a lasting business is a long journey with many ups and downs. The last couple months were a hard down for us and we are still processing, reflecting, and focused on making sure we are never in that position again.

Two things kept us moving forward:

First, our love for our Revolarians. We couldn't sleep we were so worried we wouldn't be able to be there for those we have worked so hard to serve. I'm eternally grateful that through this process all parties committed to keeping the products up and functioning. We would do anything for our Revolarians like we would for our families. 

Secondly, our team. Our team includes all of our team members, investors, mentors, and friends of the company. I can't even begin to do justice to how incredible the heart and hustle of our team is. I've always been amazed at what we could accomplish together. 

This for us is also one of the most beautiful parts of an entrepreneurial journey- which is falling in love again and again with the crazy journey that it is. Here is where both myself and Andrea consider ourselves lucky- we have always loved what we do and who we work with and we are excited to announce that thanks to a group of incredibly passionate investors, Revolar is back on track to building a safer and more inclusive world. 

We are honored to be working with Steve Bachar from Empowerment Capital and Vic Lazarro from Volante Capital Advisors. We are excited to be back in time for an exciting holiday season and with new news! We are launching 911 capabilities and continuing our safety platform for organizations and communities effective immediately. 
Thank you all for everything, 
Jackie & Andrea
Co-Founders of Revolar