Pivotal & Revolar: A Partnership of Purpose

Building Technology That Empowers People Everyone to Feel Safe 

Revolar is proud to be an Alumnus of Pivotal and a part of the #ImAPivot community. Our Pivotal partnership was instrumental in helping us to successfully deliver our second product, the Revolar Instinct wearable, launching April 4th, 2017.

At Revolar, we believe that you deserves to feel safe no matter who you are, where you live, how you look, or who you love. That’s why we created our Instinct wearable. At the click of a button, it lets people who care about you know your location and if you’re safe, scared, or in an emergency — so they can get you any help you need. Check out our Indiegogo page and to learn more.

Creating this product involved extensive user research, hardware design and production, development of iOS and Android apps, and more. We’d done this before with our first version of the product which launched in 2016, but with the number of improvements we wanted to make, we ran into some growing pains along the way. That’s where Pivotal stepped in and helped us evolve our practices around:

User Research + Validation: Pivotal helped us more effectively plan research initiatives, gather feedback, and synthesize it into actionable product decisions for both software and hardware.

Agile / Lean Processes: Pivots worked side by side with us in product, design, and engineering to help create a balanced team capable of using agile and lean best practices. We paired together in all activities such as prioritization sessions, iteration planning meetings, story writing, stakeholder alignment, test-driven development, and acceptance to name a few. Ultimately we aligned on a lean and iterative backlog that enabled the team to move in the same direction efficiently.

Speed to Market: Agile and lean processes helped us increase the frequency of our internal and external releases. Internally, we’d have releases daily and could show our stakeholders progress as features were delivered. Externally, we were able to release new updates to customers more frequently (from semi-annually to monthly). These more frequent releases provided exciting new features, redesigns, and enhancements.

Growth never comes without challenges and we faced many while building the Revolar Instinct. Pivotal was there for us every step of the way and they made sure to set us up for success after they rolled off. In addition, we have the Pivotal legacy of a Lean Product Development organization that’s ready to take on the future challenges we’ll face. 

Our engagement with Pivotal helped us build a fantastic new product with new features including step tracking, haptic feedback, Find My Revolar, and many more improvements to our flagship wearable device.

We’re so grateful for our partnership with Pivotal, and for the outstanding Pivots who helped us create innovative new technology that empowers people everywhere to communicate proactively and live fearlessly.

To learn more about Instinct, please visit our Indiegogo page

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